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1. others who made the top ten include amazon's jeff bezos at fifth on the list, mark zuckerberg of facebook at sixth, oracle's larry ellison at seventh, michael bloomberg at eighth, and tied for ninth are david and charles koch.
2. 这部电影也是为了纪念2005年电视剧发行十周年而拍摄的。
3. 据第三方市场情报公司idc日前公布的数据显示,去年中国智能手机制造商华为、oppo以及vivo的年出货量大增,使得三家企业都成为了世界前5大智能手机制造商。
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5. 高效老板和经理们趋向于:
6. in this sept. 18, 1990, file photo, steve jobs, president and ceo of next computer inc., shows off his company's new nextstation after an introduction to the public in san francisco
1. critics have been eager to point out that he is not so closely involved in new product development as his predecessor, and fails to elicit the same excitement when he takes to the stage to introduce them. but mr cook is aware of his shortcomings and has drawn on the worlds of fitness and fashion to assemble a new team of talents, including angela ahrendts, formerly of burberry, and industrial designer marc newson.
2. 相对而言,这一增幅超过城市居民同期平均薪资涨幅(17.4%)。
3. 据报道,霍莉·亨特(holly hunter)因出演《钢琴课》(the piano)获最佳女主角奖,她的小金人放在科恩兄弟纽约的办公室中,它旁边还有因出演《冰血暴》(fargo)而获得的奖杯。
4. the finest romance and the most acute anti-romance of the year, from some of the most rigorous intellects in american movies. the relationship between them is perhaps best summed up in this poem by william blake, called “the clod and the pebble”:
5. the shortage of supply-chain talent explains why 48% of u.s. companies plan to snap up logistics grads in 2011, according to a new survey by the national association of colleges and employers.
6. klay thompson added 19 points and andrew bogut scored 13 for the warriors, off to the best start by an nba team since dallas won its first 14 games in 2002-03. golden state needs three wins to equal the league record of 15-0, held by the 1948-49 washington capitols and 1993-94 houston rockets.
1. unemployment
2. 5. 《卡罗尔》,导演:托德·海因斯。
3. ‘unfortunately, while the newest episode may be a fantastic addition to the star wars franchise, ‘starwars’ is a dangerous password to use,’ said morgan slain, ceo of splashdata, inc.
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5. given the raptors' existing personnel, the ibaka/tucker additions qualify as massive defensive upgrades, giving coach dwane casey the tools he will need to grind out postseason wins if lowry and demar derozan see their scoring efficiency dip as it has in years past.
6. that even at a lower profit margin (say, 40%) and a 1/3 cannibalization rate (i.e. customers buy one third fewer full-priced iphones), the cheaper iphone would increase apple'srevenue and gross profits (see her spreadsheet above).
1. 朱尔斯皮耶里
2. 单词previous 联想记忆:
3. however, 2016 saw the rise of chinese mobile phone-makers. huawei shipments grew 30.2 percent year on year to 139.3 million units, and the company retained its no. 3 position globally.
4. 诺委会赞扬也门妇女权利倡导者塔瓦库尔?卡门在为也门的妇女权利以及民主与和平的努力过程中发挥了领导作用。
5. 中国始终支持一个团结繁荣稳定的欧盟,也支持强大的欧元,支持欧洲一体化进程,因为这有利于经济全球化、世界多极化和文明多样化。我对欧盟的前景是乐观的,我们对中欧关系的发展前景也是看好的。
6. other engines cited among 2014’s best include turbodiesels in the bmw 5 series luxury sedan and the compact chevrolet cruze, the horizontally opposed 2.7-liter six-cylinder in the porsche cayman two-seat sports coupe and the 1.8-liter turbo-four in the compact volkswagen jetta sedan.


1. 祝节日快乐,新年幸福。
2. 1. peaceful era
3. “候选人的能力并不能用他们的年龄来衡量”,桑尼伯恩告诉《人物》(美国杂志)说,”尽管唐纳德·特朗普是当选美国总统的人中最年长的,但是“他的推文就像幼儿园小朋友一样”。“



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    'it surprised me, but it's a good sign for tencent getting abroad, because in particular wechat is a combination of whatsapp and instagram, so it's a unique value proposition that is probably pretty good for emerging market consumers,' he said.

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    据牛津经济研究院(oxford economics)估算,若剔除价格影响,中国10月进口量同比降幅为2.6%。

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