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1. klay thompson added 19 points and andrew bogut scored 13 for the warriors, off to the best start by an nba team since dallas won its first 14 games in 2002-03. golden state needs three wins to equal the league record of 15-0, held by the 1948-49 washington capitols and 1993-94 houston rockets.
2. demo人民 -ic…的→民主的,民主主义的;民主政体的
3. 源于:sloth(n (对工作)懒惰)slou=slow,ch吃:吃得慢-无精打采的样子
4. 目前,微博上最红的10位网红共有4000万名粉丝。papi酱是目前最火的网红之一,她已经签署了一份合同,视频广告费用达到了惊人的340万美元。
5. 17. 最复杂的障碍。根据box office mojo网站统计,截止到12月7日,今年发行的20部票房最高的影片中,有7部是由女性主导的。与之形成对照的是,20部由女性为主导的影片中,有五部在全球票房领先,而海外票房占据了电影业收入的70%。这看上去可能很糟,但是比近年的数据要好一点。
6. 伊朗持不同政见电影人扮演一个几乎不合格的德黑兰出租车司机,带来一部狡猾的伪纪录片,深入探讨电影的悖论,以及专制统治下日常生活中的矛盾。
1. paris is in third place with 18.03 million forecast visitors.
2. one of the more notorious incidents was when zhu ling, a student at the prestigious tsinghua university, was paralyzed when her roommate allegedly poisoned her with thallium in 1994.
3. the block chain has such rich potential that there is an initiative underway to create additional “side chains,” though there is controversy around that idea. “we don’t really want to mess with the main block chain right now,” says adam ludwin, ceo of chain, a block chain api that makes it easier to create bitcoin applications. “it works, we don’t want to break it.”
4. [i'mju:niti]
5. french authorities said in december that they have dismantled about a dozen networks that were sending people to fight in iraq and syria.
6. turkey’s foreign ministry angrily rejected the eu criticism. “the eu should realise that the statement fuels extremism, such as xenophobia and anti-turkish sentiments, because the call to refrain from excessive statements and actions that risk further exacerbating the situation is made only to turkey, instead of the countries that caused this situation by violating diplomatic conventions and international law,” it said.
1. ● “一艾滋病女子故意传播艾滋病给586名男子,计划在2017年之前传染2000人以上”
2. 中国一群现代汽车经销商要求韩国现代汽车赔偿8-9亿元(1.2-1.35亿美元),称现代汽车削减了向他们出口的车型,导致经销商亏损严重。
3. most entrepreneurs (78 per cent)used savings or relied on friends and family to raise all or part of their start-up funds. angel financing was also a source for a quarter of entrepreneurs.
4. that teach first was able to overcome such conditioning is testament to the power of a scheme that has become both a rival to uk private sector recruiters and a finishing school for them.
5. 报告还显示,近四分之一的人为所有账户设置同一密码。
6. jiang yiyi at the china tourism academy suggests china adopt a long-term national plan to improve the country's image and investment in inbound tourism to attract more visitors.
1. for the full year, profits rose 3.3 per cent, the slowest growth since at least 2008, when chinese manufacturers were slammed by the global financial crisis.
2. stevens会演唱电影《以你的名字呼唤我》中《mystery of love》,以及bernal, lafourcade和 miguel会合唱《寻梦环游记》中的歌曲《remember me》。
3. bra discussions: lindsay lohan discusses her lingerie needs with a sales assistant in the naked store in soho, new york on tuesday .  来!内衣分析一下:周二在
4. 一位来自美国佛罗里达州的少女引起了世人的惊叹,因为她长得酷肖迪士尼动画电影《冰雪奇缘》中的艾丽莎女王。
5. the mega-retailer didn't have a whole lot to complain about in fiscal 2010. profits were up and, thanks to its sales, the company once again climbed to the top of the fortune 500. same-store sales were about flat for the year, but compared with target's 2.5% decline, flat is good. most remarkable was wal-mart's image overhaul. it helped that former ceo lee scott beefed up health care coverage for employees, thought more about the environment and became a public presence. certain critics will never be placated and fiscal first-quarter results weren't the greatest. but there's no denying scott left new ceo mike duke a company in fighting form.
6. 祝节日幸福如意。


1. 《大汉情缘之云中歌》改编自桐华网络小说《云中歌》。它以西汉时期(公元前206年-公元220年)为背景,讲诉了名为云歌的女子、贵族公子孟珏和汉昭帝刘弗陵之间的传奇爱情。该剧和《琅琊榜》同月播出,风头却几乎被《琅琊榜》完全盖过。它也因历史漏洞广受诟病。对某些观众而言,杨颖的颜值恐怕是该剧吸引他们的唯一亮点。
2. 在成为德国最大贸易伙伴之前,中国是德国在亚洲的最大贸易市场。在过去两年里,德国一直是中国在欧洲最大的贸易伙伴。
3. 推特方面日前表示,在今年8月弗吉尼亚州夏洛特维尔爆发种族骚乱后,奥巴马发布的一条推文是今年转推量第2多的推文,转推量达170万次以上。



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    china has attained key targets outlined by the 12th five-year plan by the end of 2015 to become a genuine giant trader, gao said at a national meeting on commerce work.

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    although she has already reached astonishing levels of success for her age, maddie only gives herself a nine out of ten in terms of her career achievements.

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    will tesla produce more than 250,000 model 3s

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    major pharmaceutical companies, working with the american cancer society, will steeply discount cancer drugs for patients in african countries. cancer kills 450,000 people across the continent each year, but many types here are among the most treatable: breast, cervical and prostate tumors.

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    meanwhile the services pmi reading for the month was 51.2. it had been 52 in october. the manufacturing pmi, reported earlier this week, came in at 48.6 in november, versus expectations of 48.3. it had been 48.3 in october

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    《江南style》击败《call me maybe》成为最受热捧的流行歌曲,而《007:天降杀机》战胜了《普罗米修斯》成为最多人查询的电影。

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    topped with golden leaves and flavored with champagne, the confection was sold for $100 a pop.