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1. remedy: this is another hindsight-based regret that you can’t cure without a time machine. the years, energy and dollars you spent on your degree are sunk costs. you can’t do anything about your past academic track record, but you can identify the areas in which you think you fell short in your college days and figure out how to augment those shortcomings in the present. for example, if you feel you didn’t do enough networking outside of the classroom, you might consider joining an alumni group or make a greater effort to participate in professional associations in your field. if you regret skipping your 8:00 am managerial accounting class and mourn how useful those concepts would be to you now, check out the continuing ed options at your nearest community college.
2. “when i started in this business, brooklyn was the alternative. now it is a choice,” said diane m. ramirez, the chief executive of halstead property. “i see queens becoming that way. the bronx is not that far down the line.”
3. the relocation is also part of the integration plan for the beijing-tianjin-hebei cluster, which aims to ease congestion in the capital and achieve more balanced development in the region.
4. 在这份榜单上,名列c罗和梅西之后的是nba球星勒布朗·詹姆斯(5300万英镑)和网球运动员罗杰·费德勒(4600万英镑)。
5. until a couple of games ago, stephen curry really hadn't thought much about making more nba history.
6. 学员平均年龄:费城班33岁,旧金山班36岁
1. 不过,对其他地区的出口却差多了,尤其是对转口地区香港的贸易,该月以美元计的对香港出口同比下滑26.3%至338.4亿美元。对欧盟(eu)国家的出口也下滑4.7%至335亿美元。而对日本出口则下滑5.5%至112.7亿美元。
2. 在做完所有他能做的自救措施后,这个务实的孩子不知道还要多久才会有人来救他,于是他决定做家庭作业。
3. that figure is more than two times the city's population of about 10 million.
4. the dutch lender that is a leading financier to farmers and agribusinesses around the world.
5. in this post, we’ll take a look at 16 software applications that i use almost every day — and discuss why you should too.
6. 2010财年,这家超级零售商可抱怨的地方不多。利润增加,而且由于销售额增长,该公司再次攀升至《财富》500强的冠军。今年沃尔玛的单店销售额和去年几乎持平,但同塔吉特百货销售额下降2.5%相比,持平已算不错。最值得注意的是沃尔玛重塑形象。前任首席执行官李?斯科特扩大了对员工医疗保险的覆盖,更关注环境,经常在公共场合露面,这些都起到了积极作用。当然,总会有人批评,而且沃尔玛第一季度的表现也不是最好的。但无可否认,斯科特给新任首席执行官麦克?杜克留下的是一个斗志昂扬的公司。
1. the eu filed just 12 anti-dumping cases in 2015, two less than the year before.
2. 在对入围的六本图书展开激烈辩论时,一名评委形容福特的书对该问题做出了“冷静而全面”的分析。英国《金融时报》主编兼此次评选委员会主席莱昂内尔巴伯(lionel barber)称《机器人的崛起:大规模失业的威胁与科技》“行文紧凑、研究深入,是公共政策辩论领域的又一佳作。”
3. 上榜理由:被低估的欧洲瑰宝
4. 另一名学员表示:这个项目让我的事业获得了巨大飞越,为我在毕业后马上就担任一个战略最高层管理职位做好了准备。
5. 你可能已经在使用谷歌日历了,但你使用的方式是否正确呢?告诉你一个秘诀:只要把在那个日子和那个时候会真正发生的事情记录在谷歌日历上就行。同时利用iphone提醒记住那些时间敏感性不太强的事情(即不是那些精确到小时和分钟的事情)。遵循这一战略有助于你保持更清醒的状态。
6. even if the tapering is smooth, the fed could spend much of the year grappling with the prospect of raising its interest-rate target as early as 2015.
1. russia and nato have both called for a de-escalation of the turkey-netherlands row.
2. 3.解决问题的好手
3. adj. 荒谬的,可笑的
4. my sunshine is a tv drama adapted from gu man`s novel of the same title. it stars wallace chuang and tang yan, premiering in january, 2015. the drama depicts a man and a woman`s reunion and long-lasting romance after seven years of separation. the novel itself has been popular on the internet and was published in 2003. wallace chuang soon rose to become a romantic icon among female viewers because of the role he played in the adaptation, presenting an ideal image of lover to the audiences.
5. 以下是根据官方数据(所有收入均按市场汇率折合成了美元)得出的世界主要国家领导人收入排行。
6. 1.deadpool


1. against: it might be that bit too far from the mainstream to make a huge awards impact.
2. fat的人que缺乏锻炼就容易劳累
3. if you have been out of work for a long time, it may be time to consider taking a job you wouldn't have looked at before.



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    around 10 gigabytes of photos have allegedly been released. jiedaibao, a popular online peer-to-peer lending platform, is involved in the incident, the beijing times reported on dec. 1.

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    after being named esquire's "sexiest women alive" in october and details' "most f*ckable celebrity" last month, the gorgeous 29-year-old has now snagged another honor: fhm's "sexiest woman in the world 2013," beating 99 other ladies and countless more who didn't even make the list.

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    you are supposed to enjoy life, not be stressed out all the time. if you spend most of your days stressed about everything that going on at work, you are not at the right job.