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澳門葡京大厅栕 a minus-80 degree celsius freezer mahdi and his colleagues are saving all positive cases in the lab for future research and testing.。
2.noting that china's economic growth turned to positive in the second quarter, zhao said the chinese economy has withstood the impact of the epidemic and demonstrated strong resilience and development potential.。
3.china will continue to pursue development and progress to meet the desire of its people and make new, even greater contributions to mankind, he said.。
4.some 19 percent of respondents said they are unsatisfied or very unsatisfied with the u.s. investment and business environment, according to a newly released survey report of 160 chinese companies operating in the united states conducted by the china general chamber of commerce-usa (cgcc).。
5.with the help of advanced chinese equipment and 50,000 diagnostics kits, so far the new lab has tested some 28,000 samples. approximately 20 percent of them were positive, mahdi said.。
6.the uscbc is a trade group representing more than 200 u.s. companies that do business with china. enditem。


1.that calls into question the notion of rule of law in the united states, marlin said.。
2.the disapproval rate is higher than the 16 percent in 2019 and 5 percent in 2018, according to the survey.。
3.the chinese diplomat said the recent allegations against chinese consulate in houston or any of chinese diplomatic missions in the united states are "totally groundless."。
4.phnom penh, aug. 7 (xinhua) -- the free trade agreement (fta) between cambodia and china will undoubtedly promote stronger trade and investment ties between the two countries, cambodia's commerce minister pan sorasak said in a recent interview with chinese media.。 owner diego tangarife also highlighted the china-proposed belt and road initiative for global development, saying it fosters greater international cooperation.。
6.china will continue to pursue development and progress to meet the desire of its people and make new, even greater contributions to mankind, he said.。


1.the uscbc is a trade group representing more than 200 u.s. companies that do business with china. enditem。
2."china is consistently and firmly opposed to the official interactions between the united states and taiwan, and we have lodged stern representations with the u.s. side," zhao said.。
3.beijing, aug. 10 (xinhua) -- a chinese spokesperson on monday reiterated that china has no interest and has never interfered in u.s. presidential elections, in response to a top u.s. intelligence official's statement saying china is stepping up efforts to influence the election.。
4.first, steer clear of red lines and avoid confrontation. for china-u.s. relations to develop soundly, the most critical thing is mutual respect, wang noted.。
5.speaking of the bri, cambodia has greatly benefited from the cooperation with china under this framework, sorasak said, adding that from physical infrastructure, connectivity development to trade and tourism, the bri has brought about significant contributions to its economy.。
6.comrade le kha phieu is an outstanding leader of the older generation of the cpv and vietnam, said xi, adding that he had led the vietnamese people in achieving great accomplishments in vietnam's socialist construction and renovation enterprises.。


1、by 2019, the european union had been china's top trade partner for 16 consecutive years, with a total trade volume exceeding 700 billion u.s. dollars for the first time last year, he said.。
2、"the chinese experts are very supportive and helpful," mahdi said. "when they were here, they gave us all the technical training we need. they are also sending me all the documents. this can be a treasure for us."。
3、while such actions undermine the multilateral trading system at large, they also diminish the level of trusts, he said.。
4、a medic performs covid-19 testing at a chinese-built lab in baghdad, iraq on july 29, 2020. (xinhua)。
5、beijing, aug. 8 (xinhua) -- general secretary of the central committee of the communist party of china (cpc) and chinese president xi jinping sent a message of condolence on saturday to his vietnamese counterpart, nguyen phu trong, over the passing of le kha phieu, former general secretary of the communist party of vietnam central committee (cpvcc).。


nearly 70 percent of the surveyed u.s. companies were optimistic about the commercial prospects of the chinese market, and 87 percent of the companies reported no plans to shift production out of china, according to the survey.!




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    the united states should honor the principle of sovereign equality enshrined in the un charter, learn how to get along with different systems and civilizations and adapt itself to peaceful coexistence, and accept the reality that the world is moving toward multipolarity, said wang.

  • 09-30

    he added that with joint efforts of china and asean, two-way trade and investment grew in the first half of this year, and fast-track lanes for personnel and logistics exchanges have been established to facilitate resumption of work and production, as well as the smooth operation of industrial and supply chains.

  • 09-29

    bogota, aug. 9 (xinhua) -- for the welfare of the global community, it is important for the united states and china to explore means of cooperation that will help them restore relations at all levels, said colombian business leaders and academics.

  • 09-28

    "the u.s. has frequently abused state power to wantonly suppress non-american firms under the pretext of national security. this is blatant bullying behavior, which china firmly opposes," the spokesperson said, noting relevant u.s. moves have drawn criticism and doubts from many people within the united states and the international community.

  • 09-27

    the two sides wrapped up their negotiations on the bilateral fta on july 20.

  • 09-26

    he said the bri is vital for cambodia's economy which relies on the inflows of foreign direct investments that are conditional to the capability of sufficient physical infrastructures.

  • 09-25

    the uscbc is a trade group representing more than 200 u.s. companies that do business with china. enditem

  • 09-24

    noting that he highly values the development of china-belarus ties, xi said he stands ready to work with president lukashenko to jointly push forward china-belarus comprehensive strategic partnership and expand mutually-beneficial cooperation between the two countries in various fields, so as to create new benefits for the two countries and peoples. enditem

  • 09-23

    the philippines advocates peaceful settlement of relevant disputes through legal means, lorenzana said.

  • 09-22

    only when the united states is ready to reduce its arsenal to the size of china's can both sides begin real negotiation, he said, adding, "i hope we could be given a very convincing answer."

  • 09-21

    reportedly, citing an order by philippine president rodrigo duterte, lorenzana said the philippines would not join navies of other countries in maritime drills in the south china sea for fear of raising tension in the area.