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1. no. football punditry is a mug’s game. better to have the benefit of hindsight. there have been 20 previous world cups. of those, brazil (five titles) and germany (four), are regular contenders. home advantage helps, with host nations winning the trophy six times. but next year’s festival of football is being held in russia, which has the lowest-ranked team in the tournament.
2. 最佳电影奖和最佳导演奖。让人意外的是,诺兰从未获得过奥斯卡奖最佳导演提名。
3. 国际移民组织说,不到三万五千人,或者说大约百分之三的移民,是从土耳其经陆路进入希腊和保加利亚的。
4. rounding out the top-performing sectors of 2014 was an unlikely pair: tech ( 16%) and consumer staples ( 13.2%)—the most aggressive and most defensive areas of the market, running side-by-side toward the finish line, with confounded spectators struggling to concoct a narrative for this. why would the least cyclical sectors—healthcare, staples and utilities—lead the markets in a year in which unemployment plummeted and gdp growth gained momentum? much to the chagrin of the pundit class, sometimes there are no satisfying answers. to quote kurt vonnegut:
5. 据中国互联网络信息中心发布的一份报告显示,截止2016年12月,中国网民数量已经达到了7.31亿人,这一数字差不多相当于整个欧洲的全部人口。
6. 对可穿戴技术有兴趣的不止是科技公司。梅赛德斯-奔驰(mercedes-benz)正在将移动体验移植到可穿戴设备上,而维珍航空(virgin atlantic)正在试验性地探索谷歌眼镜在顾客服务上的应用。
1. the m3 tomb also "consists of a burialmound, ramp, sealed gate, tomb entrance, screen walls, passage, burial chamberand side chamber" the researchers wrote in a report published recently inthe journalchinese cultural relics.
2. the fifa world cup is close by. let me give you a few rules that will preserve your beauty.
3. 英国气象办公室哈德莱中心(uk met office's hadley centre)气候监测与分析的负责人彼得斯托特(peter stott)表示,人为造成的气候变化是升温的罪魁祸首,导致世界进入“未知领域”。哈德莱中心发布的研究报告也印证了美国研究人员的分析结果。
4. 6. miranda kerr
5. this technology previously existed for arms, but legs are rather more complicated. and since a misread signal can send you jumping off a bridge or in front of a moving car, thought-controlled legs need more stringent programming than equivalent arms. as one of the researchers delicately put it, “if you're using a bionic arm and it misbehaves, the elbow may move slightly. if the prosthetic leg misbehaves . . . that could be quite a safety issue.”
6. 这意味着投资者正为特斯拉的未来前景投下重注,出价要远远高于对其他豪车厂商实际表现的评估。梅塞德斯-奔驰(mercedes-benz)的制造商戴姆勒(daimler)去年售出了超过250万辆车,市值约为850亿美元。所以,尽管戴姆勒的销量是特斯拉的70多倍,但它的市值还不到特斯拉的3倍。
1. man got to tell himself he understand.
2. they are beginning to fret far more about insecure contracts, precarious scheduling, low wages and new forms of work via online gig economy platforms such as uber. the oecd, the influential paris-based club for rich countries, will publish a “jobs strategy” in 2018 that is likely to put much more emphasis on the quality and inclusiveness of work.
3. ask questions immediately if you don't understand something. if you're in the front row and have been making eye contact, your instructor probably already knows by the look on your face that you don't understand something. a polite raising of your hand is all you need to do to indicate you've got a question.
4. putin had positive things to say about the russian economy, saying it has "passed the crisis -- at least, the peak of the crisis."
5. 13. iphone 提醒
6. stand: costco ceo craig jelinek refused to open on thanksgiving day
1. faber laughs at bernanke's remark that the economy would be strong enough later this year so he could take his foot off the gas, that is begin 'tapering, or scaling back it's stimulative quantitative easing (qe) program later this year.' yes, laughed.
2. 理查三世的遗骨将在当地教堂被正式重新埋葬。他一直被视为英国历史上最残酷的暴君之一,威廉-莎士比亚将其刻画为“驼背的暴君”。
3. guangzhou, shenzhen, hangzhou, wuhan and nanjing have been ranked as the top five cities for opportunity in china, according to a report jointly launched by pricewaterhousecoopers and the china development research foundation.
4. my grandmother’s favorite poem was invictus by william ernest henley. my father hung a copy of it on our kitchen wall, so i grew up reading it every day: “i am the master of my fate; i am the captain of my soul.” i think the best advice i can give anyone – especially someone just starting out in business – is to embrace your role as master of your own fate. recognize opportunities when they arise and get comfortable saying “yes.”
5. 延长的生育假如何落实往往由地方政府决定。国家层面应该颁布执行细则以及具备法律约束力的相关措施,以确保该政策的贯彻实施和合理执行,从而保证女性不因劳动成本最小化而受到雇主的歧视。
6. did you have to worry about these little things when you were my age? 在您那个年代,您曾经担心过我们现在担心的事吗?


1. foss also points out that recommendations from others are time-stamped, so it looks fishy to have five new accolades on your profile, all written within the same week. "they don't look like they're coming organically," she says. "it looks like you're out shaking the bushes, trying to get people to say nice things about you."
2. yes. supply outages and geopolitical risk factors will probably persist, alongside output curbs by global producers. but whether prices can maintain levels at $70 or above is dependent on the willingness of russia to keep backing a saudi arabia-led effort to cut production in the face of growing us shale supply. other participants in the co-ordinated effort also need to sustain strong compliance with the deal, the incentive of which declines as governments reap the rewards of higher prices.
3. 他做了几次化妆试验,希望能极大改变卡瑞尔的外貌。“我们实际上在创造一个新人,”科森说。



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    如果lloyd grossman有机会进入奥斯卡得主们的家中,他将会在很多不同的地方看到他们各自的小金人,从高级房产的壁炉台到积尘良久的壁橱深处,都可能看到它的身影。

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    neumann, silbermann and sharp are three of 66 billionaires under 40 years old, a record for the forbes list.

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    china mobile, supply chain rumors are emerging about apple’s next significant product releases. digitimes reports that according to “sources from the upstream supply chain, ” apple is planning to release a 5-inch iphone 6 “phablet” this coming may and a large tablet in october.