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1.washington, aug. 10 (xinhua) -- the united states has to be aware that there is "a rising anger" among the chinese public over washington's hostile moves against china, chinese ambassador to the united states cui tiankai has said.。
2."the united states doesn't even bother to disguise its bullying," he said, adding that it not only violates the international rules of fair trade, but also hurts the free global market environment.。
3.firstly, it should respect china's sovereignty and territorial integrity and stop interfering in china's domestic affairs, just as china respects those of the united states.。
4.in the past 40 years, bilateral trade between china and the united states has increased dramatically, from a negligible 2.5 billion u.s. dollars in the late 1970s to the incredible amount of over 630 billion dollars in 2018.。
5."they must seek dialogue, especially between two great world powers, respecting their fundamental interests," said carrion.。
6.beijing, aug. 7 (xinhua) -- senior chinese diplomat yang jiechi said friday that china and the united states must never allow a handful of self-serving u.s. politicians to push the bilateral relationship into serious jeopardy.。


1.facts have proved that settling disputes through dialogue is the right way that best serves the interests of regional countries, and countries in the region have a shared responsibility to keep the south china sea peaceful and stable, he said.。
2.the two sides also had an in-depth exchange of views on jointly coping with the current unstable and uncertain international situation. enditem。
3.the two sides exchanged views on the bilateral ties and military relations, as well as the bilateral military exchanges in the next phase.。
4.when national security in hong kong is undermined and confronted with real threats and the hksar government had difficulty in completing national security legislation on its own, the central government took decisive measures to establish and improve at the state level a legal system and enforcement mechanisms to safeguard the national security in hong kong, he said.。
5.focusing on saving american people's lives, instead of political shows, is what american health officials should do now, zhao said. enditem。
6.in the past half year after returning to china, i often look back at my days in new york. i find the united states a land of contradictions with many different faces. in new york, i saw a diverse and inclusive american society; in the un, i saw a headstrong nation defying multilateralism, and always throwing sanctions on whoever it sees disagreeable.。


1.scowcroft, 95, who had served as u.s. national security adviser under former presidents gerald r. ford and george bush, died on thursday of natural causes at his home in falls church, virginia. enditem。
2.in the desert of southeastern jordan, over 2,000 chinese are working to construct the attarat oil shale power plant, which is expected to become jordan's largest power plant upon completion, meeting around 15 percent of the country's electrical needs.。
3.beijing, aug. 13 (xinhua) -- china has decided to suspend the agreement on the surrender of fugitive offenders (sfo) between its hong kong special administrative region (hksar) and germany and shelve a similar one with france, chinese foreign ministry spokesman zhao lijian said at a daily press briefing thursday.。
4.as underscored in last week's political bureau meeting, china will accelerate the establishment of a "dual circulation" development pattern that takes the domestic market as the mainstay while domestic and foreign markets can boost each other.。
5.in most cases, the so-called u.s. national security concerns are ordinary economic or trade disputes which can be reasonably solved through bilateral or multilateral negotiations. however, washington is now obsessed with flexing its muscles, regardless of hurting partnerships or violating market principles and international norms.。
6.beijing, aug. 10 (xinhua) -- chinese president xi jinping on monday sent a congratulatory message to alexander lukashenko on his re-election as belarusian president. enditem。


1、china was the first to put its signature on the un charter. china has joined almost all international treaties and agreements, and has been faithfully fulfilling its due international responsibilities and obligations.。
2、zhao made the remarks at a press briefing when asked to make comment on u.s. health and human services secretary alex azar, who said during his visit to taiwan that china "chose not to" warn the world about covid-19 and betrayed the cooperative spirit needed for global health.。
3、i managed to stay calm despite the de-facto expulsion order and recorded the meeting carefully, knowing that my term in the xinhua office at the un may come to an abrupt end.。
4、in late 2017, the un general assembly overwhelmingly passed a resolution declaring that any decisions that would change the status of jerusalem are "null and void."。
5、beijing, aug. 7 (xinhua) -- senior chinese diplomat yang jiechi said on friday that china and the united states should assume a strategic height and long-term perspective and keep their relations in the right direction with a sense of responsibility for history and the people.。


"culture exchange between fiji and china is very important, and our relationship goes a long way back. cultural exchange is actually a bridge which helps us better understand each other and learn from each other," said yabaki, who visited china twice.!




  • 10-08

    malaysia, he added, fully agrees with china to actively carry out vaccine cooperation, establish a "fast lane" and a "green lane" at an early date, explore ways to jointly ensure supply chain security and send a positive signal of unity and cooperation between the two countries.

  • 10-07

    beijing, aug. 10 (xinhua) -- chinese president xi jinping on monday sent a congratulatory message to alexander lukashenko on his re-election as belarusian president. enditem

  • 10-06

    while expanding domestic demand was stressed, it would be a mistake to consider that china will retreat from the global economy. rather, china will utilize domestic and international resources more efficiently, ensuring robust and sustainable development.

  • 10-05

    practice is the sole criterion of truth, wang said. "does china's system work for the country? the chinese people know better than anyone else."

  • 10-04

    "china will not allow these people to get their way," said wang.

  • 10-03

    zhu said, "as a sister province to the greater accra region, the fujian people's association for friendship decided to donate the masks and thermometers to help the greater accra region defeat the virus."

  • 10-02

    "we would really hope that the united states could open up its research base at fort detrick to the media, release more information about its over 200 bio-labs overseas, and invite who experts in to conduct origin-tracing so it has a chance to tell the truth and offer an explanation to the american people and the international community," he added.

  • 10-01

    the u.s. move blatantly violates international laws and basic norms governing international relations.

  • 09-30

    secondly, china will firmly follow its own path of development and pursue its rightful goal of great national rejuvenation for the chinese people. washington should rid itself of the delusion that beijing will somehow change course and adopt u.s.-style political and social systems.

  • 09-29

    "we also know that freedom has boundaries," he said. "respect for science, reason, law and order as well as international rules are the basis of freedom."

  • 09-28

    stating that china firmly rejects and condemns the u.s. government's so-called sanctions against chinese officials, zhao stressed that the u.s. behavior openly meddles with hong kong affairs, blatantly interferes in china's internal affairs, and gravely violates international law and basic norms governing international relations.