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1.wajdi makhamreh, a capital market and investment banking expert and independent economist in jordan, said the belt and road projects will help the economies of the arab world recover in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis. enditem。
2.in response to the u.s. move, the chinese government has expounded its position in a comprehensive manner and reacted resolutely to firmly defend china's sovereignty, security and development interests and firmly safeguard and stabilize china-u.s. relations, said yang. enditem。
3.the united states should honor the principle of sovereign equality enshrined in the un charter, learn how to get along with different systems and civilizations and adapt itself to peaceful coexistence, and accept the reality that the world is moving toward multipolarity, said wang.。
4.chinese ambassador to the philippines huang xilian handed over the ventilators to philippine foreign secretary teodoro locsin during a ceremony at the philippines' department of foreign affairs headquarters.。
5.i have come into contact with many kind and amiable new yorkers: the handyman willis who installed a sofa for me but turned down payment, the concierge wilmoth who recognized every resident in my apartment building and enthusiastically reminded everyone to collect packages, and dr. martin wolff who reduced my medical expenses and patiently explained my condition.。
6.beijing, aug. 10 (xinhua) -- the hong kong and macao affairs office of china's state council on monday voiced firm support for the chinese foreign ministry's decision to impose sanctions against u.s. senator marco rubio and 10 other u.s. individuals with egregious records on hong kong affairs.。


1.the port dealt with 495 china-europe freight trains with 45,600 twenty-foot equivalent units (teus) of cargos in july, up 55.17 percent and 55.1 percent year on year respectively, said long teng, a staff member with the customs.。
2.malaysia, he added, fully agrees with china to actively carry out vaccine cooperation, establish a "fast lane" and a "green lane" at an early date, explore ways to jointly ensure supply chain security and send a positive signal of unity and cooperation between the two countries.。
3.all the excuses for closure claimed by the u.s. side are nothing but fabrications designed to slander china, and none of the excuses is backed by any evidence or can stand up to scrutiny, wang said.。
4.in most cases, the so-called u.s. national security concerns are ordinary economic or trade disputes which can be reasonably solved through bilateral or multilateral negotiations. however, washington is now obsessed with flexing its muscles, regardless of hurting partnerships or violating market principles and international norms.。
5.after a 13-hour flight and 12 hours after landing, i filled out a health survey, entered customs and was put into a quarantine hotel in beijing, completely exhausted.。
6.beijing, aug. 5 (xinhua) -- the united states is not qualified to build a coalition of "clean countries" because the country itself is dirty all over, chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi said wednesday.。


1.beijing, aug. 9 (xinhua) -- a spokesperson for the hong kong and macao affairs office of china's state council said some u.s. politicians have fully exposed their hegemonic traits over the so-called sanctions against heads of chinese central government agencies responsible for hong kong affairs and officials of the hong kong special administrative region government.。
2.u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo, in his recent fact-twisting speech at the richard nixon presidential library, claimed that america's policy of engagement with china is wrong and has failed, in a bid to deny the tremendous benefits the two sides have jointly delivered to their peoples and the rest of the world, and legitimize his call to form an anti-china alliance.。
3.aleksandar paunov, first secretary of the central committee of communist party of bulgaria, said the recent positions and statements issued by some u.s. politicians are outright provocations which must be strongly condemned.。
4.-- china is ready to enter into candid, effective consultation with the u.s. side.。
5.mahmoud ashour, in charge of security and cleaning jobs at the teda cooperation zone, has been especially busy during the past few months. every day, ashour and his colleagues disinfect the public areas thoroughly and measure the body temperature of people entering and exiting the zone.。
6."if china-u.s. cooperation were unfair and not reciprocal, how could it have continued for several decades? how could china-u.s. ties have come such a long way?" wang asked.。


1、new york, aug. 11 (xinhua) -- "respect science" and "hard work" are two core values conveyed by chinese education. these values, together with the effective guidance of the government, enabled the chinese people to win the war against the epidemic, according to an article published monday on the new yorker.。
2、china-arab trade volume reached 244.3 billion dollars in 2018, up 28 percent year-on-year. in 2019, the figure hit 266.4 billion dollars, an annual growth of 9 percent.。
3、"the problem was not simply that the nation's chief diplomat was decidedly undiplomatic. worse was his misrepresentation of history and his failure to suggest a coherent or viable path forward for managing a relationship that more than any other will define this era," he said.。
4、chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi gives an exclusive interview to xinhua on china-u.s. ties in beijing, capital of china, aug. 5, 2020. (xinhua/zhai jianlan)。
5、the power plant is a key project linking the china-proposed belt and road initiative with turkey's "middle corridor." upon completion, the plant will have an installed capacity of 1,320 megawatts of electricity. enditem。


"if you talk about anything universal, you have to consider china itself has 20 percent of the global population. if you count in countries like india, african and latin american countries, the majority of the global population is very often not included in the so-called universality (that is often referred to in this country)," he said. enditem!




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    since violent protests and riots rocked hong kong last year, the united states has stirred up troubles in the region, attempting to contain china with a raft of bills and executive orders targeting hong kong under the pretext of human rights, democracy and autonomy.

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    new york, aug. 11 (xinhua) -- "respect science" and "hard work" are two core values conveyed by chinese education. these values, together with the effective guidance of the government, enabled the chinese people to win the war against the epidemic, according to an article published monday on the new yorker.

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    the medical supplies, including 16,000 masks and 100 infrared thermometers, were presented on behalf of the fujian provincial people's association for friendship.

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    "the taiwan question concerns china's sovereignty, territorial integrity and core interests. china has firm resolve in upholding its sovereignty and security," said wang.

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    according to zhao, more than 60 countries and regions have postponed national or local elections due to covid-19. for example, britain announced in march that local elections in places like england originally scheduled in may would be postponed to may 2021.

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    pressured by the deadline to leave, i asked my colleagues to help me buy hard-to-get plane tickets as many carriers cut flights amid the raging pandemic. from my friends i also managed to get a few n95 face masks, which were no longer accessible in the market.

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    the best way to avoid a growing conflict between the united states and china is through collaboration, not zero-sum competition, according to rachel esplin odell, an international security fellow at the belfer center for science and international affairs at the harvard kennedy school.

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    as underscored in last week's political bureau meeting, china will accelerate the establishment of a "dual circulation" development pattern that takes the domestic market as the mainstay while domestic and foreign markets can boost each other.

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    the harder some u.s. politicians try to sever the strong bond between the cpc and the chinese people, the greater indignation they will arouse among the chinese people, he said.

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    china is committed to developing a china-u.s. relationship featuring non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, yang said. "dialogue and cooperation between china and the united states does not just benefit one side, nor is it a favor granted by one side to the other. it features equality and mutual benefit." enditem

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    "this is a new front of the battle," said atli.