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1. faster progress in work to improve environment, particularly air quality, is what people are desperately hoping for, and is critical to sustainable development. we must adopt well-designed policies, tackle both symptoms and root causes, and take tough steps to make the grade in responding to the people.
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4. new year should be a time of banked-up fines, the scent of flowers and wine, good talk, good memories and loyalties renewed. but if all else is lacking - love will do.
5. 这部由塞巴斯蒂安.马拉比(sebastian mallaby)所著的《知者:格林斯潘传》(the man who knew),是这项奖金额为3万英镑的奖项的第12位获奖者。该奖项奖励的是年度“最令人瞩目和愉悦的”图书。
6. 8. smile every time except when my team is losing.
1. 《固定电话》是今年唯一一部必看的家庭喜剧/剧情片。
2. 他有能力向球迷们展示接下来的计划吗?——不管是什么计划。在又一个无论场内场外都丑陋的赛季后,尼克斯球迷当然有理由知道上述两个问题的答案。
3. 单词compromise 联想记忆:
4. 汤姆·佩蒂
5. 2、说谎
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1. 上海复旦大学社会发展与公共政策学院院长彭希哲周二告诉环球时报,在产业结构升级的过程中,劳动密集型产业搬离都市圈,是导致这一人口变迁的最主要原因之一。
2. 韩云平表示,去年全国的质量监督部门共提交了36000起和违反质量标准有关的案件,涉及金额达23亿人民币(约合3.33亿美元)的货物。
3. 反对:纽约时和洛杉矶影评人协会都对该片无感。
4. we began the year worried that the us was poised to withdraw from the world trade organisation. that hasn’t happened. and it’s now unlikely to any time soon.
5. 5.同性婚姻
6. bigcommerce does particularly well among small retailers generating $1 million to $2 million in annual revenue, although its following with those in the $20 million to $30 million range is growing quickly. roughly 70% of its existing customer base also runs a bricks-and-mortar store. for the past year, the developer has worked hard on responsive storefront templates that work equally well on mobile platforms and desktops—design is the number-one consideration for small e-commerce merchants, it says—and on relationships with partners of “adjacent” cloud services from the accounting, payments, customer relationship management, and payroll management worlds.
1. 值得注意的是,本年度传播假消息之首的网站域名当属“abcnews.com.co.” 在十一月的一次verge的采访中,伊利诺伊州大学信息科学学院的nicole a. cooke教授引用了一个假新闻网站上的消息,这个假新闻网站使用的是危险和普遍的策略,即域名和真网站看上去只有微小的区别。他们让消息源从第一眼看上去具备真实性。管理abcnews.com.co的人告诉华盛顿邮报,他相信他的网站在特朗普大选期间充当了一个重要的因素。
2. google and amazon rank second and third respectively.
3. the forbes global 2000 is a comprehensive list of the world’s largest, most powerful public companies, as measured by revenues, profits, assets and market value.
4. while a way must be found to aggregate those views, it will always be defective.
5. 阿丽莎也微笑地说道:“无可挑剔,一直唱下去,男孩们!”
6. 国内生产总值达到74.4万亿元,增长6.7%;


1. “我明天还要上学,不能晚睡。” 张天羽如是说。
2. 待售房产:一栋带有三间卧室和三间半浴室的河滨当代住宅
3. 那么,何种力量将决定大众明年提出的问题?这取决于你的身份(和居住地)。虽然购房者在新的一年里还将迎来高风险的竞购战,但是纽约市的偏远社区(说的就是你,大广场区[grand concourse])将会有大量寻求廉价住宅的潜在居民——所谓廉价,也只是针对那些令多数普通人可望而不可及的黄金地段,相对而言的。



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    对于新来的买家,这些变化能够给他们带来新的住房选择。但是对于既有居民而言,这可能意味着他们必须搬走。这点同样适用于de robertis pasticceria and caffe等商铺。这家咖啡馆已经在东村(east village)持续经营了110个年头,最近刚刚关门歇业。到明年,联合广场咖啡厅(union square cafe)也可能会结束其在联合广场30年的运营。

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    at its own auction the following evening, sotheby’s achieved a far more respectable total of 22.6 million with fees, although it was just above the low estimate of 21.8 million based on hammer prices. of the 44 lots offered, 15 did not sell, or 34 percent.

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    the 30 percent increase is to be driven bymore specialty drug innovation, greater patient access to medicines and reducedimpact from patent expiry dates.

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    employees of state-owned firms also expressed more satisfaction with their bonuses than those at private companies – and little wonder, as the average payout at the former was rmb17,318, or about rmb6,000 more than what their private-sector counterparts could expect.

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    the remaining of the top 10 were the university of luxembourg (second), ecole polytechnique federale de lausanne (fourth), university of geneva (fifth), eth zurich - swiss federal institute of technology zurich (seventh), university of st. gallen (eighth), national university of singapore (ninth) and imperial college london (10th).

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