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1. 反对:《至暗时刻》目前还没有被一所影评机构评为最佳电影。
2. overall more than 5.8 million enhancements were performed in asia during 2010, while just over 4.5 million procedures were carried out in the us the economist revealed.
3. norway, which has twice rejected european union membership, ranks no. 10 overall. the country takes the no. 1 spot in citizenship and the no. 2 spot in most transparent.
4. 据预测,在大宗商品价格上涨和需求温和上升的推动下,2017年以美元计的新兴市场国家出口额将出现自2014年以来的首次增长。
5. chinese tourism to south korea has boomed in recent years, delighting retailers but irking domestic tourists who have found the country’s attractions swamped with visitors.
6. 大卫评价说:“这唱的太棒了,无可挑剔,简直完美。”
1. uruguay owes much of its success not just to its passion for football but also to the early inclusiveness of its culture. in that 1950 tournament, at a time when neighboring brazil still regarded its black players with suspicion, uruguay boasted a black captain, the brilliant obdulio varela. moreover, uruguay's victories in the world cup's formative years established a pedigree that endures to this day, with many of its footballers -- such as liverpool's luis suárez and paris saint-germain's edinson cavani -- playing abroad for some of the world's biggest clubs.
2. 教育部之后表示,他们不会容忍这种欺骗行为,并已经要求公安部门进入进行调查。
3. 上榜理由:被低估的欧洲瑰宝
4. it is the first time that news came up first since the technology company began publishing its yearly review a decade ago.vera chan, the company's senior editor and web trend analyst, said the bp oil spill was the most searched topic for term for a variety of reasons.
5. 200912/93010.shtml
6. 阿方索?卡隆(alfonso cuaron)凭藉广受好评的全球热门太空科幻影片《地心引力》(gravity)赢得最佳导演奖。《地心引力》、《美国骗局》和《为奴十二年》均有可能成为今年奥斯卡奖(academy awards)的夺奖热门,本周四将公布今年奥斯卡奖提名名单。(与金球奖不同,奥斯卡奖还设置技术类奖项。)
1. in an emailed statement, fifa said that during group stage matches, it sold a total of 143,364 of the cheapest tickets, which amounted to roughly 3,000 such tickets available per match.
2. compared with an average age of 45, 52-year-old jack ma is the oldest among the top 10 it tycoons.
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4. 12-year-old girl finds ancient egyptian amulet
5. n. 名人,名誉,社会名流
6. 语言本是人们沟通的工具,没有性别之分,但由于男女的社会分工、性格特色、生理特点不同,每一种语言都深深地打上了性别的烙印。在国外,有部分社会语言学家,专门研究语言
1. ar一再,rog要求-一再要求-傲慢的arrow ant:一个想射箭的蚂蚁-傲慢自大的
2. in this jan. 15, 2008, file photo, apple ceo steve jobs holds up the new macbook air after giving the keynote address at the apple macworld conference in san francisco
3. an odd assortment of s&p sectors led the market higher this year, with some strange bedfellows atop the leaderboard. even if a manager had foreseen that the healthcare sector would gain 27% this year, would they have guessed that utilities would be in the no. 2 slot, with gains of 23%? unlikely.
4. separate temperature measurements taken from satellites do not show 2014 as a record year, although it is close. several scientists said the satellite readings reflected temperatures in the atmosphere, not at the earth’s surface, so it was not surprising that they would differ slightly from the ground and ocean-surface measurements that showed record warmth.
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6. it predicts index funds, or those that track commodities indices, to be back in the agricultural market in the second half of 2017, as they look for a hedge against inflation.


1. the nets should really feel free to tank out if only to get assets for the players who aren't integral to culture change and won't be on the next very good brooklyn team. that means brook lopez, basically. the market on him is weird, but presuming it exists, it should be explored.
2. ['treidmɑ:k]
3. 单词commercial 联想记忆:



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    gary oldman on blistering form as winston churchill.

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    at&t (t, fortune 500) approved a stock repurchase of up to 300 million shares worth about $10.5 billion in march. the buyback is the fourth initiative announced over the past three years. since 2012, when the company started its stock buybacks, it has repurchased 775 million of its shares.

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    china everbright, the financial conglomerate that bought the dah sing financial centre for hk$10bn ($1.29bn), is just one of a number of mainland chinese companies to have splashed out on headquarters in the city over the past year.

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    she says she noticed the similarities between her and the disney character when she first saw the film in december, calling the experience eerie.

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    best companies rank: 63

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    there's a difference, though, in a team like miami that's playing its young guys and trying to build a core while taking on losses, and, say, the magic, who are trying to jump-start a stalled process.