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1.he said the bri is vital for cambodia's economy which relies on the inflows of foreign direct investments that are conditional to the capability of sufficient physical infrastructures.。
2.while the issues that generate tension between china and the united states are multiple and complex, the issues that unite them are weightier enough to save bilateral ties, he said.。
3."the u.s. move to turn china into an adversary is a fundamental, strategic miscalculation. it means that the united states is funneling its strategic resources in the wrong area," he said.。
4."it is certainly something that we can achieve together," he said.。
5.fourth, abandon the zero-sum mentality and stand up to shared responsibilities. "our world still faces many global challenges. traditional and non-traditional security challenges are intertwined. almost all regional and international hotspot issues require a coordinated response from china, the united states and other countries," he said.。
6."two or three weeks after beginning testing in the new lab, the moh initiated plans to add labs. since that time more and more labs have been brought into service," mahdi said.。


1.the so-called "report on protecting united states investors from significant risks from chinese companies" has recommendations such as enhancing listing standards on u.s. exchanges for access to audit work papers.。
2.the remarks were made by foreign ministry spokesperson wang wenbin in response to u.s. executive orders issued thursday, which ban transactions carried out by american companies or individuals with parent companies of wechat and tiktok apps.。
3."we hope these treaties could continue," he said. enditem。
4.in a minus-80 degree celsius freezer mahdi and his colleagues are saving all positive cases in the lab for future research and testing.。
5.in particular, li said, the chinese and sri lankan governments and people have been looking out for each other and sharing weal and woe in the joint combat against the covid-19 pandemic, which has consolidated and elevated their friendship.。
6."people cannot assume other people are doing all these things just because they are exactly doing the same thing in other countries. this is the problem. some people are doing all these things in other countries. but now they are blaming other countries doing such things. we never do these," he said.。


1.the chinese lab sets a good example as iraq expands labs in all provinces, mahdi said. in the new lab, 82 percent of the samples posted results in 6 to 10 hours.。
2.the philippines and china have carried out many exchanges in epidemic control, people-to-people exchange and military, said lorenzana, adding that it is believed that the two countries will gradually resume exchanges in various fields after the pandemic is overcome.。
3.wei shangjin, professor of finance and economics at columbia university's graduate school of business and school of international and public affairs, said forcing tiktok to be sold cheaply to a "very american" buyer will endanger many u.s. firms in the chinese market, according to an opinion published by project syndicate on thursday.。
4."cambodia's commitment to liberalization is reflected in its efforts in entering into many regional ftas, including the regional comprehensive economic partnership, asean-china fta, and others," he said.。
5.a medic performs covid-19 testing at a chinese-built lab in baghdad, iraq on july 29, 2020. (xinhua)。
6.national security legislation underpins the very survival of any country, and it is a common legal practice of all countries, wang said.。


1、today's china is not the former soviet union and china has no intention of becoming another united states, noted wang.。
2、first, steer clear of red lines and avoid confrontation. for china-u.s. relations to develop soundly, the most critical thing is mutual respect, wang noted.。
3、the disapproval rate is higher than the 16 percent in 2019 and 5 percent in 2018, according to the survey.。
4、"china's door to dialogue remains open. we are willing, in the spirit of equality and open-mindedness, to talk and interact with the united states, and resume dialogue mechanisms at all levels and in all fields," said wang.。
5、with covid-19 still raging across the world, china is prepared to have mutually beneficial cooperation with the united states on epidemic control and economic recovery, learn from each other and share experience on containing covid-19, and join together with the united states the global response and multilateral cooperation in fighting covid-19, he said.。


national security legislation underpins the very survival of any country, and it is a common legal practice of all countries, wang said.!




  • 10-02

    the exchange of information including that of audit work papers should be conducted through regulatory cooperation channels, which is an internationally accepted common practice, the csrc said. enditem

  • 10-01

    the gross interference in hong kong affairs, be it in words or action, can only undermine the sound implementation of the policy of "one country, two systems" and will meet with the firm rejection from all the chinese people, including the people of hong kong, he said. enditem

  • 09-30

    "we have noted that australia said it welcomes china's development and hope that australia will turn its words into concrete actions, act in line with the spirit of the china-australia comprehensive strategic partnership and contribute to regional peace and stability," wang said. enditem

  • 09-29

    according to jaime suarez, executive director of the colombia-china chamber of investment and commerce, "trade wars are not promising or positive for either party."

  • 09-28

    gross interference in hong kong affairs undermines "one country, two systems": chinese fm

  • 09-27

    xi also said that comrade le kha phieu was a close comrade and friend for the cpc and the chinese people, adding that he had made outstanding contributions to the development of china-vietnam relations featuring "long-term stability, future orientation, good-neighborly friendship and all-round cooperation."

  • 09-26

    the rise in cases has been blamed on the easing of lockdown regulations by authorities and non-compliance of prevention measures. the epidemic has flared up in some communities.

  • 09-25

    "if china were to mimic trump's gambit -- alleging, without providing evidence, that some u.s. multinationals are potential national-security threats -- it could force them to sell their operations to 'very chinese' buyers. although the chinese government has not yet done so, the risk has become higher now," said wei, who served as chief economist of asian development bank during 2014-2016.

  • 09-24

    chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi gives an exclusive interview to xinhua on china-u.s. ties in beijing, capital of china, aug. 5, 2020. (xinhua/zhai jianlan)

  • 09-23

    "they are showing us the way to establish a good lab," mahdi said, noting that an important feature of the lab is its ability to receive samples around the clock all days of the week. thirty lab workers are divided into three shifts, enabling the lab to complete 700 to 1,000 tests a day.

  • 09-22

    all international flights at the yanji chaoyangchuan international airport were suspended in late march due to the covid-19 epidemic.