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five u.s. chip companies were also used as evidence to prove the u.s. tech sector's dependency on china. "nvidia, texas instruments, qualcomm, intel and broadcom -- each with a market value of more than 100 billion u.s. dollars -- depend on china for between 25 percent and 50 percent of their sales," said the article. "the root cause is that some american politicians who are biased against and hostile to china are using their power to smear china with fabrications and impede normal ties with china under various pretexts," said wang, pointing out that such american politicians ultimately want to drag china and the united states into renewed conflict and confrontation and plunge the world into chaos and division again. the article pointed out that for all the anti-china actions, the market does not believe the united states will be willing to completely pull the plug or that china will opt for damaging retaliation. "this is too complacent," it said. enditem atli, an asia-pacific expert, said that the trump administration wants to push back against china's rise as a tech competitor. the power plant is a key project linking the china-proposed belt and road initiative with turkey's "middle corridor." upon completion, the plant will have an installed capacity of 1,320 megawatts of electricity. enditem hessler also wrote about various epidemic prevention measures after the school reopening. the university introduced the fever tents, the delivery robots, and the facial-recognition scanners. the school scheduled regular hand-washing breaks, and every afternoon an announcement sounded over the intercom: "temperature-taking time has arrived!"

"this will go a long way to assist us in the fight against the pandemic in the region. we would always want to have this cooperation with the people of china at all levels," ashitey said. some u.s. politicians are peddling that "the engagement policy toward china fails," aiming to shift the government's responsibility for its ineffective response to the epidemic and serve the political needs of elections, said santoro, adding such a move can only lead to a more complicated situation for the united states and other countries. zhang said that both india and pakistan are friendly neighbors of china and big developing countries at a critical stage of development. china is committed to growing friendly relations with both countries and calls on the two countries to focus on national development, set store by safeguarding peace and stability in south asia, properly handle historical grievances, abandon zero-sum thinking, avoid unilateral actions, resolve disputes peacefully through dialogue and consultation, and jointly uphold peace and stability of the region, according to the spokesperson. besides the chinese government, many chinese companies and foundations as well as individuals have also pitched in, donating medical supplies, protective equipment and covid-19 test kits to the philippines. the politburo of the arab unification party of lebanon condemned what some countries have done to slander china and infringe upon china's legitimate rights. it said that u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo's recent attacks against china were aimed to undermine china's role in counterweighing u.s. unilateralism. the party lauded china's active stands toward the people around the world and thanked china for its support to developing countries in economy, development and other fields.

moreover, cooperation between the two countries in major global issues, like fighting terrorism, tackling the 2008 financial crisis and coping with the climate change challenge, has made significant contributions to sustaining peace and stability, and promoting development around the world. beijing, aug. 7 (xinhua) -- senior chinese diplomat yang jiechi said friday that china and the united states must never allow a handful of self-serving u.s. politicians to push the bilateral relationship into serious jeopardy. in the latest tally, south korea reported 20 more covid-19 cases for the past 24 hours, raising the total number of infections to 14,519. enditem 所有彩票app下载china and the united states should also expand mutually beneficial cooperation in all fields, and cement popular support for their relations, said yang. security council members expressed concern over the current situation in kashmir and expressed the hope that relevant parties would exercise restraint and properly resolve relevant issues through dialogue to jointly maintain regional peace and stability, said the spokesperson. enditem

所有彩票app下载{"we do have disputes, like the border disputes with india, and some territorial disputes in the south china sea," he said, adding that "but on the whole, all the countries in our region want to develop mutually beneficial relations. i don't think any one of them wants to see any escalation of tension. this is also the reality." their purpose is notably obvious, which is to contain and destabilize china, wang said. since the establishment of their sister province relations in september 2015, the fujian province in china and the greater accra region in ghana have maintained close exchanges and cooperation in areas of trade and investment. enditem amid the impact of covid-19, trade between china and some arab countries still registered growth.

in the meantime, china is prepared to strengthen maritime cooperation with other littoral countries, deepen mutual security confidence, and advance joint development, so as to make the south china sea a sea of peace, friendship and cooperation, he added. enditem "we are always ready to develop a china-u.s. relationship featuring no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation based on coordination, cooperation and stability," he added. "all issues can be put on the table for discussion," wang said. created every five years since 1953, the five-year plan is a major feature of china's governance system, setting growth targets and defining development policies. it allows the authorities to map out strategies for overall economic and social development and to advance with the times. but facts speak louder than words. no countries in africa or latin america have complained about falling into such a "debt trap" because of their cooperation with china. that's why robert zoellick, the former world bank president, has said: "those who see china only as a disruptor are misleading themselves. frankly, self-deception is very dangerous in diplomacy."

