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1. james gorman, a times reporter, accompanied scientists who are trying to understand the genes that distinguish dogs from wolves. humans who raise wolf puppies must spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week with them in order to socialize these puppies for scientific study. and while the pups may seem cute, they will grow to be predatory wolves, not humanity’s faithful companions. the researchers hope their work will help reveal the trigger that made some ancient wolves into the dogs we know today.
2. 我们坐在这里指点江山,告诉那些球队“你们没指望了,赶紧输球摆烂吧!”这是很容易的,但是我们并不是那些在为球队门票和广告殚精竭虑的家伙们。
3. 国考报名将于本月24日截止,而考试将于11月27日在中国各大城市举行。
4. countrywide, month-on-month prices rose in 62 out of 70 major cities last month, were unchanged in one and fell in seven.
5. "an institution's global outlook is one of the key markers of a prestigious university. the top institutions hire faculty from all over the world, attract students from a global market of top talent and collaborate with leading departments wherever they happen to be based." said phil baty, editor of times higher education world university rankings.
6. 国有控股投资增速下滑1.1个百分点至20.5%,这使得国有控股投资在今年1至10月份全国固定资产投资总额中所占的比例小幅下滑至36.6%,但这仍是2011年以来的最高占比之一,反映出今年政府开支在支撑经济增长方面发挥着巨大作用。
1. “selling out!” “pandering to the americans!” the cries went up immediately when the official selection was announced. the list of directors crossing over to make films in english was a long one including the italians matteo garrone and paolo sorrentino, yorgos lanthimos of greece, norway's joachim trier and even guillaume nicloux of france, a country whose cultural establishment is highly sensitive to the creeping anglophone menace. the argument goes that cannes is supposed to be a haven for world cinema; for english, there is hollywood. but does it really matter? films at cannes in languages other than french or english play with subtitles in both languages – and that's a lot of text to deal with.
2. with the second round of (re)negotiations closing on tuesday we have truly entered the technocratic phase of these trade talks.
3. 测试
4. china's economic prowess is also seen by outsiders as having stimulated nationalism in a generation removed from the cultural revolution. beijing's belligerent responses to overlapping maritime claims have heightened worries about its security objectives in a region already wary of its economic clout. this is one factor in japan's decision to relax its ban on weapons exports; to china's dismay, it has also driven its neighbours to support a stronger us presence in asia and has complicated regional trade integration.
5. 虽然这个心脏太虚弱,不能真的输送血液,但是这种细胞组织在修复受伤的心脏肌肉方面具有巨大潜力。
6. 汉达·阿亚里(henda ayari)
1. company: nation waste, inc.
2. 新画像将取代美国首任财政部长亚历山大·汉密尔顿的画像。自上世纪20年末以来,10美元钞票上一直印有汉密尔顿的画像。新版10美元钞票将在赋予女性选举权的宪法修正案正式通过100周年之际开始发行。
3. olive yang
4. heavy air pollution from beijing, which saw its worst bout of smog in recent history in january, to shanghai, where pollution levels went off the charts in december, certainly don't do much to help attract tourists.
5. the 'divergent' star shailene woodley top the list of most beautiful women of 2015. the young hollywood star found breakthrough success in the descendants (2011). she was considered one of the “55 faces of the future” by nylon magazine's young hollywood issue.
6. 但是我们波士士顿波士顿咨询集团不认为中国本次改革会导致中国经济不稳定。我们相信中国经济在习主席的领导下会持续高速增长。我们相信上个星期的改革(三中全会)会确保中国经济从现在一直增长到(至少)2020年。根据我们已掌握的资料,我们预测中国经济在未来10年会增加4万亿美金(而书中说是6.4万亿。2012中国gdp为8.3万亿美金)。如果加上印度,亚洲两大国未来的增长总量会达到10万亿美金。在此期间,中产阶级会迅速膨胀,进而增强对经济增长的乐观态度。当然,没有人能完美地预测未来,在我们的近期的一本关于中国和印度经济发展的书中(《trillion prize:captivating the newly affluent in china and india》),我们也描述了一些经济增长缓慢的例子。不过总体上我们还是对中国的未来保持乐观态度。
1. stranger things 2
2. a study published in the journal "clinical psychological science" in 2012 showcased the power of self-imagination, which showed the technique could help people with impaired memories, as well as individuals with no memory problems. as with other studies of human memory, the scientists asked participants to remember a list of words related to certain personality traits. the participants were then asked to use a specific strategy to help them recall the words. for example, some participants were asked to remember one personality trait by thinking of a second word that rhymed with the trait. other participants were asked to remember the definition of the trait while others were asked to engage in "self-referential processing" where they would think about the trait in a personal, self-reflective way.
3. adj. 独一无二的,独特的,稀罕的
4. the aftermath of zika virus
5. 作为历史上一种非常敏感的大宗商品,原油价格走势已连续三年保持波澜不惊,其背后的一大支持因素就是美国的页岩油。
6. 其中排名最高的是上海复旦大学管理学院(fudan university school of management),排在第40位,较此前在2014年的排名下滑8个名次。


1. yes, even if real gdp growth does not. speculation over the true gdp growth rate in china, as opposed to the official one, has spawned a cottage industry of specialist economists. the official figures are deceptively stable and serene thanks to suspected “smoothing” by the chinese authorities, as they bend the figures to fit growth targets. so even if growth does stumble in 2018, the official growth rate is almost certain to come in above the preordained 6.5 per cent.
2. "the scenes in the tv adaptation are beautiful, and also consistent with the original work," a douban user banchengyansha said.
3. hurun chairman rupert hoogewerf said: "those entrepreneurs should be called 'super wealth creators' instead of simply 'rich people', which could highlight their contribution to china's society and economy."



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    yes — by an eyelash. democrats will need to win an additional 24 seats, meaning they will have to hold on to all 12 democratic districts that mr trump won last year and pick up the 23 republican districts that voted for hillary clinton, plus one or two more for good measure. the math is not on the democrats’ side, but history is. the president’s party almost always loses some house seats in the midterms, and sometimes loses big, especially when the president has an approval rating below 50 per cent. see barack obama in 2010.

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    n. 宣言,声明 vi. 发表宣言

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    碧昂丝vs. 珍妮弗·洛佩兹

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    not a lot of bond villains get their own theme song, but christopher lee's assassin from the man with the golden gun gets a flashy, catchy, groovy tune that makes him seem cool as hell. (and of course, he is.) lulu completely sells the awesomeness of the villain scaramanga, and although the song may seem almost ridiculously upbeat today, it only adds to the charm.

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    truck wars: awards aside, ford’s aluminum pickup is hard to build and slow to sell, leaving an opening for ram’s fast-rising 1500 while nissan tries to forget the failure of its first full-size truck when it launches the second-generation titan with the biggest of big rig styling. the industry’s biggest secret is revealed by veteran executive john krafcik in automotive news: in the

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    问:在过去的几次采访中,你都提到了你和角色之间的联系。那么在目前播放的aldnoah zero重,你觉得你和伊奈帆之间的联系是什么?

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    ‘our hope is that the worst passwords of the year list will cause people to take steps to protect themselves online.’

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