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1. “with 75 percent of our flights touching the northeast, either new york or boston, one delay in the morning can affect the entire line of flying for that airplane, ” said jenny dervin, a jetblue spokeswoman. and, the northeast is particularly affected by the kind of winter storms that delay flights.
2. the paper quoted a number of students from the incoming class, who had a range of responses, including two who said it was the right approach to withdraw the offers. "i do not know how those offensive images could be defended," one student said.
3. set in 1950's london, reynolds woodcock is a renowned dressmaker whose fastidious life is disrupted by a young, strong-willed woman, alma, who becomes his muse and lover.
4. 4月8日
5. stress
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2. 触摸屏主要生产商蓝思科技的周群飞以450亿元的资本净值位列榜单第3。
3. “尽管我本质上是一名工程师和分析人员,但迄今为止我所做过的最重要的决定都与此无关,它们永远是基于直觉,”他去年在曾就读mba的杜克大学(duke university)对一名采访者表示。
4. ……又唱又跳,希望能得到工作。
5. critics have been eager to point out that he is not so closely involved in new product development as his predecessor, and fails to elicit the same excitement when he takes to the stage to introduce them. but mr cook is aware of his shortcomings and has drawn on the worlds of fitness and fashion to assemble a new team of talents, including angela ahrendts, formerly of burberry, and industrial designer marc newson.
6. i’m not saying you should blindly accept everything that’s offered to you, it’s okay to take time when considering the pros and cons of an opportunity. but, when you find yourself leaning toward “no,” you owe it to yourself to be sure that you’re turning down the opportunity for a valid reason, not just out of fear.
1. 目前我在创业领域中所关注的大趋势之一是“接触或获得的权利”。创新者们正在将曾经昂贵的、耗时的,或是不可能获得或效率极低的产品带给消费者。无论是学习新技能、激发新兴趣,亦或是叩开此前成本高昂的市场,创业家们正在寻找全新的方式来将独一无二且术业专攻的产品带向更为主流的市场。我们开始看到合作消费商业模式中出现了这个趋势,而我预测,我们将在未来几年看到“基于接触或获得的权利”商业模式的潮涌。
2. 劳瑞斯蒂尔
3. china becomes the first middle-income country to join the ranks of the world's 25 most-innovative economies, according to the global innovation index (gii) released last monday.
4. however, 2016 saw the rise of chinese mobile phone-makers. huawei shipments grew 30.2 percent year on year to 139.3 million units, and the company retained its no. 3 position globally.
5. the future is always bright if you are an entrepreneur, and the opportunities to create new ventures based on the digitisation of age-old services has a long way to run.
6. 有时候,人们误以为这种冷静是缺乏紧迫感,而在瞬息万变的科技业,紧迫感至关重要。许多人对于apple watch今年还未上市感到失望。但分析师表示,苹果的风格就是一定要等到产品至臻完美,这常常会带来更强劲的长期业绩。三星(samsung)的智能手表已推出第六代,但至今没有真正大火起来,其今年的智能手机销量也大幅下挫。
1. china's online game revenue in 2008 was cny20.8 billion, accounting for about 27% global share, ahead of south korea at 21% and slightly behind the u.s. at 29%, according to an earlier report by shanghai-based market research firm iresearch. the firm also predicted that china is likely to surpass the u.s. to become the world's largest by the end of 2009.
2. one difficulty in assessing the potential for etfs in asia, say experts at the largest asset management houses, is both the disproportionate size of the japanese market within the region and the role played by the bank of japan, which distorts the market as it buys ¥6tn ($54bn) of etfs a year.
3. none of these potential clouds appear to darken the sunny view from tesla headquarters in palo alto. tesla is sticking with its middle term goal of building 500,000 cars a year by 2020. much will depend on the ability of the model x to maintain the current momentum – and mystique. tesla has steeply ramped up spending on capital expenditures and r&d to make sure the launch, already a year behind schedule, is a success.
4. 贝拉林半岛位于墨尔本东南部,凭借众多海滩以及诸如昆斯克利夫和波塔灵顿这类历史古城而成为著名的旅游胜地。
5. 从2016年6月1日至2017年6月1日,世界上收入最高的十位模特的税前总收入不算各项费用共计为1.095亿美元。
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1. 民主政体本质上是一种文明的内战。
2. galaxy
3. 卡梅隆·安东尼



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    apple ceo steve jobs poses with the new iphone 4 during the apple worldwide developers conference in san francisco, california in this june 7, 2010

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    “我们会根据天气谨慎考虑投送的时间和地点,但这些都不会公开,”脱北者park sang-hak说道,他曾经领导过一系列的气球投送运动。

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    emerging market exports have been declining in dollar terms since october 2014, a far longer, if less extreme, losing streak than during the 2008-09 global financial crisis, as the first chart shows.

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    新闻网站pharmaletter 援引艾美仕医疗信息研究所的话报道,“医药新兴市场”在医药方面的支出费用将在未来5年上升百分之五十以上。