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1. 坦白地说,这部电影2017年可能筹备不好,但是以防万一我们还是把它归进来。这是拉斯洛.奈迈施的第二部电影,2016年早些时候他凭借《索尔的儿子》摘得奥斯卡最佳外语片。《日落》是一部关于成长的电影,背景设定在一战前夕的布达佩斯。
2. countrywide, month-on-month prices rose in 59 out of 70 cities last month – down from 62 – were unchanged in four and fell in eleven. cities where prices fell from the previous month included shenzhen (down 0.3 per cent), hangzhou (down 0.4 per cent) and xiamen (down 0.2 per cent).
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4. 清华大学在计算机科学和工程学两个学科中排名居首。这所中国院校今年取代了麻省理工学院,成为计算机科学最强学府。
5. spont自发 aneous表形容词,表示“…有;…特征的”→自发的
6. last week, clinton campaign chairman john podesta said that the former first lady's shortlist of potential running mates will include women, quickly leading to speculation that clinton will consider massachusetts sen. elizabeth warren, a popular progressive, for an all-female ticket.
1. as a result, in the first 10 months of 2016, the year-on-year decline in em exports in dollar terms was just 6.6 per cent, according to calculations by capital economics, a marked improvement on the 11.6 per cent contraction seen in 2015, as the third chart illustrates.
2. 比蒂还在台上就遣责了这个因为给错信封而导致的史诗级巨大失误,他说他打开信封就看到了“《爱乐之城》中的爱玛?斯通”的名字。
3. 迄今为止,bigcommerce同名技术的吸引力就在于其简单性,以及与商户同步成长的能力。史蒂夫o凯斯说,“对于一些人来说,成败即系于此。”凯斯以公司董事的身份为bigcommerce提供美国创业趋势方面的建议。“就在五年前,如果要打造一家有吸引力的网店,你需要花费几十万美元。如今,几个小时就可以搞定,每月成本还不到100美元。”
4. but shipments to other destinations fared far worse, particularly those to re-exporter hong kong, which saw the dollar value of exports from china contract 26.3 per cent year on year to $33.84bn. shipments to eu countries also fell 4.7 per cent to $33.5bn, while those to japan dropped 5.5 per cent to $11.27bn.
5. 12. 最有希望的迹象。有段时间,你会觉得现状已经改善了,人们可以公开大声谈及业内的歧视现象。维奥拉·戴维斯(viola davis)出来说话,詹妮弗·劳伦斯(jennifer lawrence)公开谈起,自己比片中的合作男星片酬少。“我不想被视为‘难搞’或者‘被宠坏了’,”她在简报《伦尼》(lenny)中为许多人发言,其中包括许多薪酬更低的人们。
6. 这一问题也打击了中国在wto框架内获得市场经济地位的努力。中国声称,在其加入wto满15周年的今年12月,应当自动获得市场经济地位。如果中国获得了该地位,那么这可能影响美国等国对中国发起反倾销案的能力,因为这将使他们不能用替代国的价格进行比价。
1. 最后,今年只有两所学校首次登上开放课程排行榜。上海交通大学安泰经济与管理学院(antai college of economics and management)直接排到第32名,而亚利桑那大学(university of arizona)艾勒管理学院(eller college of management)在75所院校中排名第68位。
2. did you write the lego batman movie off as kids-only? biggest mistake ever. this movie is a witty feat of hilarity, full of dry humor and moments of comedy gold. basically, if you like will arnett in arrested development, you will like this.
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4. “像这样的问题是极为紧要的,尽管不一定通过言语表达了出来。”
5. mort=death死 gage抵押品→抵押品不能动,像死一样→抵押(品)
6. 《生活大爆炸》中绝不缺少天才。不只是因为这部剧向观众展示了很多绝顶聪明的科学家,同时,演员玛伊姆·比亚利克还拥有神经学博士学位。因此,演员们想要在剧中展示他们的聪明才智,并将整部剧做到精益求精,这也不足为奇。剧中谢尔顿和莱纳德的公寓里有一块很大的白板,这对铁哥们几乎在处理任何事时都会用到它,从完成从学校带回来的工作,到决定是否等到看完最新一部《蜘蛛侠》再吃饭,都离不开这块白板。
1. during monday night’s debate mr rutte reiterated that he would not form a coalition government with mr wilders’ party, even ruling out forming a government that relied on support from the anti-immigration party. “i’m not going to work with such a party again,” said mr rutte, whose first minority government was propped up by pvv after the 2010 elections.
2. n. 摘要
3. tesla says it enjoys sales per square foot at its showrooms that are double that of apple . the tech company is currently considered the industry leader.
4. hospit客人 ality表名词,“状态,性质”→好客
5. on sunday, the night before the doodle debuted, zhang told newsday she was "excited" by the big win, but said she wouldn't be awake when her art first went online at midnight.
6. 然而,夏威夷航空公司公共关系高级专家休伊·沃(huy vo)说,占据该公司半数以上航线的短途航班实际上运营并不容易。他表示,“我们的地理位置确实给我们带来了优势,也给我们带来了短途航线。不过,这些短途航线最难保持准时到达,因为飞行距离很短,航班在地面的停留时间也短,因此任何延误都会难以弥补。”


1. the central government is planning to establish a bond market connect between the mainland and hong kong special administrative region on a trial basis this year, allowing for the first time overseas capital to access mainland bond markets from overseas. hong kong will be the first to benefit from such an arrangement
2. 5.bryan cranston was a murder suspect
3. 3. mathematician



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    in july, a video of a couple having sex in the fitting room of a uniqlo clothing store in beijing took the internet in china by storm. some commenters speculated that it was a publicity stunt by the retailer, which denied the claim. several people were detained on suspicion of uploading and distributing the video.

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    are some molds dangerous?

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    chances are if you are lucky enough to have a job, the thought of quitting sounds ridiculous. with the unemployment rate at an all time high, most people are thanking their lucky stars to be employed.

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    its corporate customers value the school’s flexibility and ability to innovate. “we have developed a programme which is co-delivered with an experimental learning provider,” commented one client responding to the ft survey. “iese has been a true partner in this process and our business has benefited with an energised and prepared executive bench.”

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    roth, 60, is a professor at harvard university in boston. shapley, 89, is a professor emeritus at university of california los angeles.

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