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1.xi also said that comrade le kha phieu was a close comrade and friend for the cpc and the chinese people, adding that he had made outstanding contributions to the development of china-vietnam relations featuring "long-term stability, future orientation, good-neighborly friendship and all-round cooperation."。
2."two or three weeks after beginning testing in the new lab, the moh initiated plans to add labs. since that time more and more labs have been brought into service," mahdi said.。
3.chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi gives an exclusive interview to xinhua on china-u.s. ties in beijing, capital of china, aug. 5, 2020. (xinhua/zhai jianlan)。
4."we are committed to developing a china-u.s. relationship featuring non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, and firmly safeguard our sovereignty, security and development interests," zhao said. enditem。
5.wang emphasized that be it companies from europe or other parts of the world, they are optimistic about china's economic prospect and improving business environment.。
6.china is committed to the policy of "one country, two systems," wang reiterated, saying that with the strong support from the mainland, an improved legal environment, and the united efforts of the hong kong compatriots, china can surely uphold and better implement the policy of "one country, two systems."。


1.the so-called "report on protecting united states investors from significant risks from chinese companies" has recommendations such as enhancing listing standards on u.s. exchanges for access to audit work papers.。
2.asked about washington's criticism of the world health organization (who) and decision to withdraw from the organization amid the covid-19 pandemic, maggiorelli said the u.s. decision to withdraw from the organization is "undoubtedly due to political reasons and not health concerns," maggiorelli said.。
3."there is still time for the trump administration to change course and avoid damaging u.s. interests. but the clock is running -- tick tock," wei said. enditem。
4.a donation ceremony is held in kunming of southwest china's yunnan province, aug. 7, 2020. a batch of anti-pandemic medical supplies departed from kunming on friday morning, heading for laos. the supplies, including two monitoring ambulances, four ventilators and 200 infrared frontal thermometers, were donated by kunming to the laotian capital vientiane and the province of luang prabang, with a view to assisting in the battle against covid-19. (photo by wang guansen/xinhua)。
5.a china-europe freight train with 45 compartments of anti-epidemic supplies leaves the xinzhu railway station in xi'an, northwest china's shaanxi province, on aug. 12, 2020, to head for italy's milan. the shipment includes 368,300 masks and 94.9 tonnes of melt-blown non-woven fabric, an essential material for manufacturing medical masks. (photo by yuan jingzhi/xinhua)。
6.the country's securities authorities have provided the audit work papers of several u.s.-listed chinese companies to the u.s. securities authorities, as mentioned in the u.s. report, it said.。


1.the disapproval rate is higher than the 16 percent in 2019 and 5 percent in 2018, according to the survey.。
2.the uscbc is a trade group representing more than 200 u.s. companies that do business with china. enditem。
3.washington, aug. 10 (xinhua) -- china's nuclear power is not at the same level as that of the united states and russia, and it is not yet the right timing for china to join their nuclear disarmament talks, chinese ambassador to the united states cui tiankai has said.。
4.xiong wei with cainiao network, the logistics arm of alibaba group, said the new route allows low-cost small commodities like mobile phone cases and toilet covers to be shipped via charter flights, thus providing a new export channel for small and medium-sized businesses.。
5."cambodia is highly confident that china, a hub of global business and investment, will not only open its market access for cambodia's products in this current state, but also consider further liberalization for the kingdom's export," sorasak said.。
6.the assertion is just a rehash of the cold war mentality, wang said during an exclusive interview with xinhua.。


1、kunming, aug. 7 (xinhua) -- a batch of anti-pandemic medical supplies departed from the city of kunming, capital of southwest china's yunnan province, on friday morning, heading for laos.。
2、the survey also showed that 26 percent respondents believe that u.s. investment and business environment would decline at least moderately in the next two years, which is roughly in line with 33 percent in 2019 but much higher than 12 percent in 2018 and 5 percent in 2017.。
3、"the u.s. move to turn china into an adversary is a fundamental, strategic miscalculation. it means that the united states is funneling its strategic resources in the wrong area," he said.。
4、in 2019, the yanji airport handled 1.66 million passengers, 715,455 of whom were international. in the past five years, the airport has opened 26 international and domestic air routes. enditem。
5、"i decided to return to my work three days after my father's death," she said. "i want to work diligently and help others, so they will not experience a tragedy like mine." she burst into tears.。


the uscbc is a trade group representing more than 200 u.s. companies that do business with china. enditem!




  • 10-01

    china rejects any attempt to create so-called "new cold war": fm

  • 09-30

    beijing, aug. 8 (xinhua) -- general secretary of the central committee of the communist party of china (cpc) and chinese president xi jinping sent a message of condolence on saturday to his vietnamese counterpart, nguyen phu trong, over the passing of le kha phieu, former general secretary of the communist party of vietnam central committee (cpvcc).

  • 09-29

    "we will always remember and cherish this friendship of shared adversity, and hope the medical supplies can effectively help laos' pandemic prevention and control work," hu added.

  • 09-28

    "we hope these treaties could continue," he said. enditem

  • 09-27

    beijing, aug. 7 (xinhua) -- a signed article by yang jiechi, a member of the political bureau of the communist party of china (cpc) central committee and director of the office of the foreign affairs commission of the cpc central committee was published friday.

  • 09-26

    bogota, aug. 9 (xinhua) -- for the welfare of the global community, it is important for the united states and china to explore means of cooperation that will help them restore relations at all levels, said colombian business leaders and academics.

  • 09-25

    besides building the lab, a group of chinese experts brought technical training and testing protocols to the new facility.

  • 09-24

    xi said he was shocked to hear the passing of comrade le kha phieu, adding that he, on behalf of the cpc, the chinese government and the chinese people, as well as in his own name, extends deep condolences through trong to the communist party of vietnam (cpv), the vietnamese government, and vietnamese people over the passing of comrade le kha phieu, and expresses sincere sympathies to his family.

  • 09-23

    the united states should recalibrate the policy of rule of law, said chris marlin, president of lennar international, adding that u.s. laws target certain kinds of countries and actors in a way that may appear to others as discriminatory.

  • 09-22

    china to make cool-headed, sensible response to u.s. impulsive moves, anxiety: fm

  • 09-21

    the bilateral fta also impeccably responds to cambodia's policy directions sketched in the industrial development policy and the "rectangular strategy," the minister added.