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1. the difficulty of arranging visas for the large contingent of students from outside the eea partly explains why uk schools performed disproportionally poorly in terms of international course experience, with 14 schools ranked in the bottom half of this criterion.
2. oh carmelo, i wish you still had your high school mini-fro. it was absolutely epic.
3. 对爱、丧失与人生意义的沉思。喜欢狗的人与卢·里德(lou reed)的歌迷会特别容易受感动(我向双方都承认错误),但是任何有心人都会为安德森女士轻盈的智慧与极为庄重的风趣所打动。
4. 007系列电影主题曲第九名:露露--《金枪人》
5. in 2016, fear and anger became dominant political emotions in the uk and the us — two of the most important, stable and enduring democracies.
6. but a friend saw a tv report about it and contacted the sorting office. mr siddeeq, 74, says he is still eager to read it, despite now being divorced。
1. 越南声称来自中国的鸡肉、鲟鱼和果蔬降低了当地产品的市场价位,而他们却将严重过期的不法产品运至中国,甚至还形成了黑市。
2. 单词perspective 联想记忆:
3. 4. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之神经科学奖
4. the u.s. $10 bill will feature the portrait of a notable u.s. woman by 2020.
5. 达洛伊西奥设计了一款名叫summly的应用软件,该软件能够将繁冗的文章精简成几行关键句子。早一代summly软件发布后,技术观察家意识到在这个无论资讯还是财报,一切新闻都快速阅于掌上的时代,这样一款简洁、精准的摘要软件蕴含着巨大的价值。该应用吸引了包括好莱坞明星和亚洲首富李嘉诚在内的全世界投资者的兴趣。
6. without a cellphone at hand, sun tried yelling to get the attention of people outside, but no one responded as time passed by.
1. 但是随着西方制造业和工业的衰落,不少工薪阶层市镇也随之衰败,父母和祖父母们发现,下一代已经不能拥有他们曾经拥有的机会了。
2. 在7月31日的分析师电话会议上,特斯拉的董事长兼ceo埃隆o穆斯克亲手给“特斯拉热”又添了一把柴。这次会议上爆出的“大新闻”并不是特斯拉第二季度产量再次提升并超过了收益预期。
3. 'blue jasmine' belongs, chronologically, to woody allen's late period of self-renewal. artistically, however, it's a comfortable fit with some of the brightest comedies-the brightest/bleakest/wriest comedies-he's ever done. the centerpiece is cate blanchett's astonishing performance as blanche dubois re-imagined to be the half-mad ex-wife of alec baldwin's crypto-bernie madoff. not all that far from the center, sally hawkins, andrew dice clay, bobby cannavale and louis c.k., among others, maneuver their way through mine fields of deceit and disappointment.
4. 研究人员表示,去年之所以特别引人瞩目,是因为除了1月和4月以外,每个月都会创下新的全球高温记录,或与记录持平。
5. we'll start our review with the south american nations, and who else could we begin with, but the hosts brazil. rewind 18 months and they looked like they'd be struggling, but the appointment of 'big phil' scolari has been inspired, and he's brought a belief to the team that was previously missing. last years 3:0 demolition of spain in the confederations cup final shocked many experts, and all of a sudden the brazilians have expectations on them. whilst you can't argue with that scoreline, we still wonder if brazil have the firepower to win such a long tournament. neymar is expected to conjure up the magic, but they're relying on fred to come up with the goals. no disrepect to fred, but the last two brazilian teams to win the world cup, in 2002 and 1994, could count on the likes of ronaldo and romario to lead the front line, two genuine legends of the game.
6. switzerland, sweden and the uk again occupied the top three slots in the ranking. fifteen of the top 25 economies in the gii come from europe.
1. 凯特·温丝莱特凭借她在电影《乔布斯》中扮演的乔安娜·霍夫曼一角斩获金球奖最佳女配角奖项。当她听到自己获奖时,她目瞪口呆地坐在椅子上不敢相信。
2. 中国富人正在寻找属于自己的岛
3. 我在喜马拉雅山的山脚下度过了青春岁月,当时有个朋友被我们称为“追梦人”。他每天都在享受最微妙的乐趣——用五颜六色标注蝴蝶、数地平线上的高峰,对着形状各异的云朵编故事。他是个快乐的家伙,对生活的美妙深有体会,容易兴奋激动。亲爱的2013届毕业生,我认识这家伙很多年了,今天我坐下来给你们写这篇文章的时候,突然想到了他。
4. temptation
5. the microsoft founder's net worth is $86 billion, up from $75 billion last year.
6. 朱尔斯皮耶里


1. 美国就业市场笼罩着重重阴云──特别是遭遇增税、减支双重打击的可能性,即“财政悬崖”。[qh]
2. 《怪奇物语2》
3. 用走私野生动物制成的商品到哪里去了?



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    gdp reached 74.4 trillion yuan, representing 6.7-percent growth.

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    a minimum of 70 per cent of the con-tent must be delivered online in order for programmes to be eligible for the online ranking. nine out of the 15 ranked schools had no requirement to study on campus at all. the remaining six schools insisted their students attend weekend or week-long residential classes.

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    “this could be just the beginning,” said michael na, a strategist in seoul with nomura.?“they have so many options to punish korean businesses.”

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    coordinated reform of medical services, medical insurance, and the medicine industry

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    adj. 终极的,根本

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    the approach has in some cases moved from the political fringes into the mainstream. some leaders from britain’s center-right, governing conservative party, for example, helped push a british exit, and since the referendum the new conservative prime minister, theresa may, has signaled sympathy with white identity politics.

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