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1. but most overseas islands are sold as freehold properties.
2. the veterans day holiday, which pays tribute to all men and women who have served in the u.s. military, dates back to 1919, when president woodrow wilson proclaimed november 11 as armistice day to celebrate the end of fighting exactly one year earlier in world war one - "the war to end all wars" - between germany and the allied nations of britain, france and the united states. the armistice famously went into effect at "the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month."
3. but the change in wall street’s — and silicon valley’s — appreciation of mr cook is down to more than just the 70m iphones apple is expected to sell this quarter or the $42bn in sales generated in the previous.
4. anyone who doesn't feel they can tap into their inner-picasso to create amazing drawings needn't worry. the study demonstrated that it wasn't the quality of the doodles and drawings that helped participants recall given words. drawing a simple outline of a banana offered just as much benefit to the memory as a perfectly drawn piece of fruit. additionally, the study found that participants only needed to spend a few seconds on their drawing to receive a significant boost to their ability to recall the word. the researchers plan to take their research a step further in the future by introducing more complex words and ideas and measuring the memory success of participants asked to recall those intricate thoughts.
5. 信任感依然会是商业领域中唯一且最关键的问题。
6. since 1983 the annual spring festival gala hosted by china central television has always been an important part of the chinese lunar new year celebration - no wonder every move organizers make becomes the center of attention.
1. one key thing the best bosses seem to have in common is that they are all consummate problem solvers. they can not only spot them, but brainstorm successful and innovative ways to fix them。
2. 因为一种鲜为人知的病毒所造成的重大影响,2016年将在全球卫生方面被人们铭记。这似曾相识,不过此次登上全球头条新闻的不是埃博拉病毒,而是寨卡——一种通过蚊子传播的病毒,大脑存在缺陷的新生儿数量在巴西急剧增加与此有关。
3. china will remain an important engine for world growth amid sluggish global economic recovery.
4. a saudi woman who got behind the wheel and never looked back
5. 《人物》评选的电影史上35位美人(1)
6. 在弗丽达·詹尼尼(frida giannini)为古驰(gucci)设计的很多时装秀上都可以看到这种理念,包括2014年秋冬的台布渐变色和a字皮裙;2013年春夏的粉色长款衬衫和褶饰女主人连衣裙;2009年春夏的披头士风格鲜艳裤套装和宽松束腰长裙。
1. give me space
2. it was not an auspicious start to the new year for bitcoin investors.
3. recipient: canadian prime minister justin trudeau
4. 尽管中国的私人财富大幅增长,但中国的亿万富豪仍未跻身全球顶级富豪行列。胡润估计,中国首富、万达集团(wanda group)掌门人王健林在全球富豪中排名第26位。
5. mastercard says its index reflects the interconnectedness of major global cities and tracks the ways in which business and leisure jet-setters spend their money.
6. 从化石燃料转向可再生能源,无疑是我们这个时代最重要的工程挑战和科学挑战。
1. 著名美国谐星梅丽莎?麦卡西收入为3300万美元,比去年增加了1000万美元。
2. 美国在2014年的新增工作岗位被设定为300万个—这是自1999年以来最大的增加量。新增工作岗位的增加预计在2015年将会对得到持续,这将确保消费者支出得到持续的动力;同时汽油价格的下降也将为家庭支出节省额外的开支用以购买其他的商品和服务。详见:汽油价格在2014年下降美国将会节省140亿美元开支。
3. 答:写轻小说的时候,我大部分时候都是独自创作。但是写动画的话,就有会导演,有工作人员,他们会对我的作品提出观点。关于分镜往往会有好几次修订。有趣的是那些回馈回来的东西。这是工作中非常有趣的一部分。
4. 品牌价值降幅最大的包括油气公司(仍因大宗商品价格处于低位而受到影响)和银行(面临着paypal等支付系统日益激烈的竞争,paypal的品牌价值增长35%)。
5. 节目24 土耳其风情舞蹈《火》,土耳其火舞舞蹈团
6. 4. new reserves of helium discovered


1. 5. constantly take action.
2. "people can be unhappy for many reasons -- from poverty to unemployment to family breakdown to physical illness," the report said. "but in any particular society, chronic mental illness is a highly influential cause of misery. if we want a happier world, we need a completely new deal on mental health."
3. 被氦气顶起来的泡沫穿过图形模板。



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    根据租金指导委员会(rent guidelines board)的数据,在过去20年里,纽约市至少有13.3万个单元因这项规定而变成市价房。政策的支持者表示,如果这一趋势持续下去,租金管制政策会被进一步削弱,从而对市长保留保障房的努力构成阻碍。

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    though the 60-year-old microsoft head is 4.2 billion dollars poorer than 2015, his net worth of 75 billion dollars has put him in the top spot of the spot on forbes' world billionaires list for the third year in a row, after overcoming mexico's carlos slim helu in 2014.

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    this one didn't come easy, though. toronto fought back from an 18-point deficit and trailed by one late in the game with the ball. but guard kyle lowry was called for an offensive foul, and curry hit two free throws to help seal the win.

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    2. the 2012 ig nobel peace prize

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    today's and tomorrow's technology sits on top of multiple layers, every one of which is changing and has to inter-operate with others. this makes our gadgets, the internet of things, phones and laptops unstable. and it makes consumers irritated. how many of your apps actually work--and actually make life easier, faster or more fun? i'd expect to see consumer cynicism grow, as delight is overtaken by disappointment. this will put pressure on hardware and software developers to deliver that most boring of qualities: reliability.

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    given a choice, chinese university graduates prefer to find employment rather than start a company.

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    当然,这得取决于苹果是否能设法用更便宜的零部件、更慢的处理器、分辨率更低的屏幕、以及也许是塑料机身来造出一部330美元的iphone。而用蒂姆?库克上周在高盛公司(goldman sachs)一次会议上的话说,它决不能是个“低劣产品”。

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    russian president vladimir putin took a 10% pay cut last year, as his country sank into a deep recession. but that was after his salary more than doubled in april 2014, to roughly 9.7 million rubles.