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1.the two sides wrapped up their negotiations on the bilateral fta on july 20.。
2.while such actions undermine the multilateral trading system at large, they also diminish the level of trusts, he said.。
3.non-interference in other countries' internal affairs is a basic norm governing international relations, and no country will allow other countries to flagrantly sabotage its sovereignty or territorial integrity, said wang.。
4.all international flights at the yanji chaoyangchuan international airport were suspended in late march due to the covid-19 epidemic.。
5."it's not fair to make such allegations without giving any evidence and to accuse china of not giving american companies a level playing field while at the same time they themselves are denying chinese companies such a level playing field. this is extremely unfair," he said.。
6.beijing, aug. 5 (xinhua) -- chinese president xi jinping sent on wednesday a message of condolence to his lebanese counterpart, michel aoun, over the huge explosions in the lebanese capital beirut. enditem。


1.the chinese diplomat said the recent allegations against chinese consulate in houston or any of chinese diplomatic missions in the united states are "totally groundless."。
2.the remarks were made by foreign ministry spokesperson zhao lijian while responding to a query about azar's visit at a press briefing held in beijing.。
3.with covid-19 still raging across the world, china is prepared to have mutually beneficial cooperation with the united states on epidemic control and economic recovery, learn from each other and share experience on containing covid-19, and join together with the united states the global response and multilateral cooperation in fighting covid-19, he said.。
4.they backed wang's call for improved u.s.-china relations, saying cooperation between the world's two major countries will have a positive impact on the entire international community. enditem。
5."if china were to mimic trump's gambit -- alleging, without providing evidence, that some u.s. multinationals are potential national-security threats -- it could force them to sell their operations to 'very chinese' buyers. although the chinese government has not yet done so, the risk has become higher now," said wei, who served as chief economist of asian development bank during 2014-2016.。
6.the chinese lab sets a good example as iraq expands labs in all provinces, mahdi said. in the new lab, 82 percent of the samples posted results in 6 to 10 hours.。


1.beijing, aug. 10 (xinhua) -- chinese president xi jinping on monday sent a congratulatory message to alexander lukashenko on his re-election as belarusian president.。
2.zhao said china has a huge market of 1.4 billion people and a complete industrial support system, and many authoritative international organizations believe that china injects confidence and momentum into the world economic recovery.。
3.these actions will by far create trade unpredictability and render the domino effect through the introduction of such policy by other members as retaliations, he added.。
4.china and the united states must always bear in mind the well-being of mankind, live up to their responsibilities as two major countries, coordinate and cooperate as needed in the un and other multilateral institutions, and work together for world peace and stability, said wang. enditem。
5.however, concerns have been raised as iraq has become the new epicenter of covid-19 in the middle east. on friday the moh registered the highest daily increase of 3,461 confirmed cases, the worst in middle east countries. the tally of infections has reached 144,064 cases.。
6."as a champion and promoter for an open world economy, china has always kept its door wide open and committed to provide a market-oriented, law-based and international business environment for companies from europe and other parts of the world," wang said.。


1、some american politicians who are biased against and hostile to china are using their power to smear china with fabrications and impede normal ties with china under various pretexts, wang told xinhua in an exclusive interview.。
2、forty years on, while china and the united states are quite different in social system and many other aspects, such differences have not affected the peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation between the two countries, and they should not affect their bilateral ties in the future, he said.。
3、"of course, greater clarity and greater rapprochement on the part of both countries are needed. therefore, the role of diplomats from both parties will be essential to negotiate solutions to the problems, without ever needing the use of force," said maggiorelli.。
4、"once there is a new vaccine, a new testing strategy, this can be useful for further testing," mahdi said. enditem。
5、in his most recent exclusive interview with xinhua, wang called on the u.s. government to give up its failed attempts to destabilize the country and to respect china's socialist system.。


"these have been the sources of china's economic boom and cambodia is using china as a role model in our economic development as well," he said.!




  • 10-01

    the airport has received flight resumption plans from both chinese and rok airlines.

  • 09-30

    "that is a stance that will hurt trump in the elections, as it is ordinary citizens that are bearing the high costs of failed policies, such as the trade war," he said.

  • 09-29

    according to jaime suarez, executive director of the colombia-china chamber of investment and commerce, "trade wars are not promising or positive for either party."

  • 09-28

    the united states should recalibrate the policy of rule of law, said chris marlin, president of lennar international, adding that u.s. laws target certain kinds of countries and actors in a way that may appear to others as discriminatory.

  • 09-27

    noting that china's economic growth turned to positive in the second quarter, zhao said the chinese economy has withstood the impact of the epidemic and demonstrated strong resilience and development potential.

  • 09-26

    xi said he was shocked to hear the passing of comrade le kha phieu, adding that he, on behalf of the cpc, the chinese government and the chinese people, as well as in his own name, extends deep condolences through trong to the communist party of vietnam (cpv), the vietnamese government, and vietnamese people over the passing of comrade le kha phieu, and expresses sincere sympathies to his family.

  • 09-25

    the assertion is just a rehash of the cold war mentality, wang said during an exclusive interview with xinhua.

  • 09-24

    although trump's actions could yield a short-term gain for the united states, they have introduced severe potential risks to u.s. interests, not to mention international and domestic rules of commerce, wei said.

  • 09-23

    nearly 70 percent of the surveyed u.s. companies were optimistic about the commercial prospects of the chinese market, and 87 percent of the companies reported no plans to shift production out of china, according to the survey.

  • 09-22

    "wang yi emphasized that, saying china is willing to restart mechanisms for dialogue with the united states at any level, in any area and at any time. and that is precisely what the chinese government has done," said castrillon, who specializes in u.s. and chinese affairs.

  • 09-21

    in particular, li said, the chinese and sri lankan governments and people have been looking out for each other and sharing weal and woe in the joint combat against the covid-19 pandemic, which has consolidated and elevated their friendship.