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1.in may 2019, when washington lifted tariffs on canadian steel and aluminum, freeland said, "the reality is that this u.s. administration is openly, explicitly, and proudly protectionist," reminding the domestic industry to remain vigilant about the neighboring super power.。
2.it was true that the strict chinese shutdown, in combination with border closings and contact tracing, had eliminated the spread of the virus in most communities in china, according to the article.。
3.carrion said the u.s. inteference would be "in the end unnecessary and useless because the situation in hong kong is up to china to resolve, not the united states."。
4.he said hong kong is part of china and its affairs are entirely china's internal affairs which allow no foreign interfere. "we urge the u.s. side to grasp the situation, correct its mistake, and immediately stop meddling in hong kong affairs and china's internal affairs."。
5.according to the police, six of the 10 suspects were arrested on suspicion of collusion with foreign forces or external elements to endanger national security, and some others were suspected of conspiracy to commit fraud.。
6.brussels, aug. 10 (xinhua) -- the chinese mission to the european union (eu) said monday that china is firmly opposed to the eu's interfering in hong kong affairs and china's internal affairs and practising double standards on the law-based exercise of duties by hong kong police.。


1.he said he has witnessed the development of u.s.-china relations over the past decades, which has brought tangible benefits to the two countries and their people.。
2.a representative of tui group said the signing marks the tourism magnate's formal entry into the hainan free trade port, adding that it will found an asian-pacific regional headquarters and joint venture here to further deepen its business relations with china and the asian-pacific region.。
3."these tariffs will raise costs for american manufacturers, are opposed by most u.s. aluminum producers, and will draw retaliation against u.s. exports -- just as they did before," myron brilliant, the u.s. chamber of commerce's executive vice president, said in a statement.。
4.thinking back on the past few years, i can recall that the u.s. government has continuously escalated its suppression of chinese media, from forced registration as a "foreign agent" to management as a "foreign mission"; from refusing to issue visas for more than 20 chinese journalists to banishing chinese reporters from the united states.。
5.the sanctions against them show that china will never back down on major issues related to china's national sovereignty, security and development interests.。
6.dan coats, a former u.s. senator from indiana, wrote in an opinion published by the washington post that all this has many observers -- even in the white house -- speaking of a new "cold war" between the united states and china.。


1.such a blatant act of bullying runs against the world trade organization's principles of openness, transparency and non-discrimination and has exposed the hegemonic nature of the world' sole superpower.。
2."the chinese people are also very much shocked. they feel very disappointed about what is happening in this country towards china," said cui. "there's a rising anger among the chinese public."。
3.the world will never want to see some u.s. political forces continue to undermine relations between the two countries and use hong kong to stir antagonism and hatred.。
4.meanwhile, sun jie, director of china cultural center in fiji, said the center has played a very important role in promoting cultural exchanges between china and fiji over the past years.。
5.as covid-19 takes its toll on the global economy, china and the united states should stop attempts at decoupling and advance the relationship through cooperation, and live up to their responsibility for the world, said wang.。
6.the relationship between the cpc and the chinese people is as close as between "fish and water" and between "seed and soil," wang said, stressing that those who attempt to break this strong bond are making themselves enemies of the 1.4 billion chinese people.。


1、against the backdrop of globalization and the rampant covid-19 pandemic, this is not the right style and approach to conduct international politics, said paunov, noting that solidarity and cooperation are more powerful than fighting alone.。
2、during an exclusive interview with xinhua, wang said the united states has launched a global campaign against a private chinese company without any solid evidence, calling the move a textbook example of bullying.。
3、cooperation is vital for all countries to deal with their common crises, the expert said, emphasizing they should join hands in various fields such as vaccine development and finding solutions to restart the economy.。
4、"it is preposterous for the dirty-handed united states to preach a 'clean network,'" wang said.。
5、"if we have a close look at the history of our relations since president (richard) nixon's visit to china, or since dr. (henry) kissinger visit to china, several things are quite clear," said the ambassador.。


a spokesperson with the office said the 11 u.s. individuals, including members of the u.s. congress and heads of several u.s. non-governmental organizations, have notorious records on affairs related to the hong kong special administrative region (hksar) of china. these include coming up with hong kong-related bills, blatantly supporting "hong kong independence" organizations and violent radicals, or smearing the "one country, two systems" and the law on safeguarding national security in hong kong by various means.!




  • 08-22

    "i applaud the chinese position of being open to dialogue and finding a way out of the differences between the two countries," carrion told xinhua recently.

  • 08-21

    some u.s. politicians are peddling that "the engagement policy toward china fails," aiming to shift the government's responsibility for its ineffective response to the epidemic and serve the political needs of elections, said santoro, adding such a move can only lead to a more complicated situation for the united states and other countries.

  • 08-20

    trump's push came amid escalating rhetoric against beijing over trade and the covid-19 pandemic, atli said. "the u.s. sees the rise of china as a threat, and the perception of this threat is being instrumentalized by president trump."

  • 08-19

    mahmoud ashour, in charge of security and cleaning jobs at the teda cooperation zone, has been especially busy during the past few months. every day, ashour and his colleagues disinfect the public areas thoroughly and measure the body temperature of people entering and exiting the zone.

  • 08-18

    in response to a joint statement on hong kong by the foreign ministers of the five eyes, namely the united states, britain, canada, australia and new zealand, on sunday, in which they urged hong kong to hold legislative elections as soon as possible, zhao said china strongly deplores and rejects it.

  • 08-17

    he said hong kong is part of china and its affairs are entirely china's internal affairs which allow no foreign interfere. "we urge the u.s. side to grasp the situation, correct its mistake, and immediately stop meddling in hong kong affairs and china's internal affairs."

  • 08-16

    it is regrettable that the disgraceful behaviors have been viewed as a motto by a handful of hardliners in washington, including pompeo himself, the incumbent u.s. secretary of state, and white house trade advisor peter navarro.

  • 08-15

    "if we have a close look at the history of our relations since president (richard) nixon's visit to china, or since dr. (henry) kissinger visit to china, several things are quite clear," said the ambassador.

  • 08-14

    the wrongdoing of the two countries has damaged the foundation of hong kong's judicial cooperation with germany and france and deviated from the purpose of safeguarding the justice and the rule of law in judicial cooperation.

  • 08-13

    "the root cause is that some american politicians who are biased against and hostile to china are using their power to smear china with fabrications and impede normal ties with china under various pretexts," said wang, pointing out that such american politicians ultimately want to drag china and the united states into renewed conflict and confrontation and plunge the world into chaos and division again.

  • 08-12

    the signing ceremony also unveiled 20 investment-promotion projects that are open to global investors, in areas such as new-energy vehicles, tourism, offshore trade and duty-free retail.