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1.png recorded its highest daily increase of covid-19 infections on wednesday with 55 new cases, taking the country's official total to 269, with 191 currently active.。
2.during the past several months, they have been obsessed with china-demonizing campaigns, blatantly pointing fingers at china's domestic affairs, and even hyping up an ideological confrontation with beijing.。
3."business and the economy must recover and work such as those major government infrastructure developments, must continue," he said. enditem。
4.in the latest tally, south korea reported 20 more covid-19 cases for the past 24 hours, raising the total number of infections to 14,519. enditem。
5.zhao added that with the assistance and authorization of the central government, the hksar has actively rendered assistance to germany in accordance with the basic law and within the framework of the extradition agreement, and has also ratified a similar agreement with france.。
6."i want to be very honest and frank with all of you, the real question for america is: is the united states ready to live with another country with a different history, different culture, different system, but with no intention to compete for global dominance with the united states?" cui asked. "are you ready to live with us in peace? this is the fundamental question. hopefully, politicians, diplomats, journalists, scholars here could think about this really seriously."。


1.during an exclusive interview with xinhua, wang said the united states has launched a global campaign against a private chinese company without any solid evidence, calling the move a textbook example of bullying.。
2.beijing, aug. 5 (xinhua) -- chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi said wednesday that the growth in both china's investment in malaysia and malaysia's exports to china in the first half of this year despite the impact of covid-19 has demonstrated the strong complementarity and vitality of the bilateral cooperation.。
3.hong kong, aug. 9 (xinhua) -- strained china-u.s. relations were dealt another blow as the u.s. treasury department announced the so-called sanctions against heads of chinese government agencies responsible for hong kong affairs and officials of the hong kong special administrative region (hksar).。
4.decision-makers in washington must realize that indulging in pirate-like bullyism will only distance the country from international norms and partners, deteriorate its business environment and keep away foreign investment. at long last, these trust-breaking actions are doomed to boomerang. enditem。
5.i later learned that xinhua has contended with the u.s. state department because from a legal point of view, while the un headquarters is located in the united states, chinese nationals working at the un office do not report american news and the united states is not entitled to deport us.。
6."pompeo and his likes have time and again abused state power to bring down chinese high-tech companies under the pretext of national security, which china firmly opposes," wang said.。


2.foreign ministry spokesperson wang wenbin made the remarks at a daily press briefing when commenting on u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo's recent announcement of the so-called "clean network" program to eliminate some chinese apps from u.s. app stores.。
3.national security legislation is also a common legal practice globally. western countries including the united states and britain have passed numerous laws in the field and have a large number of cases derived from judicial practices.。
4.the united states has recently taken a number of provocative actions in the south china sea, breaching its longstanding commitment of not taking sides, and blatantly interfering in the territorial disputes, wang said.。
5.haikou, aug. 13 (xinhua) -- a total of 12 overseas enterprises, including tourism giant tui group from germany, signed cooperation agreements on major projects within the free trade port in south china's hainan province on thursday.。
6.i managed to stay calm despite the de-facto expulsion order and recorded the meeting carefully, knowing that my term in the xinhua office at the un may come to an abrupt end.。


1、hong kong, aug. 9 (xinhua) -- strained china-u.s. relations were dealt another blow as the u.s. treasury department announced the so-called sanctions against heads of chinese government agencies responsible for hong kong affairs and officials of the hong kong special administrative region (hksar).。
2、a media worker reads the open letter by chinese consul general in houston cai wei in new york, the united states, july 24, 2020. (xinhua/wang ying)。
3、new york, aug. 11 (xinhua) -- "respect science" and "hard work" are two core values conveyed by chinese education. these values, together with the effective guidance of the government, enabled the chinese people to win the war against the epidemic, according to an article published monday on the new yorker.。
4、the move is nothing but a hysterical outburst of hegemonism after these u.s. politicians failed in their attempts to manipulate hong kong affairs, the spokesperson said on sunday.。
5、"we would really hope that the united states could open up its research base at fort detrick to the media, release more information about its over 200 bio-labs overseas, and invite who experts in to conduct origin-tracing so it has a chance to tell the truth and offer an explanation to the american people and the international community," he added.。


as covid-19 takes its toll on the global economy, china and the united states should stop attempts at decoupling and advance the relationship through cooperation, and live up to their responsibility for the world, said wang.!




  • 10-01

    the development of china and of the united states is not a zero sum game, and the two countries should not reject each other but draw on each other's strength to achieve common development, according to wang.

  • 09-30

    they supported and used anti-china "pawns" like jimmy lai chee-ying to incite violence, undermine the rule of law and social order in hong kong and sabotage the city's prosperity and stability.

  • 09-29

    "both fiji and china have rich and diversified cultures. we should and we do respect each other's culture and learn from each other," he said.

  • 09-28

    "we are not interested in rivalry of systems, or ideological confrontation with any country," wang added. "likewise, we hope that the united states will respect china's social system and the chinese people's choice, and give up its failed interventionism." enditem

  • 09-27

    beijing, aug. 11 (xinhua) -- china on monday announced sanctions against 11 u.s. individuals with egregious records on hong kong affairs.

  • 09-26

    wang made the remarks in an exclusive interview with xinhua on china-u.s. ties. enditem

  • 09-25

    the signing ceremony also unveiled 20 investment-promotion projects that are open to global investors, in areas such as new-energy vehicles, tourism, offshore trade and duty-free retail.

  • 09-24

    it is necessary to stabilize ties for the wellbeing of both countries and the rest of the world, he stressed. enditem

  • 09-23

    "our message is quite clear: we urge the united states to stop acting with arrogance and prejudice, but enter into constructive dialogue with us on an equal footing. we hope that it will work with us to ease current tensions and put the relations back onto the right track of no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation," he said.

  • 09-22

    president xi jinping had called for building a community with a shared future for mankind. wang said the aim of this major initiative is to rise above differences in system, abandon the zero-sum mentality, and find a common goal for all countries, nationalities and civilizations.

  • 09-21

    u.s. president donald trump on thursday issued an executive order banning any u.s. transactions with the chinese tech firm bytedance, owner of tiktok, starting in 45 days.