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1. 5. biomedical engineer
2. reflection
3. here are the top 5 share repurchases authorized so far this year, according to data collected by birinyi.
4. 9. never trust the polls
5. 'what i was trying to do was wrap myself in his mantle and write a book that would be worthy of him.'
6. 是的,你想知道怎么去做好你的工作。但是仍然有一些你想要学的东西;否则,你就没有职业发展。如果你在工作中不能学到新的东西,那么已经是时候去找一个能够学到新知识并且有职业发展的工作了。
1. 时报影评人曼诺拉·达吉斯(manohla dargis)与a·o·斯科特(a. o. scott)分享他们挑选的年度最佳电影。
2. the ranking rates the best 100 programmes worldwide for working senior executives.
3. perhaps just as important, stable or falling prices will boost the inflation-adjusted pay of u.s. workers and gives them more bang for their buck. "it's an unambiguous positive for household demand," said neil dutta, head of economics at renaissance macro research. "people will have more money to spend."
4. 豆瓣网友“weishenmeyaoxuefa”称:“这部剧中的武术场景很抢眼,演员们表演的是真功夫。”
5. pressure
6. paddington 2
1. 单词accomplished 联想记忆:
2. one of the main strengths of the lbs programmes is the wide range of students from different countries. more than 90 per cent in its 2015 mba cohort were from overseas, coming from about 60 different countries.
3. lian ping, chief economist with the bank of communications, said rising producer prices may push up consumer prices in the longer term.
4. 有趣的是,金砖国家减持美国政府债券之时正值美国经济活动缓慢回升之际。
5. paris is in third place with 18.03 million forecast visitors.
6. china has overtaken the united states to become germany's top trading market in 2016 for the first time, according to data collected by the association of german chambers of commerce and industry (dihk).
1. 刘易斯呼吁那些不能再照顾自己宠物的人们要联系家人、邻居或者动物收容所来接手这些动物。
2. caveat lector! ten predictions for 2010
3. vocal duo: thompson square
4. 7.思想控制仿生腿
5. 据金融数据提供商wind information有限公司,列出了去年在整个a股市场共实现净利润2.47万亿元的各家公司。在这些上榜公司中,其中有2000家拟进行现金分红,总额近7000亿元。
6. 他说:“我认为在这个过程中让年轻人参与的最佳方式就是赢得比赛。”


1. 2014年在职高管100强课程排行榜冠军是由法国巴黎高等商学院(hec paris)、伦敦政治经济学院(lse)和纽约大学斯特恩商学院(stern school of business at new york university)三家合办的trium课程。排行榜前5位继续由洲际emba课程把持。
2. 根据研究机构millward brown编制的brandz最新排行榜,全球100个最具价值品牌的品牌价值仍远远领先于其他品牌,今年它们的总价值上升3%,至3.4万亿美元。
3. [.n?vi'gein]



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    1. cannes has a dirty underbelly

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    big and brassy! paul mccartney (yes, yes, and also wings) ushered in a new era of james bond movies with the theme to live and let die, sending the series careening into a 1970s musical sound as the franchise rebranded itself with a new leading man, roger moore. this is an almost maniacally excited song. the melody shifts and spirals and builds and sinks and hardly gives the listener a chance to get their bearings. it's a thrill.

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    the drama won much praise for its use of slow motion when shooting martial arts.

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    seoul insists the activists have a democratic right to send the leaflets, but has appealed for restraint to avoid overly provoking the north.

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    the film pulls heavily from the life of arthur bremer, who shot presidential candidate and segregationist george wallace in 1972. similarly to his film counterpart, bremer shot wallace shortly after being rebuffed by a young girl. overall, though, his life was much less exciting than that of de niro's character, with the biggest commonality between the two being that neither actually succeeds in killing a politician.

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    the announcement comes from the british fashion council (bfc), who surveyed designers ahead of the shows and found none of the 80 designers in the september line-up would be using fur.

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