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1. 在第二轮(重新)谈判不久前结束后,我们真正进入了贸易谈判的技术官僚阶段。
2. 9.touchscreens
3. 同时,美国rapper歌手eminem被证明是“复出王”,摘得最佳hip hop歌手奖。”the lose yourself ”的创作者与hip hop的新面孔相互竞争,包括drake, future, kendrick lamar and post malone。
4. 今年的获奖榜单如下:
5. 7、糟糕的肢体语言
6. bringing harmony to apple’s internal fiefdoms has not been easy. there is still “huge tension” inside apple, according to one person who has worked with the company for many years. “that tension is something he uses to run the company but it can be dangerous.”
1. meanwhile, la rochelle business school dropped 12 places to 60 having been last year’s highest climber.
2. the ground-breaking discoveries in physics, have ignited a firestorm of research, and it’s only a matter of time before their research leads to advances as unimaginable to us now as lasers and computer chips were a hundred years ago, laura h. greene, president-elect of the american physical society told the new york times.
3. 去字典里查一下“side-splitting humor”(令人捧腹大笑的幽默感)这个词,你可能会看到《嗨翻姐妹行》的预告片,这是2017年最搞笑的电影,没有争议。
4. 小说作者安东尼·赫洛维兹(anthony horowitz)透露,新书《trigger mortis》为现代读者作了改动,包含反对吸烟的信息,而且首次有一位“直言不讳”的同性恋朋友出场。
5. 公关行业胜在连基本的发邮件、说话和开会都能玩出无穷的花样。入围作品有:“我想跳上你的雷达”(别,你要跳上来雷达就完了)还有“我们找时间联系,相互更新一下情况”。我最喜欢的是这个,一位名叫迈克尔的这样写道:“希望你别介意这次广推(outreach)。”哎吗,我很介意。主动凑上去(reach out)已经够让人腻歪的了,就算你把它当名词使,还颠倒了词序,也并没啥用好吗。迈克尔,“沟通杯”(communications cup)归你了。
6. the show is iconic among those who grew up in the 1990s because it explores core themes like friendship, struggling to survive in a big city, and finding independence and identity, all of which are still relevant to young audiences today.
1. christopher nolan's world war ii feature is probably just about the front runner for best film.
2. in the 2013 survey, tokyo reclaimed the title as the world's most expensive city. currency swings pushed zurich into the no.1 position last year but government exchange rate controls have driven the swiss city back to no.7 in the list. osaka in japan was ranked the second most expensive.
3. regarding syria, putin said the russian military operation will continue until a political process starts. and he said the syrian people must determine who rules the country. he also said he does not know whether russia needs a permanent military base in syria.
4. 贴近大自然。在桌上摆放一盆植物是振奋自己的一个好办法。
5. d'aloisio himself strives to maintain a bubble of normalcy. he dates the same girl he did before the whirlwind hit. and though he's stopped attending school-he's too busy to sit in class while overseeing summly's development-he still gets his work from his teachers and meets with them regularly. he cherishes the fact that his circle of friends knows little of his life as a budding industrialist. when i met him, he was about to head to greece for a weeklong vacation with a pack of high school pals.
6. “the first amendment’s free speech protections apply only to violations by public entities, and since harvard is a private university the first amendment does not apply,” she said.
1. 2014年1月,我在达沃斯亲身感受到了这种悲观情绪。几位著名西方学者问我中国和日本之间是否会爆发战争。我非常有信心东亚不会发生战争,以至于我提出以1赔10的赔率与西方知名记者们打赌。两位记者接受了我的赌约。今年1月回到达沃斯时,我将收取他们的赌注。
2. 10. taitung, taiwan-the footbridge which connects small, uninhabited sanxiantai island to taitung is celebrated for its eight looping arches. this coastal county is in lonely planet's list of top destinations in asia to visit in 2016.
3. 最近几个月,大宗商品相关行业受到的冲击尤为严重。采矿业全年利润下降23%。石油和石化炼制企业的利润也出现下滑。尽管油价下跌,但很多炼厂仍要接受在油价暴跌之前签订的协议价格,而它们的出厂价格在下跌。
4. il不 legal合法的→不合法的
5. usually things that go in the trash are of no value and don't need any kind of inspection, but qube wants to change that with "the world's first smart trash can." the qube claims to help you monitor your trash and help you recycle by using innovative technology.
6. 物理学界这一开拓性的发现已经点燃科学研究的星星之火,而他们的这项研究发展为前沿科技,也不过是时间早晚的事罢了,就像100年前我们无法想象今天的激光和电脑芯片那样,美国物理学会候选会长劳拉?h?格林在接受《纽约时报》采访时表示。


1. other high points for the school include being first for alumni international mobility, second for international experience and third for job placement.
2. currency movements have had a strong impact on agricultural commodity prices this year, with the uk’s referendum on the eu leading to a sharp fall in the pound that pushed up the price of food imports and boosted agricultural exports.
3. 他们两个自称拥有着世界上最大的两个粉丝基础。但是周日晚上,在伦敦温布利sse竞技场上举行的2017年欧洲音乐大奖中,shawn mendes夺得桂冠, taylor swift在她参选的五个奖项中纷纷落选。



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    fereston recalls when writer jennifer crittenden stopped him in the hallway after filming and asked him, 'are you sure about this? are you sure you're not ruining julia louis-dreyfus' career?' considering dreyfus won an emmy that same year, it's safe to say the dance was a good career move for the actress. and now to reminisce, here is elaine doing her famous "elaine dance."

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    benmosche's abrasive morale-building exercise at aig will take hold. the u.s. pay czar will give benmosche leeway on pay. and a continuing rebound in the markets will give aig a shot at repaying a good chunk of taxpayer money.

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    according to china's business magazine new fortune's 2018 chinese wealthy list, the top 10 tycoons' total wealth reached 1.72 trillion yuan, accounting for 18% of the combined wealth of the list's total 500, and the top 10's personal wealth has surpassed 100 billion yuan for the first time.

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    5. confirmation of the discovery of a nearby habitable planet

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