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1.the medical supplies, including 16,000 masks and 100 infrared thermometers, were presented on behalf of the fujian provincial people's association for friendship.。
2.the eu side should respect facts and reject double standards, it added. enditem。
3.cairo, aug. 6 (xinhua) -- though the raging covid-19 pandemic is casting a shadow over the economy of the middle east, cooperation between china and arab countries has shown resilience and vitality, offering hope of post-pandemic recovery in the region.。
4.the general assembly has renewed a long-standing call every year in the past nearly three decades for an end to the u.s. economic, commercial and financial embargo against cuba, which was first imposed in 1960.。
5.kim noted that the restrictions will be lifted considering that the province recently reported no new covid-19 cases and that the chinese government started wednesday to accept visa applications from south koreans.。
6.however, the white house claimed that the personnel cap applied to all the chinese nationals working in the united states for the affected chinese media outlets. even more irritating was that washington required the affected employees to leave the country regardless of the difficulties and health risks to travel amid the covid-19 pandemic.。


1.the remarks were made in response to a statement issued by the european external action service (eeas) earlier on monday about the arrests of jimmy lai chee-ying, an instigator of hong kong riots, and nine others by hong kong police.。
2."but they should not be seen as barriers for closer relations between us," he said.。
3.the u.s. practice has no factual basis at all and is sheer malicious slander and political manipulation in an attempt to maintain its high-tech monopoly, he said. "this is a typical hegemonic behavior that runs against market principles and international trade rules and severely threatens the security of global industrial and supply chains."。
4.in response to the u.s. move, the chinese government has expounded its position in a comprehensive manner and reacted resolutely to firmly defend china's sovereignty, security and development interests and firmly safeguard and stabilize china-u.s. relations, said yang. enditem。
5.china's u.s. policy is always consistent and stable, and in the meantime, china is also prepared for possible bumps and storms ahead, wang said during an exclusive interview with xinhua.。
6.the brazen practice of these american politicians has fully showcased the u.s.-style hypocrisy and bullying, revealing the ugly face of modern hegemonists, said the spokesperson.。


1."if you talk about anything universal, you have to consider china itself has 20 percent of the global population. if you count in countries like india, african and latin american countries, the majority of the global population is very often not included in the so-called universality (that is often referred to in this country)," he said. enditem。
2.pompeo's groundless claims about china have aroused strong condemnation from the chinese embassy in the czech republic.。
3."it is neither necessary nor possible for the two sides to change each other. instead, we should respect the choice independently made by the people of the other side," he said.。
4."our cultural cooperation is great. fijians go to china and learn about chinese culture. we can see the integration and cooperation between us. our two peoples have learned a lot from each other," he said, adding cultural exchange has also "helped us become a family of nations."。
5.an epidemic, knowing no boundaries or races, is the common enemy of humanity. solidarity and cooperation can be the most powerful weapons against the virus, and the most urgent task is to save lives, according to wang.。
6.in the past 40 years, bilateral trade between china and the united states has increased dramatically, from a negligible 2.5 billion u.s. dollars in the late 1970s to the incredible amount of over 630 billion dollars in 2018.。


1、the relationship between the cpc and the chinese people is as close as between "fish and water" and between "seed and soil," wang said, stressing that those who attempt to break this strong bond are making themselves enemies of the 1.4 billion chinese people.。
2、beijing, aug. 13 (xinhua) -- china has decided to suspend the agreement on the surrender of fugitive offenders (sfo) between its hong kong special administrative region (hksar) and germany and shelve a similar one with france, chinese foreign ministry spokesman zhao lijian said at a daily press briefing thursday.。
3、manning announced 11 new containment measures, under which the country's international borders remained closed unless by special exemption, and strict conditions were placed on domestic air travel.。
4、wajdi makhamreh, a capital market and investment banking expert and independent economist in jordan, said the belt and road projects will help the economies of the arab world recover in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis. enditem。
5、"culture exchange between fiji and china is very important, and our relationship goes a long way back. cultural exchange is actually a bridge which helps us better understand each other and learn from each other," said yabaki, who visited china twice.。


"what they are up to is to stitch up lies to blind the american people and fool international public opinion," he added.!




  • 10-08

    scowcroft, 95, who had served as u.s. national security adviser under former presidents gerald r. ford and george bush, died on thursday of natural causes at his home in falls church, virginia. enditem

  • 10-07

    manila, aug. 13 (xinhua) -- china, through its embassy in manila, has donated 130 ventilators to the philippines as part of its commitment to helping the country fighting the covid-19 covid-19 pandemic, the chinese embassy said on thursday.

  • 10-06

    in fact, the law has enjoyed immense popularity in hong kong, as millions of residents have signed in support. social order has obviously improved and life has returned to peace and tranquility. human rights and freedoms in hong kong also remain well protected.

  • 10-05

    noting the current pandemic situation in the philippines, the chinese embassy has been donating cash and medical supplies to philippine medical institutions to help healthcare workers and frontliners fight the pandemic.

  • 10-04

    a french colleague, also a un news reporter, came to our office just to voice her support when she heard of the order targeting chinese journalists.

  • 10-03

    "in the name of so-called 'democracy and freedom,' pompeo is attacking china without any substantiation, tarnishing china, trying to make china scapegoat for all existing problems and deliberately fomenting discord between other countries and china," the embassy said.

  • 10-02

    the general assembly has renewed a long-standing call every year in the past nearly three decades for an end to the u.s. economic, commercial and financial embargo against cuba, which was first imposed in 1960.

  • 10-01

    zhao said the communist party of china puts people and life front and center, and the chinese government's epidemic response can stand the test of time and history. "it stands in sharp contrast with u.s. political parties who put political gains first."

  • 09-30

    "it has gone extreme to pursue unilateralism and bullying, even at the cost of international responsibilities and multilateral rules," wang told xinhua in an exclusive interview.

  • 09-29

    as covid-19 takes its toll on the global economy, china and the united states, the world's two largest economies, should work for mutual benefit on an equal footing, stop attempts at decoupling and advance the relationship through cooperation, and live up to their responsibility for the world, said wang. enditem

  • 09-28

    the eeas said in the statement the arrests "further stoke fears that the national security law (for hong kong) is being used to stifle freedom of expression and of the media in hong kong."