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1.mahdi recalled that the most difficult time was a continuous shift of three days in the lab and his fear of passing the infection to his family.。
2.chinese fm calls for cooperation instead of decoupling in china-u.s. ties。
3.speaking of the bri, cambodia has greatly benefited from the cooperation with china under this framework, sorasak said, adding that from physical infrastructure, connectivity development to trade and tourism, the bri has brought about significant contributions to its economy.。
4.washington, aug. 9 (xinhua) -- the united states should stop making groundless allegations against chinese companies including tiktok and give them a level playing field, chinese ambassador to the united states cui tiankai has said.。
5.china's major achievements in the past decades show that the path of socialism with chinese characteristics fits china and has also benefited the world, wang said.。
6.noting china will not allow these people to get their way, wang stressed that china rejects any attempt to create a so-called "new cold war", because it contravenes the fundamental interests of the chinese and american peoples and the global trend toward development and progress.。


1."in light of washington's trade concerns, china put into effect at the beginning of 2020 a new foreign investment law that gives foreign companies greater access to the chinese market, and offers greater guarantees in intellectual property protection," he said.。
2.but its efforts to sow discord are likely to fail, noted maggiorelli, because "the united states no longer has as much power as before, and european, asian, african and latin american countries want to cooperate with both countries and maintain peaceful relations."。
3.the air route will be flown by a boeing 737-800 airplane every thursday, from aug. 20 to oct. 24, with up to 140 seats on each flight.。
4.to that end, diplomacy can also rely on international law and organizations such as the united nations and the world trade organization (wto) to resolve multilateral disputes, he said.。
5.the exchange of information including that of audit work papers should be conducted through regulatory cooperation channels, which is an internationally accepted common practice, the csrc said. enditem。
6.xi said he was shocked to hear the passing of comrade le kha phieu, adding that he, on behalf of the cpc, the chinese government and the chinese people, as well as in his own name, extends deep condolences through trong to the communist party of vietnam (cpv), the vietnamese government, and vietnamese people over the passing of comrade le kha phieu, and expresses sincere sympathies to his family.。



1.several million residents of hong kong signed a petition in support of the legislation, which demonstrates their longing for peace and stability in hong kong and their strong support for the national security legislation, according to wang.。
2.u.s. not qualified to build coalition of "clean countries": chinese fm。
3.he said the bri is vital for cambodia's economy which relies on the inflows of foreign direct investments that are conditional to the capability of sufficient physical infrastructures.。
4."anyone who attempts to derail this process can only end in failure," said wang. enditem。
5.a china-europe freight train with 45 compartments of anti-epidemic supplies leaves the xinzhu railway station in xi'an, northwest china's shaanxi province, on aug. 12, 2020, to head for italy's milan. the shipment includes 368,300 masks and 94.9 tonnes of melt-blown non-woven fabric, an essential material for manufacturing medical masks. (photo by yuan jingzhi/xinhua)。
6.on aug. 4, the chinese side sent updated proposals concerning the joint inspections to the pcaob based on the latest needs and ideas of the u.s. side, it said.。


1、beijing, aug. 9 (xinhua) -- chinese premier li keqiang on sunday extended his congratulations to mahinda rajapaksa on the latter's assuming office as sri lanka's new prime minister.。
2、changchun, aug. 12 (xinhua) -- an air route linking the city of yanji in northeast china's jilin province and daegu in the republic of korea (rok) will resume operations on aug. 20, according to the government of yanbian korean autonomous prefecture.。
3、he said the bri is vital for cambodia's economy which relies on the inflows of foreign direct investments that are conditional to the capability of sufficient physical infrastructures.。
4、policymakers have to determine what they really want, said ni, adding that if they want a constructive result, they cannot use a destructive approach. enditem。
5、he added that as the world's economic powerhouse, china has a number of advantages ranging from raw materials, productivity, labor, infrastructure, economic diversification to education, among others.。


"after all, what would happen to business confidence if governments assumed that they could extort private enterprises at will?" wei added.!




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    "china will continue to promote global peace and development and uphold the international order," he added. enditem

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    "we still need to increase testing abilities," mahdi said. "the testing rate needs to be at least five or ten percent of our 40 million population in order to detect more and more cases."

  • 10-08

    the two sides wrapped up their negotiations on the bilateral fta on july 20.

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    beijing, aug. 5 (xinhua) -- chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi said on wednesday that gross interference in hong kong affairs undermines "one country, two systems."

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    the air route will be flown by a boeing 737-800 airplane every thursday, from aug. 20 to oct. 24, with up to 140 seats on each flight.

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    the so-called "report on protecting united states investors from significant risks from chinese companies" has recommendations such as enhancing listing standards on u.s. exchanges for access to audit work papers.

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    since the covid-19 outbreak, over 12,719 tonnes of supplies have been shipped from xi'an via the train service, thus bolstering international cooperation on epidemic prevention.

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    these actions will by far create trade unpredictability and render the domino effect through the introduction of such policy by other members as retaliations, he added.

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    over the past 40 years and more since the two countries entered into diplomatic ties, several generations of chinese and americans have worked together to advance china-u.s. relations, wang said.

  • 10-01

    strengthening the supervision of listed companies' information disclosure and improving auditors' professional ethics and their practices are important means to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, the china securities regulatory commission (csrc) said on its website.

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    li pointed out that prime minister rajapaksa has been long committed to promoting the friendship between the two countries.