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1. “this is not an excuse — this is the reality of the environment we operate in, ” dervin said. since 2012, jetblue has been implementing a series of technology efforts to help it recover more quickly from bad weather. she said other tools are coming online that will help the airline keep to its schedules.
2. marlohe will shoot the malick film concurrently with the ongoing press tour for skyfall.
3. china's tourism officials are looking to reverse the trend of declining inbound visitors in 2014--possible, experts say, if it revamps its outdated tour packages and lowers ticket prices.
4. 亚太地区是地区国家共有的家园,我们不希望、也不愿意看到冷战思维下所谓“选边站队”的事情发生。
5. pilot
6. the announcement comes from the british fashion council (bfc), who surveyed designers ahead of the shows and found none of the 80 designers in the september line-up would be using fur.
1. 道·哈德森,学院理事会执行官
2. n. 通道,频道,(消息)渠道,海峡,方法
3. budget
4. 面对批评,梅耶尔4月份接受本刊采访时为自己的决定进行了辩解,她说人们“错误地把这项措施视为行业条例。”她表示,自己需要员工在办公室工作,目的是鼓励他们进行合作与创新。目前看来,这个不同寻常的做法可能正在对雅虎产生积极影响——2012年梅耶尔上任以来,这家公司的股价已经上涨了一倍多。
5. 9、邦德经历风险无数却总能死里逃生。当然,人物本身是虚构的。有意思的是,研究证明,肌肉男更皮实。实际上,肌肉不发达对男性来说,可能很要命。(可能就是发达的肌肉让他得以活命的吧,我怀疑他会死于心脏病或前列腺癌)。
6. 开始布置吧。你是不是已经有所感悟了呢?那么赶紧去布置一个优雅和个性的办公桌吧,心动不如行动哦。
1. 在去年11月29日,共计约有93万人参加国家公务员考试,同比下降了60000人。不过,提供的2.7万个招聘岗位则创下了新高。
2. ['kw?liti]
3. 《大空头》,导演:亚当·麦凯。
4. china’s foreign exchange reserves posted their third-largest monthly decline on record last month, central bank data showed yesterday, renewing worries about capital outflows after reserves had appeared to stabilise.
5. 'people in the community are affected by what i write, ' he says.
6. "as a native of shaanxi, i found sun played the role well. she jumps and runs wildly, just like a typical young naughty shaanxi girl," a netizen xuelili said.
1. lace
2. the list also has some movies that earned awards at the 67th berlin international film festival in february, such as the best movie winner on body and soul and best director winner the other side of hope, by aki kaurismaki of finland.
3. 这一2018年的大学综合排行榜包含了74个国家和地区的1250所大学,为有史以来数量最多的一次。去年的排行榜中只包含了65个国家的1000所大学。
4. the bulk of the risk in this move comes with the possibility that both ibaka and turner are free agents this summer, but the disappointment that might result from losing one or both would pale in comparison of a postseason flameout in may.
5. according to exam questions and some test-takers' feedback posted online after the exam, the difficulty of the questions was moderate and hot political and social issues, such as the long march rockets, china's foreign affairs, the yutu lunar rover and entrepreneurial efforts by college students, were mentioned.
6. 这是充满希望的春天,也是令人绝望的寒冬……


1. darkest hour
2. 原指拍film用的film(n 胶卷)-轻而薄且不牢固的
3. drama series: “game of thrones” (hbo)



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    年度最佳合唱:埃里克·丘奇、杰森·阿尔丁、卢克布·莱恩《the only way i know》

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    according to the report, students from prestigious universities were less willing to start businesses, likely because of high opportunity cost.

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    regulators in other countries will draw lessons from the success or failure of the japanese model.

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    it is the first time that news came up first since the technology company began publishing its yearly review a decade ago.vera chan, the company's senior editor and web trend analyst, said the bp oil spill was the most searched topic for term for a variety of reasons.

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    for the government, the job is to create a good environment and the necessary conditions for our people to use their own wisdom and hard work to generate golden opportunities for themselves, rather than just relying on the government to hand them a job.

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    president obama's cabinet, of which clinton was once a member, currently comprises seven women and 16 men.