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1.beijing, aug. 13 (xinhua) -- china will continue to expand its opening-up and optimize the business environment with an aim to provide more opportunities for companies around the world, a spokesperson said thursday.。
2.to that end, diplomacy can also rely on international law and organizations such as the united nations and the world trade organization (wto) to resolve multilateral disputes, he said.。
3.beijing, aug. 6 (xinhua) -- china has noted that australia welcomes china's development and hopes that australia can turn its words into concrete actions, a foreign ministry spokesperson said on thursday.。
4.forty years on, while china and the united states are quite different in social system and many other aspects, such differences have not affected the peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation between the two countries, and they should not affect their bilateral ties in the future, he said.。
5.representatives from 11 countries including china, egypt and uganda spoke at the roundtable, which was attended by nearly 90 people online. enditem。
6.the airport has received flight resumption plans from both chinese and rok airlines.。


1.he believes that under the strong leadership of the cpvcc with general secretary nguyen phu trong as the head, the socialist cause in vietnam is bound to yield new achievements, xi added. enditem。
2.phnom penh, aug. 7 (xinhua) -- the free trade agreement (fta) between cambodia and china will undoubtedly promote stronger trade and investment ties between the two countries, cambodia's commerce minister pan sorasak said in a recent interview with chinese media.。
3."the choices we're making today will shape not only relations between our two great countries, but also the future of the world. so we have to make the right choices. we have to base ourselves on the long-term interests of our two peoples and of the world," he said.。
4."these gestures show the true friendship that we always support each other in every difficult situation," sorasak said.。
5.spokesperson wang wenbin made the remarks at a routine press briefing after australian prime minister scott morrison delivered a speech at the aspen security forum on wednesday, saying that australia welcomes china's rise, and expects china to play a role in regional and global stability. he also said australia has found no evidence showing it should restrict the popular short-video app tiktok.。
6.wang expounded on the clear-cut framework for the relationship.。


1."we urge the u.s. side to heed rational voices from within and from the international community, correct its wrongdoing, refrain from politicizing economic issues and stop suppressing relevant enterprises, to create a fair, just and non-discriminatory environment for companies worldwide to have normal business operations and investments," wang added. enditem。
2.washington, aug. 9 (xinhua) -- china-u.s. relations are at "a very critical moment" and the two countries have to "make the right choices" for the long-term interests of the two peoples and of the world, chinese ambassador to the united states cui tiankai has said.。
3.the two sides wrapped up their negotiations on the bilateral fta on july 20.。
4.any idea for regional cooperation should be in line with the general trend, and conform to the people's will. otherwise, it will not win the support of regional countries, the spokesperson added.。
5."of course, greater clarity and greater rapprochement on the part of both countries are needed. therefore, the role of diplomats from both parties will be essential to negotiate solutions to the problems, without ever needing the use of force," said maggiorelli.。
6.beijing, aug. 9 (xinhua) -- chinese premier li keqiang on sunday extended his congratulations to mahinda rajapaksa on the latter's assuming office as sri lanka's new prime minister.。


1、reportedly, citing an order by philippine president rodrigo duterte, lorenzana said the philippines would not join navies of other countries in maritime drills in the south china sea for fear of raising tension in the area.。
2、"when you are not able to kiss your kid because you are doing dangerous work, this is one of the sacrifices in your life," he said.。
3、wang expounded on the clear-cut framework for the relationship.。
4、gross interference in hong kong affairs undermines "one country, two systems": chinese fm。
5、sorasak said during the covid-19 outbreaks, cambodia and china had shown solidarity to alleviate the pandemic and to navigate economic recovery.。


while the issues that generate tension between china and the united states are multiple and complex, the issues that unite them are weightier enough to save bilateral ties, he said.!




  • 10-04

    the uscbc is a trade group representing more than 200 u.s. companies that do business with china. enditem

  • 10-03

    in a minus-80 degree celsius freezer mahdi and his colleagues are saving all positive cases in the lab for future research and testing.

  • 10-02

    asked about washington's criticism of the world health organization (who) and decision to withdraw from the organization amid the covid-19 pandemic, maggiorelli said the u.s. decision to withdraw from the organization is "undoubtedly due to political reasons and not health concerns," maggiorelli said.

  • 10-01

    in the next two months, more medical and epidemic prevention supplies are scheduled to be dispatched from xi'an to italy via the china-europe train routes to help with the anti-epidemic fight. enditem

  • 09-30

    xi'an, aug. 12 (xinhua) -- a cargo train with 45 compartments of anti-epidemic supplies left xi'an, capital of northwest china's shaanxi province, and headed for italy's milan wednesday.

  • 09-29

    in 2019, the yanji airport handled 1.66 million passengers, 715,455 of whom were international. in the past five years, the airport has opened 26 international and domestic air routes. enditem

  • 09-28

    "china is consistently and firmly opposed to the official interactions between the united states and taiwan, and we have lodged stern representations with the u.s. side," zhao said.

  • 09-27

    china remains one of the top three destinations for 63 percent of respondents in a survey conducted earlier this year by the european union chamber of commerce in china and global consultancy firm roland berger. enditem

  • 09-26

    the assertion turns a blind eye to all that has been achieved in china-u.s. relations over the past decades, and shows ignorance of the historical process and lack of respect for the chinese and american peoples, wang said.

  • 09-25

    "it's so bad for the u.s. side to decide to close our consulate in houston. based on the principle of reciprocity in diplomacy, we have to respond. but we certainly don't want to have all this from the very beginning. we certainly don't want to see any escalation," the chinese ambassador said. enditem

  • 09-24

    regarding washington's restrictions on chinese technology companies, the experts agreed that the measures will only isolate americans from progress in different fields, including 5g technology in telecommunications, in which chinese companies are at the fore.