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1.mauricio santoro, an expert on international relations at the state university of rio de janeiro, said the world is suffering from the worst impact after world war ii -- the epidemic and the economic crises.。
2."china's door to dialogue remains open. we are willing, in the spirit of equality and open-mindedness, to talk and interact with the united states, and resume dialogue mechanisms at all levels and in all fields," said wang. enditem。
3."in the meantime, we should really work together to maintain stability of the region, and all of these sea lanes are extremely important for the chinese economy. a large portion of our imports and exports have to go through these sea lanes," he said. "so we really have high stakes in the safety and security of navigation. so if these things are left to the countries concerned to work out, the situation would be much better."。
4.he said chinese scientists have shared their professional views of the management and research at the wiv in multiple interviews.。
5.in the 21st century, it is inconceivable that some people intend to draw an iron curtain and stoke new division, wang said, adding that this is a blatant contempt for the progress and wisdom of humanity and goes against the trend of the times and the will of most nations.。
6.as a matter of fact, u.s. allies, including canada and european countries, have become jittery over the recent u.s. protectionism.。


1."in the name of so-called 'democracy and freedom,' pompeo is attacking china without any substantiation, tarnishing china, trying to make china scapegoat for all existing problems and deliberately fomenting discord between other countries and china," the embassy said.。
2.zhu said, "as a sister province to the greater accra region, the fujian people's association for friendship decided to donate the masks and thermometers to help the greater accra region defeat the virus."。
3.in pursuing the path of socialism with chinese characteristics, yang said china has made tremendous achievements, and contributed significantly to safeguarding world peace and stability and promoting common development of all countries.。
4.cao said in as early as january, the cooperation zone started to take precautionary measures against covid-19, and a headquarters was established to make anti-coronavirus plans.。
5.some u.s. politicians seek to tarnish china's image, he said.。
6.the two sides exchanged views on the bilateral ties and military relations, as well as the bilateral military exchanges in the next phase.。


1.he made the remarks in a signed article titled "respect history, look to the future and firmly safeguard and stabilize china-u.s. relations," which was published friday.。
2."our message is quite clear: we urge the united states to stop acting with arrogance and prejudice, but enter into constructive dialogue with us on an equal footing. we hope that it will work with us to ease current tensions and put the relations back onto the right track of no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation," he said.。
3.data from both skyworks and qualcomm were also quoted as examples. "more than 60 percent of smart phones sold in china now incorporate 5g technology. qualcomm's shares, too, are close to an all-time high," it said.。
4."we urge the united states to stop acting with arrogance and prejudice, but enter into constructive dialogue with us on an equal footing," wang said.。
5.during the past several months, they have been obsessed with china-demonizing campaigns, blatantly pointing fingers at china's domestic affairs, and even hyping up an ideological confrontation with beijing.。
6.a media worker reads the open letter by chinese consul general in houston cai wei in new york, the united states, july 24, 2020. (xinhua/wang ying)。


1、the port dealt with 495 china-europe freight trains with 45,600 twenty-foot equivalent units (teus) of cargos in july, up 55.17 percent and 55.1 percent year on year respectively, said long teng, a staff member with the customs.。
2、wang made the remarks in an exclusive interview with xinhua on china-u.s. ties.。
3、chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi gives an exclusive interview to xinhua on china-u.s. ties in beijing, capital of china, aug. 5, 2020. (xinhua/zhai jianlan)。
4、the chinese side has proposed that the two countries draw up three lists respectively on cooperation, dialogue and issues that need proper management, and draw up a road-map for future interactions, he added.。
5、given profound changes in the world, it is a shared responsibility for all countries to maintain peace and promote development. developing china-u.s. relations based on coordination, cooperation and stability is vital to the world.。


firstly, it should respect china's sovereignty and territorial integrity and stop interfering in china's domestic affairs, just as china respects those of the united states.!




  • 10-04

    the philippines now has 147,526 confirmed covid-19 cases, including 2,426 deaths and 70,387 recoveries. enditem

  • 10-03

    "the u.s. move to turn china into an adversary is a fundamental, strategic miscalculation. it means that the united states is funneling its strategic resources in the wrong area," he said.

  • 10-02

    beijing, aug. 7 (xinhua) -- senior chinese diplomat yang jiechi said friday that the u.s. attempts to smear and slander china's political system and drive a wedge between the communist party of china (cpc) and the chinese people are doomed to fail.

  • 10-01

    the u.s. administration and some u.s. politicians acted out in such an anxious and reckless manner over hong kong-related issues to cover up their own botched response to covid-19, economy and other domestic problems, the spokesperson noted.

  • 09-30

    china and the united states should also expand mutually beneficial cooperation in all fields, and cement popular support for their relations, said yang.

  • 09-29

    washington, aug. 10 (xinhua) -- the united states has to be aware that there is "a rising anger" among the chinese public over washington's hostile moves against china, chinese ambassador to the united states cui tiankai has said.

  • 09-28

    "china-u.s. cooperation has never been a case of one party giving favor to the other, or one party taking advantage of the other. both countries have benefited much from this cooperation," he stressed.

  • 09-27

    china, he added, stands ready to continue to promote cooperation in vaccine research and development, use and production with malaysia, and to strengthen anti-pandemic cooperation in such multilateral arenas as east asia cooperation, the asia-pacific economic cooperation (apec) and the world health organization to push for the building of a community of health for all.

  • 09-26

    the move is nothing but a hysterical outburst of hegemonism after these u.s. politicians failed in their attempts to manipulate hong kong affairs, the spokesperson said on sunday. enditem

  • 09-25

    he made the remarks in a signed article titled "respect history, look to the future and firmly safeguard and stabilize china-u.s. relations," which was published friday.

  • 09-24

    china is ready to make cool-headed and sensible response to the impulsive moves and anxiety of the u.s. side, said chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi in a recent interview with xinhua.