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1. 其中有铁环的那一个是在江苏西部的仪征市发现的。
2. the first thing you must understand about personality types is that they have nothing to do with genes. this means that if you have a type d personality then this doesn't mean that you can't change it. also, the quiz doesn't mean that the result of the quiz determines your destiny. according to psychology, any personality trait can be changed.
3. devastating
4. other high points for the school include being first for alumni international mobility, second for international experience and third for job placement.
5. 索尼(sony)宣布,其游戏主机playstation 4s已经在全球售出超过1,000万台,这预示着对玩家客厅的争夺战今年将继续上演。为了维持增长态势,索尼在展会上发布了一系列独家游戏,包括ninja theory开发的动作游戏《地狱之刃》(hellblade),《雷曼》(rayman)制作商michel ancel开发的开放世界式冒险游戏《荒野》(wild),housemarque开发的射击类游戏《异化》(alienation)以及q版游戏《明日之子》(the tomorrow children)。微软则发布了由square enix和crystal dynamics制作的《古墓丽影:崛起》(rise of the tomb raider),这是劳拉o克罗夫系列重新启动后的第二部作品,将在2015年于xbox平台独家发布。xbox在2015年还有另外一款游戏大作的续集《光晕5:守护者》(halo 5: guardians)。
6. capacity
1. 尽管中国排名上升,随着决策者越来越意识到加强创新是一个经济体充满活力、竞争力的关键,发达国家与发展中国家在创新方面仍存在差距。
2. 不过,更大的尺寸将会对ios 7和开发人员施加额外压力——后者必须找出方法,使自己的应用程序适用于更多配置规格。而另一方面,这些额外的规格也将为应用程序提供一些更为激动人心的机遇,我们应该能看到ios 8将包含诸多可适应多屏幕规格的功能。
3. 亲朋好友称ross是一个充满活力有梦想的女孩子,她走到哪里,都会被她点亮。她去世后几天,她的母亲alicia jesquith告诉记者,女儿突然离世,她需要一个答案。
4. the actress posted on instagram a seemingly heartfelt missive after the attacks in nice and turkey. but she paired it with a photo of her in some skimpy lingerie attempting to look seductive.
5. 16. most ignored truism “there’s a myth in the business that young males drive the box office,” tom rothman, the chairman of sony pictures entertainment’s motion picture group, told the hollywood reporter in november. in this same interview, alan f. horn, the chairman of the walt disney studios, tried to make it simple: “there are variables that do affect what one pays any performer. angelina jolie, for example, got a lot more money for ‘maleficent’ than daisy ridley did for ‘star wars,’ but they’re both women.” (gee, thanks, alan!)
6. nigel farage, former leader of the uk independence party, has not advanced so far because it has proved harder to capture the uk’s party-based institutions than it is the us presidency.
1. 新建的房产将给那些财大气粗的租房者提供奢华的居住选择,它们大多位于曼哈顿以外的行政区。根据花旗居屋的数据,在布鲁克林,预计有6527个新的出租单元,将于明年(2015年——译注)投放租赁市场,比曼哈顿3802个单元多出近一倍。
2. 7.do not ask a policeman the best way to get to the west end or how to use an oyster card. he wants to help, but he's from the west midlands.
3. three leading energy agencies recently said production from outside the organization of the petroleum exporting countries would increase this year, much of it from u.s. shale. added to that is the possible return to market of millions of middle east barrels as iran, iraq and libya potentially ramp up production. all of that is set to press on prices.
4. 公众宗教研究机构与宗教新闻通讯社联合开展的这项调查显示,不同政治派别和不同宗教信仰的人们对于恶劣天气的观念存在分歧,今年已经发生了多起严重的高温和干旱灾害。
5. gongloff piles on the bad news about 2014: gdp 'grew at a 1.8% annualized pace in the first quarter ... revising down its earlier estimate of 2.4% growth ... the first quarter's dismal growth was at least better than the 0.4% gdp growth of the fourth quarter of 2012. but it was still far from healthy, and economists don't see it getting much stronger any time soon.' and that's real bad news for the markets going into 2014.
6. 《小镇疑云》,bbc america,3月4日播出。大卫·田纳特(david tennant)携第二季归来,在这部引人共鸣的英国推理剧中继续饰演亚力克·哈迪(alec hardy)探员(去年他在美国翻拍版的《小镇疑云》[gracepoint]中饰演埃米特·卡弗探员)。这部剧将于周一在英国首映,制作人们已经开始谈起第二季的秘密情节了,编剧克里斯·齐布纳尔(chris chibnall)在接受英国杂志采访时说的话可能会让剧迷不爱听,“第二季不是讲罪案的。”奥莉薇娅·科尔曼(olivia colman)继续饰演艾丽·米勒(ellie miller)探员,夏洛特·兰普林(charlotte rampling)和玛丽安娜·琼-巴普迪斯特(marianne jean-baptiste)也加入了演员阵容。
1. faster growth should also dispel worries about another fed bogeyman: deflation, or falling prices. "it's impossible to have deflation in an economy growing 3%-plus and adding the most jobs since the 1990s," baumohl said.
2. mcdonough school of business at georgetown university in washington dc returns to the custom ranking in 15th place after dropping out last year because of a low survey response rate from clients. only three schools enter the custom ranking for the first time, including london’s cass business school in 60th place.
3. n. 奇思妙想,一段楼
4. 5.你午饭谈了四个小时那么久或者有太多的牙医预约。
5. 《狼厅》(wolf hall),pbs,4月5日播出。这一季最引人注目的选角,《国土安全》(homeland)的主演达米恩·刘易斯(damian lewis)将在该剧中饰演亨利八世,两获托尼奖的马克·里朗斯(mark rylance)将饰演托马斯·克伦威尔(thomas cromwell),这部经典改编剧改编自希拉里·曼特尔(hilary mantel)的畅销历史小说。
6. 4.captain america: civil war


1. 德银资产管理公司(deutsche am)亚太区被动型资产管理部门主管马尔科?蒙塔纳里(marco montanari)也认为,在亚洲etf市场迈向更高台阶之前,必须从根本上改革分销制度。
2. the youngest on the list is 19-year-old norwegain heiress alexandra andresen, who holds a 42 per cent stake in her family's business. her 20-year-old sister is the second youngest on the list.
3. best companies rank: 68



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    i expect more companies to develop leaders who know how to manage networks — not just the traditional internal network of employees, but more loosely connected webs of suppliers and contractors, managed remotely via the internet and social media.

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