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1.beijing, aug. 5 (xinhua) -- chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi on wednesday spoke of the need to put in place a clear-cut framework for china-u.s. relations amid the most complex situation since the establishment of the bilateral diplomatic relations in 1979.。
2.the bilateral fta also impeccably responds to cambodia's policy directions sketched in the industrial development policy and the "rectangular strategy," the minister added.。
3.huang, vice chairperson of the national working committee on children and women under the state council and first member of the secretariat of the all-china women's federation, shared china's achievements and experience in coordinating epidemic control and economic and social development.。
4.let business be business; geopolitical issues are too heavy for business to carry, said ni pin, president of wanxiang america corporation and chairman of cgcc chicago.。
5.beijing, aug. 7 (xinhua) -- saying that reckless political manipulation and suppression of certain non-american firms by the united states is doomed to "boomerang," china on friday urged washington to rectify its mistake and refrain from politicizing economic issues.。
6.baghdad, aug. 8 (xinhua) -- it is a race against time. medics are shuffling piles of swab samples waiting for covid-19 testing in a chinese-built lab in iraq.。


1.sorasak said during the covid-19 outbreaks, cambodia and china had shown solidarity to alleviate the pandemic and to navigate economic recovery.。
2.second, keep the channels open for candid dialogue. dialogue is the prerequisite for addressing problems, and without dialogue, problems will only pile up and even get out of control, he said.。
3."we hope these treaties could continue," he said. enditem。
4.li pointed out that prime minister rajapaksa has been long committed to promoting the friendship between the two countries.。
5.since the covid-19 outbreak, over 12,719 tonnes of supplies have been shipped from xi'an via the train service, thus bolstering international cooperation on epidemic prevention.。
6.mahdi, who holds a ph.d. in molecular biology, led lab procedures through the dark moments, conquering shortages of testing kits, working all-night shifts, receiving too many cases and watching infection rates grow as the epidemic took a toll on health personnel in iraq.。


1.as the world's largest developing country and a permanent member of the un security council, china will stay committed to peaceful development and to pursuing an opening-up strategy of mutual benefit, wang stressed.。
2.at a time when international cooperation is needed to fight a common enemy such as the covid-19 pandemic, trump's hostility is globally damaging and in stark contrast to china's willingness to promote collaboration for the greater good, said castrillon.。
3."when you are not able to kiss your kid because you are doing dangerous work, this is one of the sacrifices in your life," he said.。
4.the assertion turns a blind eye to all that has been achieved in china-u.s. relations over the past decades, and shows ignorance of the historical process and lack of respect for the chinese and american peoples, wang said.。
5.strengthening the supervision of listed companies' information disclosure and improving auditors' professional ethics and their practices are important means to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, the china securities regulatory commission (csrc) said on its website.。
6.the chinese lab sets a good example as iraq expands labs in all provinces, mahdi said. in the new lab, 82 percent of the samples posted results in 6 to 10 hours.。


1、"i believe that the u.s. actions aim to maintain its dominance in the world order" by pursuing unilateralism, he said.。
2、"we will always remember and cherish this friendship of shared adversity, and hope the medical supplies can effectively help laos' pandemic prevention and control work," hu added.。
3、chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi gives an exclusive interview to xinhua on china-u.s. ties in beijing, capital of china, aug. 5, 2020. (xinhua/zhai jianlan)。
4、still, it will be necessary to establish a clear framework for relations between china and the united states, given the current complex situation of ties, he said.。
5、beijing, aug. 8 (xinhua) -- general secretary of the central committee of the communist party of china (cpc) and chinese president xi jinping sent a message of condolence on saturday to his vietnamese counterpart, nguyen phu trong, over the passing of le kha phieu, former general secretary of the communist party of vietnam central committee (cpvcc).。


the companies, in line with market principles and international rules, have conducted commercial activities in the united states while following local laws and regulations, wang told a daily press briefing.!




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    "i do not believe there will be a 'new cold war' between the two powers. the two countries have great economic, trade and financial interdependence. personally, i believe the two countries can resolve their differences through dialogue, as they have cooperated in the past," maggiorelli said.

  • 09-30

    "we urge the u.s. side to abide by the one-china principle and the provisions of three china-u.s. joint communiques, stop official interactions and contact of all kinds as well as the upgrading of substantive relations with the island, and handle taiwan-related issues in a prudent and proper manner, so as not to seriously damage china-u.s. cooperation in major areas as well as peace and stability across the taiwan strait," zhao added. enditem

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    from boosting testing capacities to setting a high standard of testing protocol, the lab has played a critical role in helping the iraqi ministry of health (moh) battle covid-19 since its inauguration in baghdad's medical city on march 25, lab director mohammed ghanim mahdi said.

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    beijing, aug. 9 (xinhua) -- chinese premier li keqiang on sunday extended his congratulations to mahinda rajapaksa on the latter's assuming office as sri lanka's new prime minister.

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    policymakers have to determine what they really want, said ni, adding that if they want a constructive result, they cannot use a destructive approach. enditem

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    "resolving issues of common concern through dialogue is the only way to achieve win-win results," said the csrc. "only by doing so can a sound environment for the healthy and orderly operation of the global capital market be created."

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    "the chinese experts are very supportive and helpful," mahdi said. "when they were here, they gave us all the technical training we need. they are also sending me all the documents. this can be a treasure for us."

  • 09-24

    he added that as the world's economic powerhouse, china has a number of advantages ranging from raw materials, productivity, labor, infrastructure, economic diversification to education, among others.

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    gross interference in hong kong affairs undermines "one country, two systems": chinese fm

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    the united states should recalibrate the policy of rule of law, said chris marlin, president of lennar international, adding that u.s. laws target certain kinds of countries and actors in a way that may appear to others as discriminatory.

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    the chinese lab sets a good example as iraq expands labs in all provinces, mahdi said. in the new lab, 82 percent of the samples posted results in 6 to 10 hours.