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1."if you look at the economic field, you will see that decoupling is almost impossible," schirman said, adding, "what we should avoid is a zero-sum game in geopolitics." enditem。
2."we are always ready to develop a china-u.s. relationship featuring no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation based on coordination, cooperation and stability," he added.。
3.in late 2017, the un general assembly overwhelmingly passed a resolution declaring that any decisions that would change the status of jerusalem are "null and void."。
4.noting that the united states conducts wire-tapping and mass surveillance around the globe, and that these wrongful acts are already an open secret, wang said the united states is not qualified to build a coalition of "clean countries" because it is dirty all over.。
5."their allegations are fanfare for ideological confrontation and the cold war mentality," yang said. "they are nothing short of discredit to the enormous efforts and contributions made throughout past decades by people across the two societies to promote the development of china-u.s. relations."。
6.beijing, aug. 7 (xinhua) -- senior chinese diplomat yang jiechi said on friday that china and the united states should assume a strategic height and long-term perspective and keep their relations in the right direction with a sense of responsibility for history and the people.。


1.noting covid-19 is raging around the world, regalado said china has spared no effort to help other countries fight the pandemic and that working with china to tackle the epidemic and other challenges should be the right choice for the u.s. government.。
2.esper said that amid tensions between the two countries, the two militaries should maintain dialogue and consultation to manage crises, avoid misjudgment and reduce risks. enditem。
3.in the past 40 years, bilateral trade between china and the united states has increased dramatically, from a negligible 2.5 billion u.s. dollars in the late 1970s to the incredible amount of over 630 billion dollars in 2018.。
4.slovenia and the united states signed a so-called joint declaration on security of 5g networks during pompeo's visit. on the issue of the 5g security, the united states "violates the principles of the market economy and abuses the concept of national security to implement discriminatory and exclusive policies," the embassy's statement said, noting that it has made "presumptions of guilt" against chinese companies without being able to provide any evidence, and it "uses the power of the state machine to suppress chinese companies."。
5.he said he has witnessed the development of u.s.-china relations over the past decades, which has brought tangible benefits to the two countries and their people.。
6."the taiwan question concerns china's sovereignty, territorial integrity and core interests. china has firm resolve in upholding its sovereignty and security," said wang.。


1.concrete steps must be taken by the united states to bring its relations with china back on track.。
2.trump's push came amid escalating rhetoric against beijing over trade and the covid-19 pandemic, atli said. "the u.s. sees the rise of china as a threat, and the perception of this threat is being instrumentalized by president trump."。
3.the power plant is a key project linking the china-proposed belt and road initiative with turkey's "middle corridor." upon completion, the plant will have an installed capacity of 1,320 megawatts of electricity. enditem。
4.the two sides also had an in-depth exchange of views on jointly coping with the current unstable and uncertain international situation. enditem。
5.washington has never stopped abusing national and political power to repress law-abiding chinese tech companies. although washington has failed to give any credible evidence to support its claim that huawei poses a security threat, it has spent months piling pressure on other countries to exclude the chinese tech giant from their 5g networks. more recently, the white house threatened to ban outright tiktok, a hugely popular video-sharing app worldwide.。
6.the egyptian communist party supports china's rights in safeguarding sovereignty, security and its development interest, and believes that any attempt to sow dissension between the cpc and the chinese people is doomed to fail, it said.。


1、stating that china firmly rejects and condemns the u.s. government's so-called sanctions against chinese officials, zhao stressed that the u.s. behavior openly meddles with hong kong affairs, blatantly interferes in china's internal affairs, and gravely violates international law and basic norms governing international relations.。
2、the two major countries in the world, which share extensive common interests, stand to gain from cooperation and lose from confrontation, they said.。
3、"this move can be considered as the latest card used by the united states in its fight against china and its technological rise. this is a battle for technological dominance," altay atli, a scholar at istanbul's bogazici university, told xinhua.。
4、he said chinese scientists have shared their professional views of the management and research at the wiv in multiple interviews.。
5、full text of chinese fm wang yi's exclusive interview with xinhua news agency on current china-u.s. relations。


china has no intention to fight a "diplomatic war" with the u.s. side as it will only hurt the interests of the two peoples even more, wang said.!




  • 10-08

    visitors try interactive devices at the booth of boeing company during the second china international import expo (ciie) in shanghai, east china, nov. 8, 2019. (xinhua/zhang yuwei)

  • 10-07

    china's u.s. policy is always consistent and stable, and in the meantime, china is also prepared for possible bumps and storms ahead, wang said during an exclusive interview with xinhua.

  • 10-06

    meanwhile, ahmed al-banna, an egyptian designer and consultant of egypt's new capital project, said the cscec not only ensured the project's continuous production, but also implemented effective anti-pandemic measures.

  • 10-05

    he said hong kong is part of china and its affairs are entirely china's internal affairs which allow no foreign interfere. "we urge the u.s. side to grasp the situation, correct its mistake, and immediately stop meddling in hong kong affairs and china's internal affairs."

  • 10-04

    to conduct dialogues does not mean to make the two sides fully aligned, but to increase mutual trust and seek common grounds while reserving differences, said ruan zongze, executive vice president of the china institute of international studies.

  • 10-03

    under the current situation, china proposes removing all disturbances to restart as soon as possible the code of conduct consultation, and agreeing as early as possible on a set of rules for maintaining long-term peace and stability in the region, wang said.

  • 10-02

    beijing, aug. 9 (xinhua) -- a spokesperson for the hong kong and macao affairs office of china's state council said some u.s. politicians have fully exposed their hegemonic traits over the so-called sanctions against heads of chinese central government agencies responsible for hong kong affairs and officials of the hong kong special administrative region (hksar) government.

  • 10-01

    when national security in hong kong is undermined and confronted with real threats and the hksar government had difficulty in completing national security legislation on its own, the central government took decisive measures to establish and improve at the state level a legal system and enforcement mechanisms to safeguard the national security in hong kong, he said.

  • 09-30

    as a result, the relationship between the world's top two economies now faces what chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi recently described as the most serious challenge since the two sides forged diplomatic ties 40 years ago.

  • 09-29

    "nonetheless, for some time, some politicians in the united states have kept making false statements and groundless remarks against china. they have viciously attacked the cpc and china's political system. they have deliberately distorted and even attempted to write off the history of china-u.s. relations for the past nearly 50 years," yang noted.

  • 09-28

    visitors try interactive devices at the booth of boeing company during the second china international import expo (ciie) in shanghai, east china, nov. 8, 2019. (xinhua/zhang yuwei)