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1. cristiano ronaldo, the superstar footballer who earned 61 million pound last year, usurped long-term leader floyd mayweather jnr into first place. the retired boxer, who fought just once in the last 12 months, earned pound 30 million.
2. yes. the government hasn’t won a vertical merger case in decades. according to the department of justice’s own review guidelines, “vertical mergers” between content owners like time warner and distributors like at&t are much less worrisome than horizontal ones. meanwhile, the fang companies — facebook, amazon, netflix and google — now dominate the digital entertainment landscape, which makes the government’s argument that the merger of two old-media firms would fundamentally alter competition even harder to make.
3. losing my future is not like losing an election or a few points on the stock market. i am here to speak for all generations to come. 失去未来不像落选选举或者股市浮动那么简单,我来到这里是为了将来所有的世代而演讲。
4. a 14-year-old chinese boy overcame two of humankind's most dreaded fears--getting stuck in an elevator and getting homework done, in a single night thanks to his quick-witted character.
5. china’s retail sales softened as industrial production and investment held more or less steady in spite of a weaker showing from exports last month.
6. 比赛项目:
1. 出演《美国队长3:英雄决裂》的斯嘉丽-约翰逊排名第三,收入为2500万美元,比去年下降了近30%。
2. 优化区域发展格局。
3. 1.世界杯赛期间的一整个月电视遥控器都由我控制。
4. 为kinect开发《迪斯尼乐园大冒险》(disneyland adventures)和《精英:危险》(elite: dangerous)的开发商在screamride中,将主题乐园经营发挥到了极致。玩家可以在游戏中建立夸张的过山车、云霄飞车和其他游乐设施,并进行试运营。游戏有三种玩法:工程师可以建设复杂的飞车,测试物理和重力极限;“尖叫骑手”则乘坐这些飞车,直接体验这种惊险与刺激——这有时会直接导致游戏人物死亡;而拆除专家可以用任何必要手段拆掉整个游乐园。随着《过山车大亨》(roller coaster tycoon)等电脑游戏移植到了智能手机上,这一款次世代的过山车游戏可以让玩家有着时尚的互动体验。建设、体验和拆除过山车总是很有趣的,而screamride则提供了多种方式,让你与朋友们共享这种兴奋之情。
5. “as the economy enters the ‘new normal’, the industry sector faces increased downward pressures, unreasonable structures and weak innovation capability,” mao weiming, vice-minister at the ministry of industry and information technology, said at a press conference.
6. online marketplace amazon.com inc made its debut in the 2015 thomson reuters top 100 global innovators list, leaving international business machines corp, the world's largest technology services company, out of the list.
1. 国际美容整形外科学会发布的数据显示,若考虑人口因素,韩国现在是全世界整形美容业最大的市场。
2. ●"obama signs executive order banning the pledge of allegiance in schools nationwide"
3. 给你特别的祝福,愿新年带给你无边的幸福、如意。
4. 立场:为lgbt(指同性恋、双性恋和变性人)群体争取工作权益
5. oops. better luck in 2015, everybody.
6. 在全球,中国将会进一步进行并购和交易。在非洲,1百万中国人在努力获取自然资源。
1. five schools from five different countries are ranked for the first time. singapore’s lee kong chian school of business is the highest new entrant coming straight into 36th place. canada’s queen’s smith school of business registered the best progression, climbing 32 places to 67th.
2. 除了查阅综合榜单,未来的国际学生还可以缩小搜索范围,浏览某地区和某国家大学排行。这些排名仅由学校在综合榜单中的表现决定。
3. newt scamander is a magiczoologist who studies magical creatures.
4. 会建立起稳定、流动性较强的比特币期货市场吗?
5. v. 扛,肩负,承担,(用肩
6. 着装失误是另外一个话题。有些倒霉的面试者“穿着运动裤来面试”,有一个人“穿的鞋子不是一双”,还有一个人“不知道自己拉链开了。”


1. asli erdogan
2. condos and co-ops have been laying down the law, writing warning memos and fining wayward residents. for renters, breaking the rules could jeopardize a lease. condos are tightening security, asking doormen to scrutinize visitors and requiring residents to sign authorization forms for guests. the practice has also raised insurance concerns.
3. 艾玛 沃特森



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    the 2018 academic ranking of world universities released last wednesday by shanghai ranking consultancy reveals that 62 research universities in china have made their list of the world's top 500 universities.

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    the current el , a naturally recurring phenomenon that warms the pacific ocean, was probably only responsible for about 10 per cent of 2015’s record-breaking temperatures, he added.

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    “we do things for other reasons than a profit motive, we do things because they are right and just,” mr cook growled. whether in human rights, renewable energy or accessibility for people with special needs, “i don’t think about the bloody roi,” mr cook said, in the same stern, uncompromising tone that apple employees hope they never have to hear. “just to be very straightforward with you, if that’s a hard line for you?.?.?.?then you should get out of the stock.”

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    as we ring in the new year, let’s take stock of where we are at with the oil markets. 2014 proved to be a momentous one for the oil markets, having seen prices cut in half in just six months.

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    overall, state-owned and private businesses invested an unprecedented $23bn in europe — including norway and switzerland as well as the eu — in 2015 while investing $15bn in the us, according to a report by baker & mckenzie, a lawfirm, and rhodium group, a consultancy.

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    an iphone displays an image of steve jobs as it sits with a memorial to the apple founder and former ceo outside an apple store, wednesday, oct. 5, 2011 in new york. jobs passed away wednesday at the age of 56