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1. when the cup is lifted and removed from the dispenser, the magnet seals the bottom and the drink is ready to be enjoyed.
2. nearly four in 10 us residents say the severity of recent natural disasters such as superstorm sandy is evidence the world is coming to an end, as predicted by the bible, while more than six in 10 blame it on climate change, according to a poll released on thursday.
3. 截至2016年底,中国仍有4300万农村地区的人口生活在贫困状态下。中国的目标是在2020年时帮助他们脱贫。
4. global smartphone shipments reached 1.47 billion units in 2016, up by 2.3 percent from last year, said idc.
5. 优秀的老板知道公司或客户需求和他/她的员工需求之间一定存有一个平衡度。优秀的老板都喜欢倾听员工的心声和同他们交流可能存在的一些问题,因为他们知道员工快乐工作效率才会更高。
6. n. 监牢,监狱,拘留所
1. posture
2. bigger isn’t always better.
3. hsbc economist hongbin qu said the survey pointed to lost momentum in china's manufacturing sector: he expects beijing to respond with measures to counteract the slowdown.
4. 4)我来搞定它:你专心致志地听别人说话。然后你说,“轻松一点,别担心。我会亲自搞定它的。”这样的承诺会让所有人都放松下来。如果想要做出更大的承诺,你就可以说,“我向你保证。”这样的表态会让你看起来更可靠。在对方眼里,你已经进入角色,并且会尽一切努力去完成的。
5. 卓越雇主排名:63
6. 大型制药公司正在与美国癌症协会合作,以大幅折扣价为非洲患者提供抗癌药物。在整个非洲大陆,每年有45万人死于癌症,但其中有很多种癌症是可以治疗的,比如乳腺癌、宫颈癌和前列腺癌等。
1. 贝拉林半岛位于墨尔本东南部,凭借众多海滩以及诸如昆斯克利夫和波塔灵顿这类历史古城而成为著名的旅游胜地。
2. it grows naturally into the mold's shape.
3. 从几乎所有单项指标看,巴黎高等商学院都没有排在首位,但它整体表现强劲。该学院学生毕业3年后的年薪为9.3万美元,位居第五;性价比以及毕业生国际流动性位居第三。该学院还在目标实现率方面并列第一(93%)。
4. 大力推进社会体制改革。
5. 23岁的古纳尔?优素福(gunal youssouf)是teach first人,她加入了普华永道(pwc)英国分公司的管理咨询毕业生项目。优素福表示,在teach first的两年让她有机会在不用花钱攻读传统资格证书的情况下尝试教学工作。
6. the bloomberg soft commodities index has gained 21 per cent, compared with 24 per cent for industrial metals and 1.5 per cent for energy.
1. may you have the best new year ever.愿你度过最美好的新年!
2. faucher说“在2015年年底我们的失业率大致会处在5%到5.5%之间,而且会让我们更加实际的感受到这一点”。
3. girls trip
4. rank: 1
5. 1.fingers that store digital files
6. columbus day became a u.s. holiday in 1971. it is generally observed by banks, state government offices, the postal service and federal agencies. the bond markets are closed for the holiday, but many businesses and stock exchanges remain open.


1. yes. mr modi’s overnight ban on using high-value bank notes was a big shock, and seriously disrupted the economy. but it delivered rich political rewards, bolstering the premier’s image as a decisive leader willing to take tough action against corruption. with the next general elections due in 2019, mr modi will be tempted to deliver one more big bang to dazzle voters. watch out for dramatic action against wealthy individuals holding properties in others’ names to hide their ownership.
2. 持续推进大众创业、万众创新。
3. whatever one's view, two further points for and against russia's global standing are undeniable:



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    the microsoft founder's net worth is $86 billion, up from $75 billion last year.

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    the implosion of a giant subprime mortgage lender in 2007?the collapse of lehman brothers in 2008?

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    3.flying bicycles

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    "in the aftermath of recessions, there's always a period of jobless recovery," says john challenger, ceo of global outplacement firm challenger gray & christmas. "we're certainly not optimistic about seeing much improvement in the unemployment rate in 2010."

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    female founders in silicon valley will raise more money next year, as sexual harassment scandals have forced investors to rethink their habit of backing ventures founded by mainly young, white men. some start-ups founded by men pursued by rumours of unsavoury pasts will not get funding, even if they are a good investment proposition.

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    the memes were shared as part of a private facebook chat where admitted students in the class of 2021 shared edgy jokes as part of a "just-because-we-got-into-harvard-doesn't-mean-we-can't-have-fun kind of thing", an admitted student told the harvard crimson.