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1. in my life, i have dreamt of seeing the great herds of wild animals, jungles and rainforests full of birds and butterfilies, but now i wonder if they will even exist for my children to see. 我一生的梦想就是能看到成群的野生动物,茂盛的丛林和大片的雨林中到处是鸟类和蝴蝶在飞舞。但是现在我想知道我们这些小孩是否还能再看到它们?
2. “even if you have made your peace with a fed rate rise there are other reasons to be nervous,” said david hauner, head of emerging markets at bank of america merrill lynch, who points to falling oil prices and the slowdown in china to illustrate why market volatility measured by the cboe’s vix index, a barometer of investor sentiment, has been elevated since august.
3. 但煽动家利用此类抱怨的做法威胁到了民主。
4. “people claim he has a cool exterior but he’s a very passionate guy and he stands up for what he believes in,” says bob iger, walt disney chief executive and apple board member since 2011. “that is in both his personal life and at apple.”
5. deadpool will release on february 12, 2016 and it looks like it's going to be a hilarious movie. oh yes, there's going to be plenty of action and killing as well.
6. 课程安排:5个住校学习时间段,不住校时在线学习
1. 8.轮滑
2. 周一晚间,安卡拉方面证实,不欢迎荷兰驻土耳其大使返回土耳其。
3. for now, d'aloisio isn't touching the money. 'i'm too young to appreciate the value of it,' he insists. 'i don't have a mortgage, i'm 17. to me, a hundred pounds is a lot. take that as a benchmark.' though he's not allowed to comment on summly's sale price, when pressed he allows that he might one day like to deploy his newfound riches as an angel investor. no one around him seems to think there's a danger that the money will ruin him or that he'll be tempted to spend the rest of his life dissipating on a beach. 'he's pretty well grounded. you wouldn't believe how frugal he is,' says diane. 'he's got a great engine,' says lou. 'he won't stop at this.'
4. “even though i’m an engineer and an analytical person at heart, the most important decisions i’ve ever made had nothing to do with any of that,” he told an interviewer at duke university, where he studied for an mba, last year. “they were always based on intuition.”
5. 如果你对某个内容不懂,就可以立即提问。如果你坐在前排,并和老师有眼神交流,你的老师就很可能从你的面部表情就能得知,你对某个内容不太明白。你需要举起你的手,表示你有疑问。
6. 单词petroleum 联想记忆:
1. 理查三世的遗骨将在当地教堂被正式重新埋葬。他一直被视为英国历史上最残酷的暴君之一,威廉-莎士比亚将其刻画为“驼背的暴君”。
2. 提供就业指导工作的北京新锦程研究院的执行院长张景岫表示,他并没看到高校学生的创业意向有降低的趋势,但是他承认学生的自主创业意向很低。
3. “one person said he was going to the men’s room and didn’t return.”
4. 6、a股保卫战
5. 单词succumb 联想记忆:
6. adj. 有益的,有利的
1. 据中国新闻报道,在2011此墓主人被认定为刘非(公元前169-127),汉朝诸侯国江都第一任国君。
2. 获奖者:林赛·罗韩
3. on this season i have but one thing to say: i love you.值此佳节,我只有一句话要告诉你:我爱你
4. 201207/191926.shtml男子400米、1500米自由泳——孙杨
5. 冲击奖项:最佳电影提名应该可以肯定。参演《至暗时刻》的加里奥德曼是最佳男主角的最热人选,如果说有谁能击败他的话,那可能就是克莱门特了。
6. 不过,这一增幅低于8月份到9月份3个百分点的增加幅度,意味着近期的房地产限购措施或许产生了一定效果。


1. adj. 分开的,各自的,
2. will the boj tighten monetary policy
3. 惊慌随之而来,不过这名少年很快镇定下来,他决定把控局面,寻找逃生出路。



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    凯特·温斯莱特(kate winslet)是另一位将其最佳女演员奖杯置于洗手间的英国演员。她因在2008年一部改编自本哈德·施林克(bernhard schlink)的小说《生死朗读》(the reader)的同名影片中扮演一位集中营的看守而获此殊荣。

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    n. 路费,食物

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    the disclosure form also warns forex buyers that they are not allowed to exploit others’ exchange quotas. previously, aggregating quotas from multiple individuals was a common technique that grey-market money changers used to obtain large sums of foreign exchange.

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    'we are quite confident that it should sell towards the high end of the estimate or above.'

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    however it's framed, 2018 was a strong year for many of china's biggest domestic film studios though.

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    adj. 乐观的,乐观主义的