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1.from boosting testing capacities to setting a high standard of testing protocol, the lab has played a critical role in helping the iraqi ministry of health (moh) battle covid-19 since its inauguration in baghdad's medical city on march 25, lab director mohammed ghanim mahdi said.。
2."the lab was equipped and established by a donation from the chinese government at a critical time," mahdi said. "when this lab was established, iraq had only one working lab fighting covid-19."。
3.u.s. not qualified to build coalition of "clean countries": chinese fm。
4.they backed wang's call for improved u.s.-china relations, saying cooperation between the world's two major countries will have a positive impact on the entire international community. enditem。
5.chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi gives an exclusive interview to xinhua on china-u.s. ties in beijing, capital of china, aug. 5, 2020. (xinhua/zhai jianlan)。
6.the supplies, including two monitoring ambulances, four ventilators and 200 infrared frontal thermometers, were donated by kunming to the laotian capital vientiane and the province of luang prabang, with a view to assisting in the battle against covid-19.。


1.beijing, aug. 6 (xinhua) -- china has noted that australia welcomes china's development and hopes that australia can turn its words into concrete actions, a foreign ministry spokesperson said on thursday.。
2.in a minus-80 degree celsius freezer mahdi and his colleagues are saving all positive cases in the lab for future research and testing.。
3.xiong wei with cainiao network, the logistics arm of alibaba group, said the new route allows low-cost small commodities like mobile phone cases and toilet covers to be shipped via charter flights, thus providing a new export channel for small and medium-sized businesses.。
4.by the end of july, anti-epidemic supplies amounting to 4.97 million items and weighing 39,000 tonnes were transported through the freight trains.。
5.business owner diego tangarife also highlighted the china-proposed belt and road initiative for global development, saying it fosters greater international cooperation.。
6.huang introduced china's efforts in protecting the lives and health of women and children amid the epidemic and the roles chinese women and women's federations have played in covid-19 response and recovery.。


1.strengthening the supervision of listed companies' information disclosure and improving auditors' professional ethics and their practices are important means to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, the china securities regulatory commission (csrc) said on its website.。
2.sorasak said the agreement means a lot to cambodia's economy as it gives greater market access to the country's products.。
3.it is "a very negative trend that we need to defend ourselves against," allen said, adding that both sides should work on building up mutual trust, "which is at a historic low right now."。
4.noting that he highly values the development of china-belarus ties, xi said he stands ready to work with president lukashenko to jointly push forward china-belarus comprehensive strategic partnership and expand mutually-beneficial cooperation between the two countries in various fields, so as to create new benefits for the two countries and peoples. enditem。
5.a medic performs covid-19 testing at a chinese-built lab in baghdad, iraq on july 29, 2020. (xinhua)。
6.u.s. president donald trump on thursday issued an executive order banning any u.s. transactions with chinese tech firm bytedance, owner of tiktok, starting in 45 days.。


1、the exchange of information including that of audit work papers should be conducted through regulatory cooperation channels, which is an internationally accepted common practice, the csrc said. enditem。
2、li said in his congratulatory message that china and sri lanka enjoy traditional friendship, and recent years have seen their strategic partnership developing vigorously, which features sincere mutual help and time-hornored friendship, and their practical cooperation in various fields constantly broadening and deepening.。
3、foreign ministry spokesperson zhao lijian told a press briefing that some u.s. individuals should stop dragging china into u.s. internal affairs, urging them to be responsible for their credibility and the image of their country, and stop slandering china.。
4、"these will only lead to its moral decline, damage to its national image and international trust deficit, and are doomed to boomerang," wang said.。
5、huang called for more global solidarity against the virus, as well as efforts to achieve gender equality and women's well-rounded development.。


the philippines and china have carried out many exchanges in epidemic control, people-to-people exchange and military, said lorenzana, adding that it is believed that the two countries will gradually resume exchanges in various fields after the pandemic is overcome.!




  • 10-10

    china to make cool-headed, sensible response to u.s. impulsive moves, anxiety: fm

  • 10-09

    as "a just cause enjoys abundant support while an unjust one finds scant backing," wang said the u.s. side has put its self-interests above market principles and international rules at the cost of undermining the rights and interests of american users and companies, and resorted to reckless political manipulation and suppression.

  • 10-08

    spokesperson wang wenbin made the remarks at a routine press briefing after australian prime minister scott morrison delivered a speech at the aspen security forum on wednesday, saying that australia welcomes china's rise, and expects china to play a role in regional and global stability. he also said australia has found no evidence showing it should restrict the popular short-video app tiktok.

  • 10-07

    the assertion is just a rehash of the cold war mentality, wang said during an exclusive interview with xinhua.

  • 10-06

    hong kong is part of china's territory and hong kong affairs fall within china's internal affairs, wang stressed during an interview with xinhua.

  • 10-05

    "the lab was equipped and established by a donation from the chinese government at a critical time," mahdi said. "when this lab was established, iraq had only one working lab fighting covid-19."

  • 10-04

    given beijing's willingness to cooperate, castrillon believed the u.s. administration's disputes had less to do with policy than with trying to get re-elected in november.

  • 10-03

    "we have noted that australia said it welcomes china's development and hope that australia will turn its words into concrete actions, act in line with the spirit of the china-australia comprehensive strategic partnership and contribute to regional peace and stability," wang said. enditem

  • 10-02

    china will as always welcome european investors and companies from other countries, continue to firmly deepen reform and expand opening up, and provide more cooperation opportunities and development dividends for their operations in china, wang said.

  • 10-01

    sorasak said the recent rising tendency in protectionism and unilateralism poses a severe hindrance to the global effort undertaken at the world trade organization (wto) and beyond.

  • 09-30

    china to make cool-headed, sensible response to u.s. impulsive moves, anxiety: fm