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1. 学员平均年龄:36岁
2. found(v 建立;使有根据)作为词根表示:底部
3. 把职工安置好还是我们推进供给侧结构性改革,推动化解和淘汰过剩产能中最关键的问题。
4. 清华大学的毕业生以毕业五年后平均月薪14822元高居榜首。39所高校生跻身万元户行列。此外,共有185所高校的毕业生平均月薪突破8000元大关,789所高校的平均月薪突破了6000元大关。
5. the letter mysteriously arrived at the california university of pennsylvania, in the north-eastern state of pennsylvania, 10 days ago. written to mr moore, the two-page letter was postmarked 20 february 1958 and signed "love forever vonnie".
6. the wealth and depth of knowledge from around the world adds tremendous value to the course, wrote another graduate from the us, adding that “with so many cultures and experiences represented, a classroom ethics discussion about bribery is not your typical boring usa version”.
1. private investment for the year ended october was up 2.9 per cent, up 0.4 percentage points, while state investment dropped 1.1 percentage points to 20.5 per cent.
2. exports to the eu, japan and hong kong — which serves as a transit point for exports to many other parts of the world — fell by 4.1 per cent, 9.5 per cent and 12.2 per cent respectively.
3. regulate
4. 贝拉是该榜单上最年轻的模特,她上个月刚满21岁。
5. treasury secretary jacob lew announced the plans for the new redesign wednesday. lew said the treasury department will launch a social media campaign dubbed "the new 10" to solicit ideas on whose portrait should be chosen for the new bill, along with a series of public meetings. he will reveal his decision sometime this year.
6. “她自己也很喜欢。我们不会强迫她做任何她不想做的事情。”
1. 除去这些宏大的制作,共有40位闪亮的模特走上t台。
2. n. 保护,防卫
3. girls trip
4. (复数)dealin
5. 三线城市居民的经济压力和人际关系压力相对较小,且拥有更好的社会环境、自然环境和基础设施。
6. 安娜来自一个黑帮家庭,她的发型有时搭配大墨镜或阿玛尼大翻领军装式风衣,既能点明她的社会阶层,又有严肃的威慑力。
1. 例如,绕路或拒载的司机或面临最高2000元的罚款。
2. the report shows that social media, and especially wechat, has become more and more popular in the past year among people over the age of 40.
3. this slide in the dollar value of exports has entirely been a price effect, driven by lower commodity prices. in volume terms, emerging market exports have continued to rise since 2014, even if volume growth in year-on-year terms has moderated to around 2 per cent, a fraction of the double-digit rates witnessed either side of the global financial crisis, as the second chart shows.
4. 筹备ipo交易的公司正在增多,尽管今年在美国高调上市的snap(旗下拥有snapchat)表现不佳,同时投资者担忧欧元不断走强可能遏制欧洲企业的盈利复苏。
5. 该书反映了部分群体越来越担忧自动化可能对就业——从制造业到专业服务领域的就业——产生的负面影响。该书英国版的副标题警告了“大规模失业的威胁”,美国版的副标题则预言了“一个失业的未来”。
6. china's pension insurance balance of urban employees and urban and rural residents added up to four trillion, according to the annual report on social security development 2015.


1. 最佳迷你剧集/电影类编剧:d?v?蒂文森斯(d.v. devincentis),《美国罪案故事:公诉辛普森》,“玛西亚,玛西亚,玛西亚” (the people v. o. j. simpson: american crime story, "marcia, marcia, marcia")
2. world health organisation declared that the cluster of microcephaly cases and other neurological disorders were a public health emergency of international concern, it was a rallying cry for the international community to respond.
3. 《至暗时刻》



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    although the original book got 7.9 out of 10 on douban, the tv version only got 5 for its poor adaptation.

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    the number of country rankings published this year rose to 42, up from 38 last year. the newly featured countries are argentina, mexico, pakistan and romania.

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    13. 《女孩帮》(girlhood),导演:瑟琳·席安玛(céline sciamma)。

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    “…claimed he was late because he got lost, but our receptionist said she had seen him hanging out at the coffee shop.”

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    pork prices, which are heavily weighted in the food-focused basket of goods used to calculate consumer inflation, rose 4.8 per cent.

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