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1. 9.《炫富帮》
2. we will perform with a strong work ethic, sense of responsibility, and enterprising spirit.
3. 在婴儿出生前治疗出生缺陷
4. so the messaging apps have gotten creative. tango, for example, inserts ads within a user’s messaging “inbox.” wechat, a popular chinese app that is owned by tencent, makes money through games, stickers (which are similar to emojis), and mobile commerce. kik offers a feature that some are calling “chatvertising,” where users hold conversations with chat-bots powered by brands like funny or die and moviefone.
5. you might think that our love of lists could be pinned on the ten commandments, but umberto eco says otherwise. “the list is the origin of the culture,” he once said on a subject he knows well, having written a book titled “the infinity of lists.” and culture wants “to make infinity comprehensible” and “to create order — not always, but often,” hence homer’s catalogs in “the iliad” and the roll call of never-completed household chores on my fridge. “we like lists because we don’t want to die,” mr. eco also said, which is the best explanation of the listicle that i’ve yet read.
6. coca-cola (ko, fortune 500) chief executive muhtar kent thinks as both a first-generation american as well as a business leader that immigration reform is good for business. kent outlined in a february usa today op-ed how "lucky" he felt to be able to make his life in the u.s. and his belief that foreign entrepreneurs should have the same opportunity. the ceo wrote that he supports immigration reform because immigration is "an essential part of the growth calculus for this great country."
1. global pharmaceutical spending will surpassthe trillion dollar threshold in 2014, with high prices for innovativehepatitis c and cancer drugs in the us, a new study says. by 2018spending is expected to increase by another 30 percent.
2. 美国的药品支出费用约占总量三分之一,据艾美仕研究所专家估计,2014年这个数值将上升11.7个百分点。据报道,美国的药品支出费用价格特别高,但制药商解释说这是由于研制新药的成本猛增。
3. analysts say headline import figures may start to improve in the coming months since commodity price falls were particularly pronounced at the end of 2014, which will mean smaller year-on-year falls in chinese imports in value terms.
4. but most overseas islands are sold as freehold properties.
5. 可以想象,2016年油价将从当前不到40美元的水平上反弹。沙特或许会尝试减产,伊拉克可能会爆发更多冲突,恐怖主义分子可能会攻击一些重要目标,比如沙特拉斯坦努拉和阿巴奇克的石油终端。一切皆有可能,有些事情发生的可能性更大一些。但问题在于,油价反弹的幅度将有多大?
6. 例如,美国和亚洲向投资者推介产品的方式存在明显区别。在亚洲,很大比例的基金(一些人估计为90%)是以佣金为基础。这对etf不利,因为它们在股票交易所公开交易,在结构上不便向可能推荐它们的银行、券商或理财顾问支付佣金,这与该地区的共同基金行业不同。
1. 幸好这类单曲只是《名誉》这张专辑的一部分。在《dress》(《连衣裙》)这首歌中,她沉醉于令人激动的新恋情里;在《new year’s day》(《新年》)这首歌中,她试着弄明白聚会结束后她还拥有什么。
2. 有一颗大小与地球相近的行星围绕着距离太阳最近的恒星——半人马座比邻星运转。这颗行星的“一年”仅有11天。但因为比邻星是一颗红矮星,它比太阳暗100倍左右,因此行星位于宜居区。另一则热门消息称,40光年外的一颗相似恒星的宜居区可能存在三颗行星。
3. 8. ford motor
4. 动词last的现在分
5. cerebr脑
6. embaglobal is the only programme in the top 10 that saw a slight drop in the average salary of its alumni compared with last year (the other nine recorded strong increases).
1. seven schools made it back into the top 100 after having missed out in the past year or two.
2. 单词continuous 联想记忆:
3. “…was snervous she almost fainted.”
4. anxiety about addiction to screen time gave rise to a dubious new line of businesses: boot camps, often run by ex-military personnel, promising to help wayward youth kick the habit. but investigative reports p ublished in recent days by beijing news and the mirror reveal abusive conditions, leading to the death of at least one student, at the zhengzhou boqiang new idea life training school, which billed itself a s an internet-addiction recovery camp in eastern henan province.
5. according to a report by beijing statistics bureau, retail sales of consumer goods in the chinese capital surpassed 1 trillion yuan ($152 billion) in 2015, up 7.3 percent year on year.
6. 马拉比这部长达800页的作品今年10月由布鲁姆斯伯里出版社(bloomsbury)和企鹅出版社(penguin press)出版。英国《金融时报》的一篇书评称赞该书“非比寻常”。该书是在同终选名单中的另外五部作品展开激烈竞争后脱颖而出的。另五部作品尝试解决的是世界上一些重要的经济与管理难题——从美国的生产率缺口,到持续存在的性别失衡。


1. the cpi rose by 2 percent.
2. 英国《泰晤士高等教育》专刊于上周四公布的一项调查显示,中国内地两所高校入选亚洲大学前三名。
3. 祝来年好运,并取得更大的成就。



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    that's a fraction of their earning power -- hillary and bill clinton banked $10.6 million mostly from speaking fees and royalties in 2015, while trump said he made almost $560 million.

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    in other words, investors are paying far more for tesla’s future promises than today’s performance by other luxury car manufacturers. daimler, the manufacturer of mercedes-benz, sold more than 2.5 million vehicles last year and has a market cap of about $85 billion. so, although it sells 70 times more vehicles than tesla, its market cap is less than three times greater.

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    the bellarine peninsula, located southwest of melbourne, victoria, has been a hotspot for timeless beaches and historic towns like queenscliff and portarlington.

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    full marks to prince george for giving the patronising high-five of the canadian prime minister the eye.

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    special machines pump helium gas into the bubble solution.