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1. qualcomm
2. china has fully complied with un resolutions on the denuclearization of the korean peninsula, and is a staunch supporter of upholding the international nuclear non-proliferation regime.
3. 对于就读emba的创业者而言,学校和校友关系网的支持同样很重要。约四分之三的创业者认为,学校和校友网络在自己创办公司时都有帮助或非常有帮助。“校友的支持对创业构想的审查以及为公司找到合适的人脉非常关键”,一位学员说。
4. de加强语义,sign标记,er表示人-做标记的人-设计者
5. x
6. adj. 透视的
1. 国际机器人联合会主席junji tsuda在他的《全球工业机器人市场》报告中指出,在2017年,全球约有38.7万台工业机器人售出,同比增长31%,创造了500亿美元的收入,而中国则是这一强劲增长背后的关键驱动因素之一。
2. 定义自己
3. these collaborations signal a moment where the cradle of innovation and the arbiters of fashion are finally embracing one another, says l2 research director colin gilbert. style is not the only missing piece to the wearable puzzle, but it’s something to look forward to, gilbert says. more than half of the report’s respondents want devices that feel more like jewelry while 62 percent would like more than wrist-worn devices.
4. 该报道还指出经济更加发达的地区会有更多的网红,北京、上海、广东、江苏和浙江都位列前茅。
5. ['ru:m?]
6. 与此同时,有一首非常有意思的歌曲来自我们的读者libby russell,是她为所有世界杯期间的足球寡妇所作。非常感谢libby的分享,太棒了!
1. the cities of hefei and xiamen once again led the pack with growth of 48.6 per cent and 45.9 per cent, respectively.
2. 7. 由于政治争斗的存在,2014年-2016年的选举过程中注定会有频繁的波动
3. or maybe you've become bolder in arguing against decisions you disagree with, foss says. "any variation to what's expected of you or from you could raise an eyebrow," she adds。
4. 10. a bad marriage can lead to an early death
5. 9.千万别相信民调
6. 热门的新兴市场基准债券和股票的价格已经下降,同时根据代表全球大型金融公司的组织——国际金融研究所(institute for international finance)的数据,来自海外投资者的净流入已经从2014年的2850亿美元降至今年的660亿美元。
1. she said she wanted to be an actress before becoming a singer, but explained that "music worked out first" before adding: "i feel like cher in the film moonstruck. it's like one of the great moments of my life."
2. harvard topped the league table, followed by massachusetts institute of technology and stanford university.
3. 今年,全球2000强企业来自62个国家,比起2003的首届排行榜的46个国家数量上升了。这些企业总共创造了38万亿美元的营收及3万亿美元的利润,总资产达161万亿美元,总市值则达到44万亿美元。
4. 该王储称,当局可通过和解收回多达1000亿美元。
5. 在领英平台上高频出现是找工作的关键。你知道这点,你们经理也知道这点。你的经理兴许还知道你知道这点。所以她会从开始关注周一你的个人简介只是有个大概框架,到周五你增加了工作经历,新人脉,状态更新,推荐信慢慢被顶起,别一夜之间从0涨到500那样太明显了foss提醒道。
6. 源于:strike(v 打击;军事进攻;铸造;敲钟;罢工)


1. remember anthropoid. a rather overlooked drama from earlier this year, it starred jamie dornan and cillian murphy in the story of a failed assassination attempt on hitler's third in command, ss general reinhard heydrich. another crack at this story is being attempted with hhhh, this time round with jacks reynor and o'connell as the plotting soldiers, plus rosamund pike and mia wasikowska as the objects of their affections, and jason clarke the target of their anger.
2. worst habit
3. 女子200米蝶泳——刘子歌、焦刘洋



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    mr siddeeq, a retired teacher who is now living in the mid-western city of indianapolis, said he was shocked when he was contacted by the university.

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    nevertheless, as new yorkers grow accustomed to a sharing economy, buildings might ultimately have to embrace it.

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    in the heart of wan chai, on one of hong kong’s busiest streets, stands a 33-storey office tower that earlier this year became the second most expensive property to change hands in a city that boasts the world’s costliest property market.

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    taobao, subsidiary of alibaba, came in second place, with a brand value of $42.9 billion, overtaking china mobile, baidu and icbc.

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    尽管当下是一个全球性的经济环境,但仅有约20%的美国人会说第二门语言。sixty vocab的目标就是以其在线外语游戏改变这一现状。基于2000个单词相当于一门外语的六成精髓的假设,sixty vocab试图使学习必要词汇的过程变得有趣。这些在线游戏能教你在对话中最为常用的词汇,并辅以限制时间的规则——你在越短的时间内猜出单词,你就能越快地进入到下一个阶段。sixty vocab填补了你高中课程和昂贵外语学习项目之间的空白,为那些想要在早餐咖啡或通勤时间学习一门外语的人提供了一个独一无二的选择。

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