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1. two colors! it may not sound revolutionary, but everything is relative. and know this: it’s not about indecision, but social progress. that’s pantone’s position, anyway.
2. 5.3-d printed ears
3. 单词survival 联想记忆:
4. 供给侧结构性改革:去产能、去库存、去杠杆、降成本、补短板
5. lecent去世当月,警方并未透露是她自己无意间扣动扳机还是被屋内的其他人射中。
6. 8.the big bang theory whiteboard has real equations
1. 乔治王子获得满分,因为他对加拿大总理特鲁多傲慢的击掌回了一记冷眼。
2. 单词protection 联想记忆:
3. 美国电影学会年度电视剧奖
4. the history of james bond theme songs isn't quite as long as some might suspect, however. the first two films in the series – dr. no and from russia with love – didn't have opening songs, they had orchestral arrangements. dr. no even segued into a weird rendition of "three blind mice." later on, on her majesty's secret service gave the opening number amiss and snuck its theme song into the middle and end of the movie.
5. “我们做事情不是为了追求利润,我们做事情,是因为这些事情是正确和公正的,”库克咆哮道。他说,不管是为了人权、可再生能源还是为有特殊需求的人们提供帮助,“我不考虑该死的投资回报率”。“直截了当地跟你说,如果这是你考虑的硬性因素……那你还是把苹果股票卖了吧。”库克的语气严厉,毫不妥协,那是苹果员工或许永远不希望面对的一个声音。
6. 其他机构有宝钢集团(shanghai baosteel group)旗下为钢材交易商提供融资的欧冶云商(ouyeel)、中国第六大银行招商银行(china merchants bank)旗下专注财富管理领域的小企业e家(small entrepreneur)等。
1. there's a crucial element in team building called planning that often seems to elude those franchises that are stuck in the mud.
2. setting: this house is in kenwood, a neighborhood of 19th- and 20th-century tudors, mediterraneans, victorians and colonial-style houses between cedar lake and lake of the isles, in the city’s chain of lakes. roads are curving; sidewalks are lined with maple and ash trees. according to the listing agent, many of the neighborhood’s older houses have been restored, while houses built within the last 30 years have been torn down and replaced.
3. writing for a variety special: patton oswalt, “patton oswalt: talking for clapping”
4. 在中国永久居留的外国人在投资、购房、受教育等方面享受中国公民同等待遇。
5. starting a business can wreak havoc on the owner’s personal life. while all the above tips are necessary for success, taking care of yourself mentally and physically is also imperative. exercise, sleep and diet play a central role in ensuring you implement these policies successfully. all of them drive attitude, motivation and relationships.
6. 坚持依法全面履职。
1. give me space
2. nine out of the top 10 have all worked with victoria's secret in some capacity, with curve model ashley being the only exception.
3. the husband-and-wife team behind little miss sunshine tackle the 1977 gender war between bobby riggs, washed-up 55-year-old tennis pro, and billie jean king, the young ace (then no 2 in the world) he challenged to a match.
4. 全球肥胖率上升的前因后果。
5. 源于:strike(v 打击;军事进攻;铸造;敲钟;罢工)
6. comic skit “happiness of today ii” (shen teng, ma li etc)


1. shanghai, by comparison, trades on 12.6 times earnings. this reflects a wide (37 per cent) spread between the shanghai’s a shares and the h-share equivalents. before the ups and downs of 2015 it was more usually below 20 per cent, hinting at significant upside to the h-share index. true, it does not represent the best of china’s “new economy”, being heavily skewed towards banks in particular. growth forecasts are moribund. yet with expectations already so dire, it is hard to see how they can worsen. even property — beset with overcapacity — has been pulling out of its slump.
2. 但曼谷的吸引力也显而易见:充满生机、食物美味、毗邻一些世界上最美的海滩和岛屿。
3. “given the unfavourable reaction to the august depreciation, we think any further depreciation will not take place soon,” said louis kuijs, an economist at oxford economics based in hong kong. “in our view the october trade data keep pressure on [the government] for more domestic easing.”



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    if successful, hurun estimates that mr wang’s net worth could soar past $50bn, making him one of the world’s 10 richest men.

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    n. 预定,保留意见

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    the approach has in some cases moved from the political fringes into the mainstream. some leaders from britain’s center-right, governing conservative party, for example, helped push a british exit, and since the referendum the new conservative prime minister, theresa may, has signaled sympathy with white identity politics.

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    coca-cola cut its sales forecast for this year as it struggles with a consumer slowdown in china, sending the drinks group’s shares down more than 3 per cent.

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    there are legitimate reasons to doubt that nerlens noel can blossom into a dependable starting center, including his injury history, off-court red flags, and extremely limited offensive game.

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    thousands of supporters awaited rossello’s arrival for the post-swearing-in inauguration ceremony at the island’s seaside capitol building, clutching umbrellas to protect themselves from a searing sun.

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