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1. the total number of qualified applicants reached 31,220 in the first 24 hours, up from 25,000 over the same period last year, according to figures from offcn.com, an education organization that offers training for the civil servant exam.
2. nobel economists like joseph stiglitz, environmental activists like bill mckibben, george soros and the institute for new economic thinking, politicians like al gore and other modern thinkers all warn us that traditional economists (and the banks, businesses and government agencies they work for) are addicted to bad economic theories, and they're sabotaging america's future.
3. seychelles
4. 猪肉价格同比上涨4.8%。猪肉在用来计算cpi的以食品为主的一篮子商品中占有较大权重。
5. a. o. scott
6. adj. 有经验的
1. financial advisors and asset allocators who had been hoping to see some benefit this year from tactical strategies were also not spared the punishment of a capricious market. of the top three tactical strategies in the country (mainstay marketfield, good harbor u.s. tactical core, f-squared premium alphasector index), two had nearly imploded with double-digit losses while the third found itself under sec investigation for misleading the public about its historical returns. the other giant tactical manager, schwab’s $9 billion windhaven diversified growth product, looks to end 2014 with a return close to zero. so much for tactics.
2. 9. add personality
3. british statisticians’ unwillingness to correct known errors in the clothing price component of the rpi redistributes many billions every year from students, recent graduates, taxpayers and rail commuters to index-linked uk government bondholders, wealthy pensioners with rpi-linked pensions and rail companies.
4. 12. is there something i am clinging to? we don’t always realize when we’re clinging to something harmful when it feels safe and familiar, whether it is an unfulfilling job, an unhealthy relationship, or a stagnant way of life. recognize if you are clinging to something that isn’t serving you and work on taking small steps towards change and release.
5. 2010年10年期美国国债收益率年终收盘报:5.0%。
6. the dip to the lowest level in five months came as some companies surveyed for the gauge noted that stricter environmental policies – intended to curb the toxic haze that descends upon much of china each winter – had restricted expansion.
1. goldie blox is a toy company on a mission to redefine the “pink aisle” in toy stores. men dramatically outnumber women in science, technology, engineering and math (stem) education and careers, with girls largely losing interest in these topics by age 8. goldie blox toys are designed to inspire future engineers by engaging girls in a way that draws on their strong verbal and storytelling skills — while still offering opportunities to build the skills that can later translate into an interest in engineering. and speaking of opportunity, how does a start-up toy company stand out against the big names that have been dominating the toy space since the beginning of time? in a savvy move, goldie blox recently released a video that went viral with their take on the beastie boys song “girls.” though the video was ultimately taken down, goldie blox did an excellent job raising awareness of the need to get more women and girls interested in stem … and of the goldie blox toys.
2. may you have the best new year ever.愿你度过最美好的新年!
3. 单词adolescent 联想记忆:
4. you think you're so smooth – the james bond of covert job searching. where he used wrist-mounted dart guns and camera-implanted rings, you have deceptive "dentist appointments" and a conveniently angled computer monitor to conceal secret résumé tweaking. unfortunately, while you smugly sip a shaken martini – uh, iced coffee – you may not realize that your cover was blown. your boss is onto you, and it's no wonder。
5. those falls came despite a rise in insurance premium income of 37.3 per cent year-on-year to rmb1.88tn, while total assets reached rmb14.27tn, up 15.4 per cent.
6. homosexual behavior is responsible for 81.8 percent of the new cases, added the nhc, due to students' "poor awareness of protection, despite their high awareness of the disease."
1. but there remains a mass of old master paintings in dealers’ stocks — and in collectors’ minds — whose asking prices still hark back to the age of tommy cooper. unfortunately, in today’s market, and at those prices, many of these paintings will be as sellable as that stradivarius canvas with the hole in it.
2. 妮妮·切利(neneh cherry),《空白计划》(blank project), smalltown supersound
3. “we had to make steve look like a blue-blooded man of great family wealth,” mr. corso said. “there’s a specific look, a definite visual that goes along with that.”
4. the show is iconic among those who grew up in the 1990s because it explores core themes like friendship, struggling to survive in a big city, and finding independence and identity, all of which are still relevant to young audiences today.
5. 移动端取代网页端。
6. musical theatre actors, callabro united to become a truly talented vocal group who have gone from strength to strength.


1. 2.namibia
2. 科学家指出,这增加了暴雨和洪水的危险,因为气温升高会导致大气层里积聚更多水蒸气。
3. 不会。华尔街策略师预测美国政府的10年期借贷成本将在未来一年攀升至3%以上,这话就像尴尬的办公室聚会一样是圣诞节那段时间的固定节目。鉴于美联储退出量化宽松和美国减税,今年的预测看起来更有可能实现。然而,压低通胀和长期债券收益率的长期重大因素依然存在,并且仍然被低估。2018年美联储将至少加息三次,但10年期收益率不会突破3%。



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    outdoor space: the house is on a fifth of an acre, landscaped by the new york firm landgarden. the japanese-style gardens in front make use of native plants. there’s also a back patio and yard, with a second japanese garden.

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    the show started with a circus theme, complete with acrobats, a sword-swallower and a man on stilts. justin bieber, rihanna and bruno mars performed.

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    8. 茱莉亚-罗伯茨 1200万美元

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    得克萨斯州成为首批摆脱经济衰退的州之一,该州凭借低税收负担、监管环境可预见性和熟练劳动力不断吸引企业投资。根据穆迪分析公司的统计,得克萨斯州的就业人数到2017年将以每年3%的速度增长。(亚利桑那州的预计就业增长速度仅高出0.04%)。得克萨斯州吸引了众多加利福尼亚州企业的关注,得州州长里克?佩里(rick perry)毫不顾忌地把两个州的商业环境相对比。最近几年来,加州企业电子港湾(ebay)和电子艺界(electronic arts)都选择在得克萨斯州大举扩张。奥斯汀一直是商业活动的温床,今年埃森哲咨询公司(accenture)、at&t公司、国家仪器公司(national instruments)和时代华纳有线(time warner cable)都宣布计划在该地区大幅增加就业岗位。