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1.the robust economic and trade relationship has supported around 2.6 million jobs in the united states across a range of industries, and over 72,500 u.s. companies have investments or business in china.。
2.second, keep the channels open for candid dialogue. dialogue is the prerequisite for addressing problems, and without dialogue, problems will only pile up and even get out of control, he said.。
3."the signing of a political declaration on 5g security between slovenian foreign minister logar and u.s. secretary of state pompeo does not follow slovenia's interests. there is even a possibility that signing of this political statement would become legally binding for slovenia, as a unilateral legal transaction," brglez said.。
4."it has gone extreme to pursue unilateralism and bullying, even at the cost of international responsibilities and multilateral rules," wang told xinhua in an exclusive interview.。
5.beijing, aug. 11 (xinhua) -- china on monday announced sanctions against 11 u.s. individuals with egregious records on hong kong affairs.。
6."i want to stress that many chinese companies subject to u.s. unilateral sanctions are innocent, who just provide safe technologies and products," wang said, adding that not a single cybersecurity incident like those revealed by edward snowden or wikileaks has ever occurred, and not a single tapping or surveillance operation like prism, equation group or echelon has taken place.。


1.given profound changes in the world, it is a shared responsibility for all countries to maintain peace and promote development. developing china-u.s. relations based on coordination, cooperation and stability is vital to the world.。
2.though impacted by the novel coronavirus in egypt, beshr and his colleagues have been proceeding with their work. at the end of june, beshr's team successfully signed a bonded warehouse lease agreement with a chinese textile company.。
3.fourth, abandon the zero-sum mentality and stand up to shared responsibilities. "our world still faces many global challenges. traditional and non-traditional security challenges are intertwined. almost all regional and international hotspot issues require a coordinated response from china, the united states and other countries," he said.。
4.beijing, aug. 5 (xinhua) -- chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi on wednesday said the chinese side is ready to enter into candid, effective consultation with the u.s. side and make cool-headed and sensible response to the impulsive moves and anxiety of the u.s. side.。
5.in response to a joint statement on hong kong by the foreign ministers of the five eyes, namely the united states, britain, canada, australia and new zealand, on sunday, in which they urged hong kong to hold legislative elections as soon as possible, zhao said china strongly deplores and rejects it.。
6.brussels, aug. 10 (xinhua) -- the chinese mission to the european union (eu) said monday that china is firmly opposed to the eu's interfering in hong kong affairs and china's internal affairs and practising double standards on the law-based exercise of duties by hong kong police.。


1.hefei, aug. 10 (xinhua) -- a total of 238 construction personnel from china energy engineering group have returned to turkey to resume construction of the hunutlu thermal power plant in the country's southern province of adana, sources with the company said monday.。
2.after two months of suspension due to covid-19, construction on the project has been gradually resumed since early may, said luo xiongdong, the project's constructor with china energy engineering group guangdong power engineering co., ltd..。
3.noting covid-19 is raging around the world, regalado said china has spared no effort to help other countries fight the pandemic and that working with china to tackle the epidemic and other challenges should be the right choice for the u.s. government.。
4.china is always a firm defender of the international order and the international system. since the founding of new china more than 70 years ago, the country has never started a war, or occupied an inch of land of others, wang noted.。
5.washington has never stopped attempting to sow division between china and its overseas partners with groundless claims, for example by accusing china of setting up "dept traps" in developing countries.。
6.beijing, aug. 10 (xinhua) -- the hong kong and macao affairs office of china's state council on monday voiced firm support for the chinese foreign ministry's decision to impose sanctions against u.s. senator marco rubio and 10 other u.s. individuals with egregious records on hong kong affairs.。


1、"china's door to dialogue remains open. we are willing, in the spirit of equality and open-mindedness, to talk and interact with the united states, and resume dialogue mechanisms at all levels and in all fields," said wang. ■。
2、however, the white house claimed that the personnel cap applied to all the chinese nationals working in the united states for the affected chinese media outlets. even more irritating was that washington required the affected employees to leave the country regardless of the difficulties and health risks to travel amid the covid-19 pandemic.。
3、third, reject decoupling and uphold cooperation. the interests of the two countries are deeply entwined. forced decoupling will inflict a lasting impact on bilateral relations, and endanger the security of international industrial chains and interests of all countries, wang said.。
4、"the united states doesn't even bother to disguise its bullying," he said, adding that it not only violates the international rules of fair trade, but also hurts the free global market environment.。
5、beijing, aug. 11 (xinhua) -- china hopes the united states could open up its research base at fort detrick to the media, release more information about its over 200 bio-labs overseas, and invite who experts to the united states for covid-19 origin-tracing investigations, a foreign ministry spokesperson said tuesday.。


"if we have a close look at the history of our relations since president (richard) nixon's visit to china, or since dr. (henry) kissinger visit to china, several things are quite clear," said the ambassador.!




  • 10-04

    "i recalled that henry kissinger has been speaking for the past 10 years of coevolution of a harmonious evolution between the two giants in the world economy and in world geopolitics," chalom schirman, associate professor at the university of haifa and former israeli diplomat, told xinhua.

  • 10-03

    on the occasion, chinese ambassador to pakistan yao jing said the chinese government attached great importance to the cooperation between china and pakistan to combat the covid-19 pandemic.

  • 10-02

    in response to the so-called u.s. sanctions, hksar chief executive carrie lam and other officials of the hksar government said they feared no intimidation and would do their best to serve the country and hong kong, said the spokesperson, applauding such firm responses. enditem

  • 10-01

    yang, a member of the political bureau of the communist party of china (cpc) central committee and director of the office of the foreign affairs commission of the cpc central committee, said that a sound and stable china-u.s. relationship affects the well-being of china, the united states and the world at large.

  • 09-30

    the statement issued by the central committee of the communist party of the russian federation said the united states has continuously defamed and suppressed china on a series of issues concerning xinjiang, tibet, and hong kong in recent years. the recent remarks by pompeo are destructive and will escalate international tensions.

  • 09-29

    china has no intention to fight a "diplomatic war" with the u.s. side as it will only hurt the interests of the two peoples even more, wang said.

  • 09-28

    some u.s. politicians seek to tarnish china's image, he said.

  • 09-27

    at the height of covid-19, the united states went so far as to groundlessly attack and withdraw from the world health organization. the current u.s. administration has pulled out of more international treaties than any one before it, making itself the most damaging force of the current international order, he added.

  • 09-26

    "the development of humankind is a progress of mutual learning and assimilation. each country is quite different with its own history, culture and advantage. we have to learn from history, respect and learn from each other and promote exchanges and cooperation, so as to achieve common development and progress," he said.

  • 09-25

    he said chinese scientists have shared their professional views of the management and research at the wiv in multiple interviews.

  • 09-24

    with covid-19 still raging across the world, china is prepared to have mutually beneficial cooperation with the united states on epidemic control and economic recovery, learn from each other and share experience on containing covid-19, and join together with the united states the global response and multilateral cooperation in fighting covid-19, he said.