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1.in a telephone conversation with malaysian foreign minister hishammuddin hussein, wang said the two countries have been among the first to get through the gloom cast by the coronavirus pandemic and taken the lead in promoting economic and social recovery, which is a result of the two sides standing together and supporting each other, and has created necessary conditions and opened up new prospects for bilateral cooperation in the future.。
2."the u.s. move to turn china into an adversary is a fundamental, strategic miscalculation. it means that the united states is funneling its strategic resources in the wrong area," he said.。
3.china would not swallow the arbitrary and unscrupulous move, and china's countermeasure is legitimate, justified and lawful, which also fully conforms to diplomatic norms, wang underscored.。
4.wang expounded on the clear-cut framework for the relationship.。
5.beijing, aug. 5 (xinhua) -- the south china sea is the shared home for the countries in the region and should not be a wrestling ground for international politics, chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi said wednesday in an exclusive interview with xinhua.。
6.on the relations with china, despite pompeo's botched attempt to sow discord, babis said that the czech republic "seeks lines with the european union and there's no fundamental problem here."。


1.under the current situation, china proposes removing all disturbances to restart as soon as possible the code of conduct consultation, and agreeing as early as possible on a set of rules for maintaining long-term peace and stability in the region, wang said.。
2.beijing, aug. 5 (xinhua) -- chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi said the real challenge to the current international order and system is that the united states, the strongest country in the world, places its own interests above everything else, and takes this as its code of conduct.。
3."we also know that freedom has boundaries," he said. "respect for science, reason, law and order as well as international rules are the basis of freedom."。
4.he urged the united states to rectify its wrongdoing, create conditions for the normal trade and economic cooperation between companies from different countries and restore a free, open and safe cyberspace to the world.。
5.in response to some u.s. politicians' irresponsible remarks on this issue, wang said the united states is not qualified to make accusations against other countries' maritime affairs as it has not yet ratified the united nations convention on the law of the sea. "we urge the u.s. side, instead of trying desperately to stir up trouble for other countries, to focus more on its own affairs." enditem。
6.china vowed to continue to provide support and assistance to the philippines in combating the disease.。


1."we are always ready to develop a china-u.s. relationship featuring no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation based on coordination, cooperation and stability," he added.。
2."our message is quite clear: we urge the united states to stop acting with arrogance and prejudice, but enter into constructive dialogue with us on an equal footing. we hope that it will work with us to ease current tensions and put the relations back onto the right track of no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation," he said.。
3."huawei is a much bigger piece to swallow and is not a daily concern of american voters while tiktok is in their daily lives and may have a different impact on voter choices," atli noted. enditem。
4."when we say mutual respect, this includes the respect of our culture and history. as developing countries, both china and fiji share a lot in terms of long history, very old culture and seeking common development. we can learn from each other and we can help each other including cooperation in the field of archives," he said.。
5."it is the epitome of double standards that the five eyes chose to interpret the hksar government's decision in a twisted political way," zhao said.。
6.the international community won't be fooled by the pirate-like bullyism under the guise of national security. even the u.s. allies have protested against the brazen tricks.。


1、a total of 59 major projects, including 12 foreign-funded and 47 domestic ones, were agreed, covering tourism, the modern service industry and high-tech industries, with an estimated total investment of 14.2 billion yuan (about 2 billion u.s. dollars).。
2、china would not swallow the arbitrary and unscrupulous move, and china's countermeasure is legitimate, justified and lawful, which also fully conforms to diplomatic norms, wang underscored.。
3、second, keep the channels open for candid dialogue. dialogue is the prerequisite for addressing problems, and without dialogue, problems will only pile up and even get out of control, he said.。
4、"we will continue to require enterprises engaged in deep-sea fishing to strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations," he added.。
5、"it is neither necessary nor possible for the two sides to change each other. instead, we should respect the choice independently made by the people of the other side," he said.。


wajdi makhamreh, a capital market and investment banking expert and independent economist in jordan, said the belt and road projects will help the economies of the arab world recover in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis. enditem!




  • 10-08

    such moves naturally gain little support, said wang.

  • 10-07

    dan coats, a former u.s. senator from indiana, wrote in an opinion published by the washington post that all this has many observers -- even in the white house -- speaking of a new "cold war" between the united states and china.

  • 10-06

    chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi gives an exclusive interview to xinhua on china-u.s. ties in beijing, capital of china, aug. 5, 2020. (xinhua/zhai jianlan)

  • 10-05

    the past 41 years has not all been smooth sailing for china-u.s. relations, yang said, noting there have been ups and downs and even major setbacks on the way. "however, the two countries have always approached their relationship from a historical perspective and with the bigger picture in mind."

  • 10-04

    during the past several months, they have been obsessed with china-demonizing campaigns, blatantly pointing fingers at china's domestic affairs, and even hyping up an ideological confrontation with beijing.

  • 10-03

    according to a press release on the government website on friday, controller of the national pandemic response david manning said these people are important construction managers and workers of chinese entrepreneurs engaged in major infrastructures in png, including a hydro power station, major provincial airport redevelopments, major highways constructions as well as the construction of the new national and supreme court building.

  • 10-02

    as a permanent member of the security council, the united states, however, defying mainstream values, has clashed with many nations on issues such as the israeli-palestinian conflict, climate change, and the iran nuclear deal, among others.

  • 10-01

    the two sides exchanged views on the bilateral ties and military relations, as well as the bilateral military exchanges in the next phase.

  • 09-30

    the u.s. side should face reality, be rational, put china-u.s. relations in perspective and handle the relations correctly. or it will surely face consequences if it refuses to correct its course and insists on taking more wrong steps.

  • 09-29

    hessler noted that some public health experts affirmed the participation of the neighborhood committees in epidemic prevention and contact tracing. the chinese lockdown was more intense than almost anywhere else in the world. neighborhood committees, the most grassroots level of communist party organization, enforced the rules.

  • 09-28

    however, the white house claimed that the personnel cap applied to all the chinese nationals working in the united states for the affected chinese media outlets. even more irritating was that washington required the affected employees to leave the country regardless of the difficulties and health risks to travel amid the covid-19 pandemic.