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1. but as economic growth slows in china, institutional investors from further afield say the city’s property market has overheated and is entering a correctional phase.
2. adj. 稳定的,安定的,可靠的
3. one of the designer's most important companions in later life was his birman cat choupette, who he has called his one true love and said he would marry if it were legal.
4. 第二晚(12月9日)的苏富比(sotheby’s)拍卖会共拍得2260万英镑(含佣金),比佳士得前晚的表现要好得多,不过也只是略高于2180万英镑(不含佣金)的最低估价。44件拍品中有15件流拍,比例达34%。
5. 即将来到的投放是为了纪念南韩2010年沉船事件的第五周年,当时有46位船员死亡。南韩把责任归咎于北韩,并且很快的冻结了一切两韩之间的交易和投资纽带。
6. with the prices of most commodities having recovered somewhat since february 2016, the year-on-year fall in unit prices has slowed to around 5 per cent.
1. 7.taylor swift
2. “我都不知道要怎么解释拿了年度风云人物奖之后,还是没有女性杂志和组织支持我的事。”
3. while he wins the nerb prize, the sister prize, for the best verb masquerading as a noun, is won by another consultant who referred to a “global touch-base”.
4. 8. “the diary of a teenage girl” in her terrific feature debut, marielle heller traces the artistic and sexual awakening of a 15-year-old (a sensational bel powley) whose desires leads to adulthood.
5. 死者是一名19岁的女孩,被称为郭玲玲(这可能是化名),据称她未经许可去卫生间后被所谓的导师反复拳打脚踢。验尸报告显示,死亡原因是因为颅骨受伤和脑损伤。
6. 3. 向他人学习。
1. yet when october was taken as a whole, only shenzhen showed a real month-on-month price fall.
2. 获奖者:哈里王子殿下
3. her mother stephanie boyden, 32, says bobbi is a 'diva' who runs to the stage when her name is called - and screams when she has to leave.
4. in addition, the top-ranking cities typically performed poorly in costs and culture and lifestyle. china's "cities of opportunity" continue to face challenges when it comes to building cities that satisfy the needs of the populace and provide a high quality of life.
5. hopefully the experts come up with a better plan than one that fell flat earlier this year. the country's tourism body unveiled a 'beautiful china' logo in february to market the country overseas, but the campaign was mocked for its contrast with the many photos of china's not-so-beautiful cities shrouded in pollution.
6. winners: mavericks
1. an american actress, author, fashion designer, dancer, producer, and singer jennifer lopez hold the second place in the list of 10 most beautiful women of 2015. lopez's personal relationships have attracted worldwide media attention; she has been married three times. beside entertainment world, j. lo enjoyed a highly successful business career, consisting of various clothing lines, accessories, fragrances, a production company, television shows and a charitable foundation among other business interests.
2. how much: $2,050,000
3. let’s now travel to greece. there, andreas georgiou, the head of its statistical agency between 2010 and 2015, faces prosecutions for his part in uncovering fake greek public finance data for 2009 and setting the record straight. this week 40 groups, led by the american statistical association, and 651 individuals signed a statement in support of mr georgiou.
4. 'don't ever do this again,' she said to herself. 'it's so scary.'
5. a lot of people study better with others. if that's you, form a study group in your class or join one that's already organized.
6. they're the top three most unaffordable housing markets in the world, according to the 13th annual demographia international housing affordability survey: 2017, published recently.


1. the report shows that social media, and especially wechat, has become more and more popular in the past year among people over the age of 40.
2. foreign robot makers sold 103,191 robots to china in 2017, up 71.9% from a year earlier.
3. 节目17 小品《你摊上事儿了》,秦海璐 王茜华 孙涛 方清平



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    some 150,000 rural residents in southwest china's tibet autonomous region escaped poverty last year, according to the tibet poverty alleviation office.

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    but the economic base for these capabilities is steadily declining.

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    “where etfs have grown — in the us and europe — there is a big ecosystem of financial advisers,” he says. “you need a more advisory model. but until you see people paying for advice rather than paying for commissions, it is hard to see when it will take off.”

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    according to putin's most recent income declaration, he earned roughly 8.9 million rubles ($137,000) in 2015.

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    2010年最让人痴迷的东西是备受期待的iphone,其他受关注的对象还有女演员林赛 罗韩、ipad、电视节目《欢乐合唱团》和《泽西海岸》。

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    harvard business school, london business school (lbs) and mit sloan school of management, three of the mba ranking’s longstanding heavyweights, all lost ground to their competitors. harvard drops two places to fourth, the first time in nine years that the boston school has been outside the top three. london business school falls three places to sixth, its lowest position in 14 years. mit sloan school of management falls to 13th place, the first time in 10 years that it has been outside the top 10.

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