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1. “中国是澳大利亚最有价值的旅游市场,到2020年其价值可能超过130亿美元。”
2. an otherworldly romance between a mysterious aquatic creature and a mute girl, played by sally hawkins.
3. tracey and viv williams, a british couple, dressed as the green cartoon ogres from shrek at their wedding held recently. tracy, 33, made a lovely princess fion
4. agents and investment institutions are now flooding the sector, causing additional changes to content and platforms in the world's second-largest economy, the report said. a number of internet gurus, including lei jun, investor and founder of tech firm xiaomi, zhou hongyi, ceo of qihoo 360 technology, and china's richest man wang jianlin have all directly supported live video-streaming websites, a strong indication of the growing interest from capital investment.
5. but the crash hit. the economy tanked. the recession lasted 30 months. wall street lost over $8 trillion of our retirement money. in the first decade of the 21st century, from the 2000 dot-com crash till 2010 disaster wall street's had a negative inflation-adjusted performance. today wall street's returns are just barely beating inflation. no wonder investors feel cheated by wall street's casinos.
6. 报告还发现,在当地政府的努力下,北京、深圳、广州、上海等一线城市的交通拥堵状况没有恶化。
1. chris washington, played by london-born daniel kaluuya, is drawn into the sinister underbelly of a small american community.
2. 没有什么比老板所说和所做不一样更糟糕了,也没有什么比守信用更重要了。就像经理们一定要相信他们的团队,员工一定要相信他们的老板心中会为他们带来最佳利益。
3. under these conditions, he argues, the fed cannot only trigger crises itself; it can also increase the vulnerability of ems to crises provoked by other factors.
4. 巴黎高等商学院(hec)和伦敦商学院(london business school)分别巩固了自己在英国《金融时报》“无工作经验要求”和“有工作经验要求”金融硕士项目排行榜上的领先地位。自2011年首次发布这两个金融教育排行榜以来,这两所商学院一直在榜单上名列前茅。
5. 拉娜·德雷《渴望生活》
6. “people claim he has a cool exterior but he’s a very passionate guy and he stands up for what he believes in,” says bob iger, walt disney chief executive and apple board member since 2011. “that is in both his personal life and at apple.”
1. with china now not only “fully integrated”, but perhaps starting to retreat from this position as it brings more of its supply chain onshore, unless africa can succeed in following china’s path, he adds: “i think we are going back now to a situation where we don’t think there is any particular reason for trade to grow faster than gdp.”
2. 横跨全美的大日食
3. 汇丰银行经济学家屈宏斌表示,汇丰银行的调查结果表明中国制造业正在失去增长势头,预计中国政府会采取措施对抗经济放缓。
4. 单词refrigerator 联想记忆:
5. its brand value has increased by 22 per cent to $19bn and it has climbed 20 places up the ranking to number 50.
6. in 2011 the owner of the tomb was identified as liu fei (169bc-127bc) the first king of jiangdu an autonomous kingdom within the han dynasty according to china news.
1. new chinese firms on the list include vanke, china railway engineering corporation (crec) and china taiping insurance.
2. ar could be the bigger opportunity after apple’s tim cook gave the technology his backing — it was included in apple’s latest operating system and its iphone x device.
3. 尽管中国国内经济放缓,中国对欧洲和美国的投资却达到创纪录高位。
4. anyone can have a bad day at the office, but this disappointing performance at christie’s followed an old masters sale in july that took in 19 million against a low estimate of 31.5 million.
5. 10月份中国非制造业商务活动指数(非制造业pmi)为54.3,低于9月份55.4的近期峰值。其中,服务业商务活动指数为53.5,比9月份的峰值回落0.9个百分点。就连建筑业的形势似乎也有所恶化,商务活动指数为58.5,较9月份回落2.6个百分点。
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2. 俄罗斯把自己看作超级大国 -- 这在国内是毋庸置疑的。
3. "he (premier wen) underlined that china effectively countered the severe impact of the global financial crisis and has maintained steady and fast economic development. this allowed china to become the second-largest economy, almost doubling its gdp in five years."



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    the ministry said that it had no tolerance for cheating and had asked public security departments to conduct an investigation.

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    n. 突破

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    the bulls get the kings' pick if it falls outside the top 10, so it's better for the kings to be a bottom-10 team than to just miss the playoffs in terms of team-building.

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    but whether another hit product can emerge to fend off questions about apple’s life after jobs, mr cook learnt long ago to be patient and trust his instincts, just as he did when he ignored the doubters to join the then-struggling company in 1998.

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    《trigger mortis》于9月8日发行,先于10月26日上映的007新电影《(幽灵党(暂译)》(spectre)。

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    victoria's secret angel candice swanepoel comes 4th amongst 10 most beautiful women of 2015. this south african beauty came in 10th on the forbes top-earning models list last year. she was voted no. 61 in 2010, no. 62 in 2011, and no. 75 in 2013 in fhm's annual “100 sexiest women in the world” poll and no. 1 in 2014 maxim's "hot 100 list".

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    sweden’s foreign minister, margot wallstrom, a proponent of a “feminist foreign policy,” opened up to ellen barry about her abuse at the hands of an old boyfriend when she was a young woman, something she had never said publicly before.