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1."the attempt by the united states to create a 'new cold war' trap and to form cliques to contain china will not succeed, nor will it be in anyone's interest," the chinese embassy stressed. "we advise some u.s. politicians to stop spreading political viruses, stop slandering china with words and deeds, and stop interfering in china's internal affairs."。
2.in order to navigate the china-u.s. relationship through such uncharted and turbulent waters, it is important for the two sides to set straight misinterpretations from washington's china hawks about the history of the exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.。
3.in the meantime, china will firmly defend its sovereignty, security and development interests, because this is a legitimate right inherent in china being an independent sovereign state, wang stressed.。
4.wang made the remarks in an exclusive interview with xinhua on china-u.s. ties. enditem。
5.the company arranged a special team to facilitate the return of its staff members as the construction project was affected due to the absence of the working staff. the team helped the construction personnel apply for visas, undergo nucleic acid tests and health checks, and equipped them with medical supplies.。
6.washington has never stopped launching disinformation and defamation campaigns against china. certain political leaders in recent days spared no efforts to stigmatize china over the coronavirus, which has drawn strong worldwide condemnation. more ridiculously, the u.s. embassy and consulates in china last month retweeted an apparently photoshopped picture uploaded by the spokesperson of the state department, trying to cook up a story about china's human rights violation in xinjiang.。


1.china has no intention to fight a "diplomatic war" with the u.s. side as it will only hurt the interests of the two peoples even more, wang said.。
2."after establishment of diplomatic ties, and thanks to concerted efforts on both sides, china-u.s. relations have made historic progress despite ups and downs along the way," he said.。
3.according to the agreement between the un and the united states regarding the un headquarters, which took effect in 1947, the united states is generally required to allow access to the un for foreign diplomats. nonetheless, washington has repeatedly set aside its international responsibilities and obligations, using visas for un-bound diplomats as bargaining chips, and even weapons, merely for its own political calculations.。
4."if you look at the economic field, you will see that decoupling is almost impossible," schirman said, adding, "what we should avoid is a zero-sum game in geopolitics." enditem。
5."they are not trade store workers or visitors. they are important contract workers and will be here for six or more months," he said.。
6.the cross-border railway, a major project built under the belt and road initiative, will slash the travel time between kunming and vientiane to half a day.。


1.since feb. 4, south korea has imposed entry ban on all foreigners who visited the hubei province in the preceding two weeks and on the holders of visas issued by the provincial authorities.。
2.john w. allen, former vice chairman of the united nations (un) business council, told xinhua that he applauds the mutual success that has occurred for the two countries over the past 41 years, and is distressed by the negative language being used to describe china in the u.s. press.。
3.the port dealt with 495 china-europe freight trains with 45,600 twenty-foot equivalent units (teus) of cargos in july, up 55.17 percent and 55.1 percent year on year respectively, said long teng, a staff member with the customs.。
4."to safeguard and stabilize china-u.s. relations is the call of the people and the trend of the times," yang said. "we urges u.s. decision-makers to respect facts of history, recognize the trend of the times, heed the visionary calls in the united states, and listen to the voice of the international community."。
5.according to him, these chinese workers will have a mandatory seven-day medical check before flying to png, and undergo a 14-day quarantine in designated hotels in port moresby after arrival.。
6.beijing, aug. 7 (xinhua) -- china has provided the united states with over 26.5 billion face masks and other medical supplies, and hopes that the united states can overcome the covid-19 epidemic at an early date, foreign ministry spokesperson wang wenbin said on friday.。


1、beijing, aug. 7 (xinhua) -- experts from various countries view sino-u.s. relations one of the most important bilateral relations in the world with global influence, saying that it is in the common interests of both sides as well as the international community to properly resolve differences between the two sides and bring their relations back on the track of cooperation.。
2、wang said that china-u.s. relations are facing the gravest challenge since the establishment of diplomatic ties, and their exchanges and cooperation in many areas are being seriously disrupted.。
3、"they are not trade store workers or visitors. they are important contract workers and will be here for six or more months," he said.。
4、the united states, while having at least 20 laws on national security and sovereignty itself, has rampantly slandered and maligned china's national security legislation for hong kong, taking double standards and hypocrisy to the extreme.。
5、"the root cause is that some american politicians who are biased against and hostile to china are using their power to smear china with fabrications and impede normal ties with china under various pretexts," said wang, pointing out that such american politicians ultimately want to drag china and the united states into renewed conflict and confrontation and plunge the world into chaos and division again.。


from january to july, the port handled over 2,200 china-europe freight trains. enditem!




  • 10-08

    the chinese consulate-general in houston was the first consulate-general opened by china in the united states after the establishment of the diplomatic ties, and it was always an important symbol of china-u.s. friendship, wang said in an exclusive interview with xinhua.

  • 10-07

    the egyptian communist party supports china's rights in safeguarding sovereignty, security and its development interest, and believes that any attempt to sow dissension between the cpc and the chinese people is doomed to fail, it said.

  • 10-06

    the spokesperson said that focusing on fighting the virus and saving lives should be the one true task at hand for the united states, not regurgitating excuses to shift the blame to china, as confirmed cases in the country surged over 5 million and deaths over 160,000. enditem

  • 10-05

    it has become increasingly clear that each time washington abused the national security pretext to attack foreign industries or companies, it actually reveals the government's indulgence in protectionism, hegemonism and bullyism, which is akin to "modern piracy," as a german official has said.

  • 10-04

    "the chinese side looks forward to the early distribution of the aforesaid ventilators to various medical institutions so as to help the philippines fight the covid-19 pandemic," the embassy said.

  • 10-03

    against the backdrop of globalization and the rampant covid-19 pandemic, this is not the right style and approach to conduct international politics, said paunov, noting that solidarity and cooperation are more powerful than fighting alone.

  • 10-02

    beijing, aug. 5 (xinhua) -- chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi said the real challenge to the current international order and system is that the united states, the strongest country in the world, places its own interests above everything else, and takes this as its code of conduct.

  • 10-01

    the united states has recently taken a number of provocative actions in the south china sea, breaching its longstanding commitment of not taking sides, and blatantly interfering in the territorial disputes, wang said.

  • 09-30

    "with all due respect, i very often hear people in this country say this is something universal. but when they say universal, it's mainly the united states and a couple of european countries," said the ambassador, responding to another question about "an almost universally held criticism of china (on xinjiang)."

  • 09-29

    wang noted that next year will mark the 100th anniversary of the cpc, stressing that the great endeavor of the chinese people under the cpc leadership has been recorded in the history of modernization as an outstanding, epoch-making chapter.

  • 09-28

    he said hong kong is part of china and its affairs are entirely china's internal affairs which allow no foreign interfere. "we urge the u.s. side to grasp the situation, correct its mistake, and immediately stop meddling in hong kong affairs and china's internal affairs."