under the current situation, china proposes removing all disturbances to restart as soon as possible the code of conduct consultation, and agreeing as early as possible on a set of rules for maintaining long-term peace and stability in the region, wang said. wang made the remarks in an exclusive interview with xinhua on china-u.s. ties. enditem -- china-u.s. cooperation has never been a case of one party giving favor to the other, or one party taking advantage of the other. in the interview, wang refuted a series of recent u.s. moves hurting bilateral ties, including u.s. closing the chinese consulate-general in houston, launching global campaign against chinese companies, making fierce attacks on the communist party of china and interfering into china's internal affairs. london, aug. 13 (xinhua) -- the extent to which the u.s. tech sector has become dependent on china is "under-appreciated", said an opinion article recently published by the london-based financial times newspaper. china's commitment to deeper reform and wider opening-up gives confidence to the world to face up to the economic turbulence as some politicians in the united states abused their state power to bring down certain non-u.s. enterprises. the u.s. practice is nothing but political manipulation and makes things worse especially when many economies continue to flounder amid the pandemic. "the erroneous words and moves by the u.s. administration constituted interference in china's internal affairs. they undermined china's interests and seriously disrupted china-u.s. relations, putting the relationship in a most complex and grave situation since the establishment of diplomatic ties," said yang.

"to safeguard and stabilize china-u.s. relations is the call of the people and the trend of the times," yang said. "we urges u.s. decision-makers to respect facts of history, recognize the trend of the times, heed the visionary calls in the united states, and listen to the voice of the international community." wang also noted that many international polls in recent years show that at least 90 percent of the chinese people trust their government. it "will be done within the framework of the concept of building a community with a shared future for humanity," kashin said. china and the united states must always bear in mind the well-being of mankind, live up to their responsibilities as two major countries, coordinate and cooperate as needed in the un and other multilateral institutions, and work together for world peace and stability, said wang. ■ china is now working with the government and people of fiji to build a comprehensive strategic partnership featuring mutual respect and common development, said qian, adding the purpose of the visit is to explore the possibility for future cooperation. wang said that china-u.s. relations are facing the gravest challenge since the establishment of diplomatic ties, and their exchanges and cooperation in many areas are being seriously disrupted.

as covid-19 takes its toll on the global economy, china and the united states, the world's two largest economies, should work for mutual benefit on an equal footing, stop attempts at decoupling and advance the relationship through cooperation, and live up to their responsibility for the world, said wang. enditem i later learned that xinhua has contended with the u.s. state department because from a legal point of view, while the un headquarters is located in the united states, chinese nationals working at the un office do not report american news and the united states is not entitled to deport us. he recalled that leaders and statesmen of the elder generation in china and the united states acted in the fundamental interests of the two peoples and made the political decision of historic significance with their exceptional strategic vision and political courage to rise above the differences in ideology and social systems. "we are always ready to develop a china-u.s. relationship featuring no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation based on coordination, cooperation and stability," he added. beijing, aug. 6 (xinhua) -- china, as a responsible major fishing country, attaches great importance to the protection of the marine environment and resources and implements the strictest monitoring and control measures on overseas fishing vessels, a spokesperson said thursday. "the construction of the iconic tower structure has reached the 30th floor, and the progress of the project has hardly been affected by the epidemic," chinese ambassador to cairo liao liqiang told a press conference in june. "the taiwan question concerns china's sovereignty, territorial integrity and core interests. china has firm resolve in upholding its sovereignty and security," said wang. china is now working with the government and people of fiji to build a comprehensive strategic partnership featuring mutual respect and common development, said qian, adding the purpose of the visit is to explore the possibility for future cooperation.

chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi gives an exclusive interview to xinhua on china-u.s. ties in beijing, capital of china, aug. 5, 2020. (xinhua/zhai jianlan) 所有彩票app下载"we also know that freedom has boundaries," he said. "respect for science, reason, law and order as well as international rules are the basis of freedom." zhao said china had been containing the covid-19 epidemic in an open, transparent and responsible manner, earnestly implementing its duties and obligations under the international health regulations, and actively carrying out international prevention and control cooperation. noting that there is a long history behind the situation in the south china sea, the ambassador said, "we have our historical claim and we have strong historical and legal support for our claims, but still we are ready to negotiate with other countries concerned for a peaceful solution to the disputes. that's why we are working with the asean countries over the years." cui had worked for quite a few years with the asean countries on drawing up the declaration of conduct for the parties concerned. wei stated china's principled position on questions including the south china sea, taiwan and the u.s. stigmatization of china, and urged the u.s. side to stop erroneous words and deeds, improve the management and control of maritime risks, avoid taking dangerous moves that may escalate the situation, and safeguard regional peace and stability.




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