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1.beijing, aug. 7 (xinhua) -- senior chinese diplomat yang jiechi said friday that china and the united states must never allow a handful of self-serving u.s. politicians to push the bilateral relationship into serious jeopardy.。
2."this is an objective fact no unbiased people will deny," zhao said.。
3.beijing, aug. 10 (xinhua) -- chinese president xi jinping on monday sent a congratulatory message to alexander lukashenko on his re-election as belarusian president. enditem。
4.after a 13-hour flight and 12 hours after landing, i filled out a health survey, entered customs and was put into a quarantine hotel in beijing, completely exhausted.。
5."china and ecuador are in friendly communication these days through bilateral channels," wang said, adding that on thursday, the fishery authorities of the two countries held a special video teleconference, which led to positive consensus and good results.。
6.washington, aug. 9 (xinhua) -- the differences between the united states and china "should be seen as opportunities, possibilities for mutual learning, for cooperation," chinese ambassador to the united states cui tiankai has said.。


1.beijing, aug. 9 (xinhua) -- citing so-called national security concerns, washington announced thursday an upcoming ban on dealings with the chinese owners of popular apps tiktok and wechat, while on the same day, it reimposed a 10-percent tariff on canadian aluminum exports into the united states.。
2.according to the article, the current american failure doesn't narrowly reflect national character or values but, rather, a collapse of system: a crisis of leadership and institutional structures. enditem。
3.in the past half year after returning to china, i often look back at my days in new york. i find the united states a land of contradictions with many different faces. in new york, i saw a diverse and inclusive american society; in the un, i saw a headstrong nation defying multilateralism, and always throwing sanctions on whoever it sees disagreeable.。
4.china was the first to put its signature on the un charter. china has joined almost all international treaties and agreements, and has been faithfully fulfilling its due international responsibilities and obligations.。
5."the construction of the iconic tower structure has reached the 30th floor, and the progress of the project has hardly been affected by the epidemic," chinese ambassador to cairo liao liqiang told a press conference in june.。
6.the anti-china forces in the united states have groundlessly smeared the national security legislation for hong kong and introduced the so-called u.s. sanctions targeting officials of the central government agencies responsible for hong kong affairs and the hksar government. it exposed the hegemonic nature of these anti-china forces in the united states.。


1.calling pompeo's rhetoric as "full of ideological bias and cold war ideas," the embassy said pompeo is attacking china without any substantiation.。
2.-- china is ready to enter into candid, effective consultation with the u.s. side.。
3.the united states, while having at least 20 laws on national security and sovereignty itself, has rampantly slandered and maligned china's national security legislation for hong kong, taking double standards and hypocrisy to the extreme.。
4."i want to stress that many chinese companies subject to u.s. unilateral sanctions are innocent, who just provide safe technologies and products," wang said, adding that not a single cybersecurity incident like those revealed by edward snowden or wikileaks has ever occurred, and not a single tapping or surveillance operation like prism, equation group or echelon has taken place.。
5.beijing, aug. 6 (xinhua) -- china on thursday denounced the u.s. suppression and containment of chinese high-tech firms by abusing state power.。
6.washington, aug. 7 (xinhua) -- the chinese embassy in the united states on friday expressed condolences on the passing of lieutenant general brent scowcroft, a two-time u.s. national security advisor and important contributor to china-u.s. relations.。


1、hong kong, aug. 9 (xinhua) -- strained china-u.s. relations were dealt another blow as the u.s. treasury department announced the so-called sanctions against heads of chinese government agencies responsible for hong kong affairs and officials of the hong kong special administrative region (hksar).。
2、the chinese consulate-general in houston was the first consulate-general opened by china in the united states after the establishment of the diplomatic ties, and it was always an important symbol of china-u.s. friendship, wang said in an exclusive interview with xinhua.。
3、china is now working with the government and people of fiji to build a comprehensive strategic partnership featuring mutual respect and common development, said qian, adding the purpose of the visit is to explore the possibility for future cooperation.。
4、noting that the problems brought by globalization and free trade should be dealt with through internal reform, wang said that acting like a sick person who forces others to take medicine for his own illness or even resorting to decoupling will not work.。
5、"this will go a long way to assist us in the fight against the pandemic in the region. we would always want to have this cooperation with the people of china at all levels," ashitey said.。


tiktok has been downloaded over 175 million times in the united states and over 1 billion times globally, according to the executive order, which claims that the app automatically captures "vast swaths of information" from its users, posing risks to u.s. national security.!




  • 08-22

    it once again proves that some politicians in the united states would resort to all means in their fanatical effort to attack china.

  • 08-21

    therefore, the chinese side has decided to suspend the hksar's sfo agreement with germany and shelve the one with france, zhao said. enditem

  • 08-20

    tim cook, apple's chief executive, was quoted as saying that "three out of four people in the country buying mac computers were doing so for the first time; two out of three ipad buyers are new to the product."

  • 08-19

    "in the meantime, we should really work together to maintain stability of the region, and all of these sea lanes are extremely important for the chinese economy. a large portion of our imports and exports have to go through these sea lanes," he said. "so we really have high stakes in the safety and security of navigation. so if these things are left to the countries concerned to work out, the situation would be much better."

  • 08-18

    "huawei is a much bigger piece to swallow and is not a daily concern of american voters while tiktok is in their daily lives and may have a different impact on voter choices," atli noted. enditem

  • 08-17

    all the excuses for closure claimed by the u.s. side are nothing but fabrications designed to slander china, and none of the excuses is backed by any evidence or can stand up to scrutiny, wang said.

  • 08-16

    the united states is also seeking to drive a wedge between china and countries of the association of southeast asian nations (asean), and disrupt the consultation process of the code of conduct in the south china sea, wang added.

  • 08-15

    in may 2019, when washington lifted tariffs on canadian steel and aluminum, freeland said, "the reality is that this u.s. administration is openly, explicitly, and proudly protectionist," reminding the domestic industry to remain vigilant about the neighboring super power.

  • 08-14

    beijing, aug. 13 (xinhua) -- china has decided to suspend the agreement on the surrender of fugitive offenders (sfo) between its hong kong special administrative region (hksar) and germany and shelve a similar one with france, chinese foreign ministry spokesman zhao lijian said at a daily press briefing thursday.

  • 08-13

    responding to the u.s. impulse and anxiety with calm and reason shows china's sense of responsibility, said eduardo regalado, a researcher at cuba's center for international policy.

  • 08-12

    facts have proved that settling disputes through dialogue is the right way that best serves the interests of regional countries, and countries in the region have a shared responsibility to keep the south china sea peaceful and stable, he said.