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1.to conduct dialogues does not mean to make the two sides fully aligned, but to increase mutual trust and seek common grounds while reserving differences, said ruan zongze, executive vice president of the china institute of international studies.。
2.greater accra regional minister ishmael ashitey expressed gratitude to the provincial government and people of fujian for their continued support for ghana.。
3."the problem is the intensifying u.s. military activities in the region. the u.s. is sending more and more warships, military airplanes more frequently to the region. this is really raising the risks of any conflicts or confrontation," he said. enditem。
4.humphrey moshi, a professor of economics at tanzania's leading state-run university of dar es salaam, said the argument that "the engagement policy toward china fails" by some u.s. politicians reflected the hypocrisy and proclivity for nationalism of u.s. politics.。
5.beijing, aug. 7 (xinhua) -- senior chinese diplomat yang jiechi said friday that the u.s. attempts to smear and slander china's political system and drive a wedge between the communist party of china (cpc) and the chinese people are doomed to fail.。
6.the united states should honor the principle of sovereign equality enshrined in the un charter, learn how to get along with different systems and civilizations and adapt itself to peaceful coexistence, and accept the reality that the world is moving toward multipolarity, said wang.。


1.a group of washington politicians have time and again proved that the spirit of free enterprise and fair competition they claim to espouse is no more than a lie.。
2."china and ecuador are in friendly communication these days through bilateral channels," wang said, adding that on thursday, the fishery authorities of the two countries held a special video teleconference, which led to positive consensus and good results.。
3.in the desert of southeastern jordan, over 2,000 chinese are working to construct the attarat oil shale power plant, which is expected to become jordan's largest power plant upon completion, meeting around 15 percent of the country's electrical needs.。
4.suva, aug. 6 (xinhua) -- cultural exchange is the key for countries such as fiji and china to enhance mutual understanding and respect, fijian and chinese officials said on thursday.。
5.slovenia and the united states signed a so-called joint declaration on security of 5g networks during pompeo's visit. on the issue of the 5g security, the united states "violates the principles of the market economy and abuses the concept of national security to implement discriminatory and exclusive policies," the embassy's statement said, noting that it has made "presumptions of guilt" against chinese companies without being able to provide any evidence, and it "uses the power of the state machine to suppress chinese companies."。
6."i recalled that henry kissinger has been speaking for the past 10 years of coevolution of a harmonious evolution between the two giants in the world economy and in world geopolitics," chalom schirman, associate professor at the university of haifa and former israeli diplomat, told xinhua.。


1.national security is a nation's top priority and the prerequisite for a country to survive and thrive. the legislation for hong kong is aimed at eliminating the loopholes in national security and ensuring hong kong's long-term stability and prosperity, which is part of china's internal affairs in which no other country has the right to interfere.。
2.whenever it seeks to contain china's increasing tech influence or defend the u.s. industry from competition, the present u.s. administration has cited national security concerns without concrete evidence, unscrupulously putting any competitor or challenger into the crosshairs for punishment like a fine, ban or sanction.。
3.as a result, the relationship between the world's top two economies now faces what chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi recently described as the most serious challenge since the two sides forged diplomatic ties 40 years ago.。
4.the signing ceremony also unveiled 20 investment-promotion projects that are open to global investors, in areas such as new-energy vehicles, tourism, offshore trade and duty-free retail.。
5.washington, with its questionable policies and deeds, is losing support globally and has been reprimanded by various un bodies quite a few times.。
6.sydney, aug. 14 (xinhua) -- the papua new guinea government gave approval for 175 chinese workers to return to the south pacific island country to complete major projects there.。


1、on may 4, 2018, the united states moved its israeli embassy to jerusalem after washington broke with decades of u.s. policy by recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital in 2017, triggering intense international criticism, including from the un.。
2、secondly, china will firmly follow its own path of development and pursue its rightful goal of great national rejuvenation for the chinese people. washington should rid itself of the delusion that beijing will somehow change course and adopt u.s.-style political and social systems.。
3、jenny clegg, senior lecturer in international studies at university of central lancashire, said that the china-u.s. relationship is one of the most important bilateral relationships and its deterioration would pose significant threat to world peace. enditem。
4、"we urge them to redress mistakes and change course, and work with china to manage differences on the basis of mutual respect, expand cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, and bring china-u.s. relations back to the track of sound and steady development," he said. enditem。
5、noting that the united states conducts wire-tapping and mass surveillance around the globe, and that these wrongful acts are already an open secret, wang said the united states is not qualified to build a coalition of "clean countries" because it is dirty all over.。


china will work tirelessly for this lofty vision for mankind, he said. enditem!




  • 10-02

    "this is an objective fact no unbiased people will deny," zhao said.

  • 10-01

    china is always a firm defender of the international order and the international system. since the founding of new china more than 70 years ago, the country has never started a war, or occupied an inch of land of others, wang noted.

  • 09-30

    a french colleague, also a un news reporter, came to our office just to voice her support when she heard of the order targeting chinese journalists.

  • 09-29

    wang expounded on the clear-cut framework for the relationship.

  • 09-28

    there is not such neighborhood committee structure in the united states, and public health services might have served this purpose if the american system had been properly funded, according to the article.

  • 09-27

    the two sides exchanged views on the bilateral ties and military relations, as well as the bilateral military exchanges in the next phase.

  • 09-26

    seeking reelection, u.s. president donald trump will probably "use that tension with china, which he sees as a rival of the united states, to score electoral points," said carrion.

  • 09-25

    wang made the remarks in an exclusive interview with xinhua on china-u.s. ties. enditem

  • 09-24

    prague, aug. 12 (xinhua) -- czech prime minister andrej babis said on wednesday that the czech republic is a sovereign country, and he does not see any major threat here.

  • 09-23

    in october 2019, when washington slapped 7.5 billion u.s. dollars in tariffs on eu cheeses, olives, and whiskey, as well as planes, helicopters and aircraft parts under the pretext of national security, the europeans said it was protectionism and broke global trade rules.

  • 09-22

    the two sides also had an in-depth exchange of views on jointly coping with the current unstable and uncertain international situation. enditem