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1. “our population and employment is at an all-time high and growing. that puts significant pressure on rents and prices,” said mark willis, the executive director of the new york university furman center for real estate and urban policy. “there is no reason now to think that these trends are likely to change.”
2. 单词haven 联想记忆:
3. 还有仅仅9所商学院参与了所有4项排名。它们的排名从第三(西班牙企业商学院)到第38位(米兰理工大学mip管理学院(politecnico di milano school of management))不等。
4. 单词check 联想记忆:
5. 张国立将主持2014年春晚
6. their inclusion has come at the expense mainly of european companies, signalling the shift in economic power towards the east. there is only one indian brand in the top 100 ranking — hdfc bank. russian, mexican and brazilian brands have fallen out of the ranking in the past few years — a sober reflection of the changing fortunes of these emerging markets.
1. 勤勉尽责干事创业。
2. technology
3. 通州将会成为新的北京行政中心,该举措有助于缓解现在政府所在的北京中心地区的公共服务压力。
4. china does not want to resort to yuan depreciation to boost exports as that would dampen the restructuring and upgrading of the corporate sector.
5. 谎言6:我29岁。说谎原因:29岁听起来比30岁要年轻多了。
6. newly launched eleven james is bringing collaborative consumption to men’s watches. with a membership program offering access to a curated collection of high-end watches, eleven james is extending the membership model that has previously been associated with private jets, luxury cars and vacation homes. beyond the watches, members are enrolled in a dedicated loyalty program which includes a concierge service, access to partner benefits and unique experiences like watch-themed events. sounds a little bit like men’s watches meet a net jets experience? founder randy brandoff has deep experience in luxury marketing, having previously served as the senior vice president and chief marketing officer of net jets and the executive vice president and chief marketing officer of marquis jets. combining his expertise with a watch industry that’s grown year over year and a business model that’s proven successful in other markets, it looks like eleven james could be hitting the market at just the right time.
1. china mobile, supply chain rumors are emerging about apple’s next significant product releases. digitimes reports that according to “sources from the upstream supply chain, ” apple is planning to release a 5-inch iphone 6 “phablet” this coming may and a large tablet in october.
2. 最令人兴奋地其实是交易期
3. 包括at&t、ibm、西门子和施乐等在内的27家公司今年未能继续上榜。
4. at 36, women are about two years younger than men but senior positions are fairly well distributed between genders, with only slightly more women in relatively junior positions — 26 per cent of them are professionals compared with 24 per cent of men.
5. as for dirk, nobody should ever go out the way they do, but it happens all the time. in some ways, maybe it's easier if the reckoning is this painful.
6. ['infinit]
1. many are less than impressed by the cheesy indulgence, with the new york daily news speaking to one dietitian who blasted the lack of nutritional value in the pizza's most expensive ingredient: the ecuador-imported gold flakes.
2. 《老友记》是成长在90年代的小伙伴们心中标志性的存在,因为它的主题:友谊、大城市生存的不易,发现自我、寻求独立,与年轻人息息相关,如今亦是如此。
3. deadpool will release on february 12, 2016 and it looks like it's going to be a hilarious movie. oh yes, there's going to be plenty of action and killing as well.
4. 那么,何种力量将决定大众明年提出的问题?这取决于你的身份(和居住地)。虽然购房者在新的一年里还将迎来高风险的竞购战,但是纽约市的偏远社区(说的就是你,大广场区[grand concourse])将会有大量寻求廉价住宅的潜在居民——所谓廉价,也只是针对那些令多数普通人可望而不可及的黄金地段,相对而言的。
5. [pi'tr?uli?m]
6. only 6.92 percent of hawaiian’s flights arrived late during the past three years, almost twice as good as the runner up, alaska air — 11.27 percent of its flights arrived late.


1. 3.the jungle book
2. qualcomm
3. 大多数企业家(78%)利用储蓄或依赖朋友和家人来筹集全部或部分启动资金。四分之三的企业家也使用天使融资来作为资金来源。



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    france’s hec paris and essec business school remained second and third, respectively, for the third year running.

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    the uk’s warwick business school recorded the best progression at the top, moving up from 16th to ninth place, while the shanghai advanced institute of finance (saif), based at jiaotong university, enjoys the bestprogression overall, jumping from 28th to 14th place.

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    the harry potter star emma watson hold fifth position in the list of ten most beautiful women of 2015. the english actress, model, and activist, watson took the top spot on the askmen “top 99 outstanding women 2015″ list and at number 26 on the time 100 list of the world's most influential people.

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    most successful entrepreneurs follow comparable patterns and share similar basic characteristics. hundreds of online articles and published books claim to know the secret of success in business, but for the most part, they boil down to the same major points.

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    n. 诱惑力,吸引力

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    in 2014, the actress tilda swinton wore false teeth in four movies: “the zero theorem,” “the grand budapest hotel,” “only lovers left alive” and “snowpiercer,” a film directed by bong joon-ho. in this thriller, ms. swinton plays the cruel and calculating minister mason, distinguished by a giant pair of glasses and a mouthful of bulky, misshapen choppers.

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    slice stems at a 45 degree angle.this leaves a larger exposed area so blossoms can absorb as much water as possible, and also allows stems to stand on point, s

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    《钢铁侠3》(iron man 3)凭借12亿美元的票房总收入成为目前2013年最卖座影片。不过这还不足以令其主演小罗伯特·唐尼(robert downey jr.)摘下我们票房收入最高演员的桂冠。今年,绰号“巨石强森”的德韦恩·约翰逊(dwayne johnson)凭借更加努力的工作,击败了唐尼。