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1. what: a riverfront contemporary with three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms
2. yes. with the us federal reserve likely to raise interest rates a few times in 2018, trading is likely to be choppy in emerging markets. sometimes it may feel a bit like a rerun of the 2013 “taper tantrum”. however, average gdp growth will rise to 5 per cent, up from a forecast 4.7 per cent this year. this will mostly be because russia and brazil, which have stumbled, will bounce back.
3. all this is happening before our eyes and yet we act as if we have all the time we want and all the solutions. i'm only a child and i don't have all the solutions, but i want you to realise, neither do you! 所有这一切就发生在我们眼前,然而我们还是一直向大自然无度索取我们所需要的。我仅仅是个孩子,我不知道该怎么办。 但我们这些孩子——这个星球的未来需要让您认识到,您不能说没办法!
4. however, some lawmakers already are discussing a standoff again in late february over raising the federal borrowing limit. 'you can never count on policy makers to not shoot themselves in the foot,' mr. daco said.
5. ap prove=test测试,证明→证明可行→赞成;承认 al→赞成
6. decline
1. no. what has been billed as the largest ever ipo is a cornerstone of de facto leader mohammed bin salman’s grand economic restructuring, so it must happen. shares in aramco will be quoted on the local stock exchange. the international element of the ipo is unlikely to be a public listing, however. donald trump has lobbied for new york, and london is pulling all the stops. hong kong and tokyo are also under consideration. but the saudis will opt instead for a private sale, or choose to list internationally later than anticipated.
2. china has made huge progress in easing its residence and entry policies for foreigners since september 2015, which has helped attract more talent from overseas, as well as boost international exchanges and the economy, according to a ministry statement.
3. newcomers: among the 15 newcomers on this year’s list are south korean president park guen-hye (no. 11); lockheed martin ceo marillyn hewson (no. 34); ceo tory burch (no. 69); spanx founder sara blakely (no. 90) and baidu cfo jennifer li (no. 98).
4. it will be interesting to see which direction they go at the trade deadline. they have a handful of solid players along with brook lopez.
5. ['li:kid?]
6. inspection
1. 墓地主人的身份依然是个迷。这座墓地曾经被盗过,而且墓地中没有任何的文字记录来表明这些死者的名字以及他们的职位。
2. 周边环境:斯托宁顿位于康涅狄格州东南部的小纳拉甘西特湾(little narragansett bay),从哈特福特(hartford)和罗德岛的普罗维登斯(providence, r.i.)开车约1小时可达,从纽约市开车约3小时。这里曾是一个具有悠久历史的繁忙港口,至今仍然保留着一支商业捕鱼船队,有几个分布着殖民式和联邦式建筑的历史区,以及一个繁荣的航海社区。在该镇的一端有个小型的公共海滩,而在另一端罗德岛的沃奇·希尔(watch hill)则有个大得多的海滩,开车大约20分钟可到。这栋希腊复兴式房屋带有此类建筑必不可少的爱奥尼亚柱和山形墙上的扇骨半圆窗,房屋就坐落在市镇中心。
3. 台风哈维
4. you're networking – yes! but you're networking so thoroughly within your industry that word gets back to your boss. "the world is small," says andrea kay, career consultant and author of "this is how to get your next job," so this kind of thing does happen. when sharing your résumé and other job-search materials with new and old professional contacts, explicitly state that your hunt is confidential, foss says。
5. 数百所国内高校的2017届、2015届和2013届毕业生、共281万人参与了这项调查。
6. openness
1. the secretive billionaire who launched a hostile takeover bid for china’s largest property developer has emerged as one of the country’s richest people, illustrating how leveraged financial investments are propelling huge increases in private wealth.
2. ['t?l?ntid]
3. 2012年,谷歌发明了谷歌眼镜,一台你能戴在你脸上的电脑。在街上行走或者进行每天的任务的时候戴着它,可以同步看一些覆盖在眼镜上的日程会议,短信及地铁警戒等信息。戴着它行走的时候,可以用它们打视频电话,甚至把直播视频上传到网络,这一切都不需要动手。谷歌眼镜可能挺酷的,挺新颖,还有创新性,但是它绝对不是第一副可佩戴的电脑眼镜。
4. we will advance reforms in the financial sector.
5. n. 行星
6. moreover, a “turnaround in the short run is unlikely”, given china’s efforts to rebalance its economy from exports towards consumption (thereby reducing demand for imports of intermediate inputs), reinforced by “government policy to stimulate the use of domestic suppliers” and rising protectionism elsewhere, he argues.


1. ashley graham, 30, is the first ever curve model to make the highest-paid list, coming in at 10th place after banking $5.5 million from her lingerie and swimsuit lines contracts.
2. in 2013, the total number of applicants who qualified for the national service exam reached a record 1.52 million. in 2014, the total number decreased for the first time in four years to 1.41 million, the people's daily website said.
3. 如果将其切成八片,每片的价值就是250美元,相当于每一口大约值50美元。



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    finally, in the emba ranking, excluding joint programmes delivered with non-european schools, imd of switzerland, with an average salary of $261,397, is well ahead of business school in second and ie business school in third place.

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    peer review is an evaluation of work by one or more people of similar competence to those who produce the work, which helps validate research.

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    gitanjali won a $25,000 prize for scooping the top award.

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    although foreign trade accounts for a greater share of the economy than ever, the united states is still more insulated than virtually every major competitor in europe and asia. such everyday purchases as haircuts, dry cleaning, financial advice and eating out are virtually immune from foreign competition.

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