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1.the philippines now has 147,526 confirmed covid-19 cases, including 2,426 deaths and 70,387 recoveries. enditem。
2.the future of what many consider the world's most important bilateral relationship now hinges upon whether washington has the much needed rationality and vision to make the right choice.。
3."both fiji and china have rich and diversified cultures. we should and we do respect each other's culture and learn from each other," he said.。
4.the port dealt with 495 china-europe freight trains with 45,600 twenty-foot equivalent units (teus) of cargos in july, up 55.17 percent and 55.1 percent year on year respectively, said long teng, a staff member with the customs.。
5.data from chinese customs show that trade between china and saudi arabia grew 4 percent annually in the first quarter. according to the chinese embassy in egypt, trade in goods between china and egypt saw a volume of 5.484 billion dollars during the first five months of this year, up 1.12 percent year-on-year.。
6.isn't the u.s. order an irony of the press freedom enshrined in the u.s. constitution, she said. she also suggested that chinese journalists seek help from the un media accreditation and liaison unit and the un correspondents association.。


1.-- china rejects any attempt to create a so-called "new cold war".。
2."this is an objective fact no unbiased people will deny," zhao said.。
3.mahmoud beshr is a manager in charge of business development at the china-egypt teda suez economic and trade cooperation zone, a major belt and road project located on the shore of the red sea.。
4.though impacted by the novel coronavirus in egypt, beshr and his colleagues have been proceeding with their work. at the end of june, beshr's team successfully signed a bonded warehouse lease agreement with a chinese textile company.。
5.national security legislation is also a common legal practice globally. western countries including the united states and britain have passed numerous laws in the field and have a large number of cases derived from judicial practices.。
6."first, the normalization of relations between our two countries and the growth of this relationship over the decades has served the interests of both countries and the world very well," he said. "it's quite clear that all of us are still enjoying the positive outcome, the benefits of the growth of this relationship. nobody can really deny this."。


1.there have always been forces in the united states attempting to rebut the leadership role of the communist party of china (cpc) and china's path of socialism with chinese characteristics, wang said during an exclusive interview with xinhua.。
2.since hong kong's return to the motherland, the practice of "one country, two systems" has proven to be an enormous success, zhao said, and hong kong residents enjoy unprecedented democracy and rights and freedoms in accordance with law.。
3.zhang said china is seriously concerned about the current situation in kashmir and the relevant military actions. china opposes unilateral actions that will complicate the situation, and calls on relevant parties to exercise restraint and act prudently. in particular, they should refrain from taking actions that will escalate tensions, according to the spokesperson.。
4.manning announced 11 new containment measures, under which the country's international borders remained closed unless by special exemption, and strict conditions were placed on domestic air travel.。
5.wang also noted that many international polls in recent years show that at least 90 percent of the chinese people trust their government.。
6."the development of china and of the united states is not a zero sum game, and we should not reject each other. what we should do is to draw on each other's strength to achieve common development," he said.。


1、zhang said china is seriously concerned about the current situation in kashmir and the relevant military actions. china opposes unilateral actions that will complicate the situation, and calls on relevant parties to exercise restraint and act prudently. in particular, they should refrain from taking actions that will escalate tensions, according to the spokesperson.。
2、he said he has witnessed the development of u.s.-china relations over the past decades, which has brought tangible benefits to the two countries and their people.。
3、the brazen practice of these american politicians has fully showcased the u.s.-style hypocrisy and bullying, revealing the ugly face of modern hegemonists, said the spokesperson.。
4、created every five years since 1953, the five-year plan is a major feature of china's governance system, setting growth targets and defining development policies. it allows the authorities to map out strategies for overall economic and social development and to advance with the times.。
5、beijing, aug. 5 (xinhua) -- chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi said wednesday that the growth in both china's investment in malaysia and malaysia's exports to china in the first half of this year despite the impact of covid-19 has demonstrated the strong complementarity and vitality of the bilateral cooperation.。


china is always a firm defender of the international order and the international system. since the founding of new china more than 70 years ago, the country has never started a war, or occupied an inch of land of others, wang noted.!




  • 09-13

    u.s. arms sales to taiwan seriously breach the three china-u.s. joint communiques, especially the august 17 communique, severely undermine china's sovereignty and security interests, and gravely violate basic norms of international relations, said wang. "china firmly opposes this."

  • 09-12

    the article titled "how china controlled the coronavirus" is written by peter hessler, who was teaching and learning in chengdu, the capital of china's sichuan province, during the pandemic.

  • 09-11

    the article pointed out that for all the anti-china actions, the market does not believe the united states will be willing to completely pull the plug or that china will opt for damaging retaliation. "this is too complacent," it said. enditem

  • 09-10

    beijing, aug. 12 (xinhua) -- foreign ministry spokesperson zhao lijian on wednesday said china firmly opposed any official interactions between the united states and taiwan under any pretext.

  • 09-09

    wang said that china-u.s. relations are facing the gravest challenge since the establishment of diplomatic ties, and their exchanges and cooperation in many areas are being seriously disrupted.

  • 09-08

    mahmoud ashour, in charge of security and cleaning jobs at the teda cooperation zone, has been especially busy during the past few months. every day, ashour and his colleagues disinfect the public areas thoroughly and measure the body temperature of people entering and exiting the zone.

  • 09-07

    noting that the united states conducts wire-tapping and mass surveillance around the globe, and that these wrongful acts are already an open secret, wang said the united states is not qualified to build a coalition of "clean countries" because it is dirty all over.

  • 09-06

    in late 2017, the un general assembly overwhelmingly passed a resolution declaring that any decisions that would change the status of jerusalem are "null and void."

  • 09-05

    what they have done not only is far from the truths and science, but has dragged the world's most important relationship into a dangerous zone.

  • 09-04

    the u.s. side should face reality, be rational, put china-u.s. relations in perspective and handle the relations correctly. or it will surely face consequences if it refuses to correct its course and insists on taking more wrong steps.

  • 09-03

    stating that china firmly rejects and condemns the u.s. government's so-called sanctions against chinese officials, zhao stressed that the u.s. behavior openly meddles with hong kong affairs, blatantly interferes in china's internal affairs, and gravely violates international law and basic norms governing international relations.