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1."that is a stance that will hurt trump in the elections, as it is ordinary citizens that are bearing the high costs of failed policies, such as the trade war," he said.。
2."i decided to return to my work three days after my father's death," she said. "i want to work diligently and help others, so they will not experience a tragedy like mine." she burst into tears.。 york, aug. 13 (xinhua) -- business leaders from both the united states and china have called for recalibrating u.s. policies on china and building up bilateral trust via dialogue, as chinese companies operating in the united states become less satisfied with the investment and business environment in the country.。
4.the china-u.s. relationship needs to be recalibrated, said william zarit, chairman of american chamber of commerce in china, adding that statesmanship is required.。
5.beijing, aug. 5 (xinhua) -- china will as always welcome companies from other countries to invest and operate in china, a foreign ministry spokesperson said wednesday.。
6.trump is essentially doing what the united states has long accused china of doing: disrespecting private property, presuming guilt without evidence, eroding foreign firms' legitimate rights without compensation, and using arbitrary, opaque rules to block them from operating in the country, according to wei.。


1."china is confident in working with countries in the region to overcome the challenges posed by the covid-19 epidemic, maintain development momentum and safeguard common well-being of the people in the region," he said. enditem。
2.however, concerns have been raised as iraq has become the new epicenter of covid-19 in the middle east. on friday the moh registered the highest daily increase of 3,461 confirmed cases, the worst in middle east countries. the tally of infections has reached 144,064 cases.。
3.iraq has been suffering fragile health systems due to years of conflicts and violence. before the chinese-built lab went into operation, the central public health laboratory in baghdad was the only place to conduct pcr testing, facing mounting pressure to test samples across the war-torn country.。
4.a similar executive order has also been issued for wechat, a messaging and social media app owned by chinese tech giant tencent. enditem。
5.huang, vice chairperson of the national working committee on children and women under the state council and first member of the secretariat of the all-china women's federation, shared china's achievements and experience in coordinating epidemic control and economic and social development.。
6.noting that china attaches great importance to developing relations with sri lanka, li said that china is willing to consolidate its traditional friendship with sri lanka, deepen mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation, and promote faster development of china-sri lanka relations to better benefit the two countries and peoples. enditem。

推荐功能 a minus-80 degree celsius freezer mahdi and his colleagues are saving all positive cases in the lab for future research and testing.。
2.noting that he highly values the development of china-belarus ties, xi said he stands ready to work with president lukashenko to jointly push forward china-belarus comprehensive strategic partnership and expand mutually-beneficial cooperation between the two countries in various fields, so as to create new benefits for the two countries and peoples. enditem。
3.second, keep the channels open for candid dialogue. dialogue is the prerequisite for addressing problems, and without dialogue, problems will only pile up and even get out of control, he said.。
4.a donation ceremony is held in kunming of southwest china's yunnan province, aug. 7, 2020. a batch of anti-pandemic medical supplies departed from kunming on friday morning, heading for laos. the supplies, including two monitoring ambulances, four ventilators and 200 infrared frontal thermometers, were donated by kunming to the laotian capital vientiane and the province of luang prabang, with a view to assisting in the battle against covid-19. (photo by wang guansen/xinhua)。
5.bogota, aug. 10 (xinhua) -- washington's latest quarrel with china over the latter's technological advances, and its attempts to meddle with china's domestic affairs have met with wise discretion of chinese officials, colombian political observer lorenzo maggiorelli has said.。
6.while such actions undermine the multilateral trading system at large, they also diminish the level of trusts, he said.。


1、third, reject decoupling and uphold cooperation. the interests of the two countries are deeply entwined. forced decoupling will inflict a lasting impact on bilateral relations, and endanger the security of international industrial chains and interests of all countries, wang said.。
2、the minister said the upcoming signing of the bilateral fta will undeniably stimulate the speed of cambodia's infrastructure development projects, including those under the belt and road initiative (bri).。
3、noting that the united states and russia are having "very important negotiations" on some existing nuke control treaties, such as the new strategic arms reduction treaty, cui said the treaties are "extremely important for international strategic stability."。
4、the chinese lab sets a good example as iraq expands labs in all provinces, mahdi said. in the new lab, 82 percent of the samples posted results in 6 to 10 hours.。
5、representatives from 11 countries including china, egypt and uganda spoke at the roundtable, which was attended by nearly 90 people online. enditem。


"the chinese experts are very supportive and helpful," mahdi said. "when they were here, they gave us all the technical training we need. they are also sending me all the documents. this can be a treasure for us."!




  • 08-22

    china is committed to peaceful development and will never seek hegemony or engage in confrontation. china always believes that peace, cooperation, development, and mutual benefit are the irresistible trend of the times and the common aspiration of people around the world, wang said.

  • 08-21

    huang introduced china's efforts in protecting the lives and health of women and children amid the epidemic and the roles chinese women and women's federations have played in covid-19 response and recovery.

  • 08-20

    the philippines advocates peaceful settlement of relevant disputes through legal means, lorenzana said.

  • 08-19

    "all over the world, the united states and russia have the largest nuclear arsenal ... this is international consensus. so they should take the lead in international nuclear disarmament," said cui in an online interview with nicholas burns, executive director of the aspen strategy group, and andrea mitchell, chief foreign affairs correspondent of nbc news, while attending the 2020 aspen security forum on aug. 4.

  • 08-18

    "cambodia's commitment to liberalization is reflected in its efforts in entering into many regional ftas, including the regional comprehensive economic partnership, asean-china fta, and others," he said.

  • 08-17

    "when you are not able to kiss your kid because you are doing dangerous work, this is one of the sacrifices in your life," he said.

  • 08-16

    fourth, abandon the zero-sum mentality and stand up to shared responsibilities. "our world still faces many global challenges. traditional and non-traditional security challenges are intertwined. almost all regional and international hotspot issues require a coordinated response from china, the united states and other countries," he said.

  • 08-15

    in his message, xi said he was shocked to learn about the huge explosions in beirut, which caused heavy casualties.

  • 08-14

    the companies, in line with market principles and international rules, have conducted commercial activities in the united states while following local laws and regulations, wang told a daily press briefing.

  • 08-13

    "all over the world, the united states and russia have the largest nuclear arsenal ... this is international consensus. so they should take the lead in international nuclear disarmament," said cui in an online interview with nicholas burns, executive director of the aspen strategy group, and andrea mitchell, chief foreign affairs correspondent of nbc news, while attending the 2020 aspen security forum on aug. 4.

  • 08-12

    the minister added that cambodia often acknowledged its advocacy to regional and global integration, especially in trade.